Ex Generations Actor Achie Moroka Celebrates His Wife In Real Life By Doing This

Former Generations Actor Achie Moroka who was one of the best actors in Generations, was the sister to karabo moroka and their family was a very powerful family .

Which is still one even today on Generations the legacy,however they all exited the show way back and tried out life differently.

He is now acting on scandal and is doing a very great Job in his acting career.



In real life he is a husband and a father,he posted a picture on Instagram showing off his beautiful wife and busy embracing how much he loves and adores her.

He also encourages all the men out there that they must treat their wives special ,and wake them up with breakfast in bed and all kinds of things.

Its true many men dont know how to treat their wives,all they do is to feed them with pain and misery all the time .

They end up fighting all the time because of the man not taking good care of the wives.

Here are the pictures:

Zahara Forced To Cancel Shows Due To Poor Health

Zahara’s Poor Health Leads To Shows Cancelations

Zahara’s woes seems to be ongoing, the songstress finds her self facing more challenges.


Eastern Cape singer Zahara seems to be going through the most, the singer recently announced that she was facing difficulties paying for her mortgage. In the month of May 2022 she pleaded with her fans when she revealed that her house was going to be repossessed. The singer has been falling behind with the payment of her 1.5 million house she purchased in 2012. The public heard the singer’s outcry and helped with whatever little that they had.




BI Phakathi reached out to his followers online posting banking details for donations, it’s unclear how much the singer has received thus far. Zahara has been getting a number of bookings since going public with her woes, the singer was expected to perform on the fourth of June at Bathurst Lounge and had other two bookings on the fifth of June at Lunga’s Lifestyle and at Speak Easy Lounge. The singer had to cancel on a short notice due to poor health.

She posted a photo of her self at a hospital alongside her doctor. She revealed she was advised to take a break, she added that her health had took a toll on her but promised to get back on stage as soon as she recovers.

“Hi guys

I’d like to apologise to my fans and promoters to share that I am unable to carry through my performances this weekend. My health has taken a toll on me and have been advised to be on bed rest.

I look forward to getting out there as soon as I am physically fit. I apologise once again.

#country girl loves you.”

Dj Cleo turned into a laughing stock after being compared to Andile Mpisane

Tlou Cleopas Monyepao, professionally known as DJ Cleo, is a South African Kwaito, House music and Hip hop producer. He was born in Gauteng.





Dj Cleo was a thing back then in the mid 2000’s and In the early 2010’s when kwAito was still making people dance. However now that the Amapiano music has taken over it left no space for the likes of Cleo who were the kings of kwaito.

But still Cleo doesn’t seem to be giving up and he even went back to school to study music as the reports says, and now he’s back in the industry doing the Amapiano music like the others but one thing he’s lacking is fans.

Yes fans, it appears that the Gcina impilo yam hit maker could be doing a different Piano because yesterday Musa Khawula posted a video of him On the decks at propaganda and no one was vibing to it but only the strippers were dancing because they are paid to.

“DJ Cleo is still making music that nobody cares about and is scheduled to perform at Mr Fentsi and Zanele’s All Black Party at Propaganda Lifestyle; Pretoria, ” says Musa khawula.

Yesterday turned into DJ Cleo’s worst nightmare as people went to troll him in the comment section as they saw that no one was even dancing to his music . Some people went to compare him to Andile Mpisane who has no fans at all.

After Leaving Her Man’s Home, Londie London Was Out In Public Doing This

Singer, Londie London seems to have made a decision on what she needs to do to move on, especially after what recently happened between her and her fiancé.

The singer obviously could not do anything about people’s reactions regarding her leaving the home she shared with her baby daddy.

Everything seemed to be going just fine and it is clear that Londie was never going to put up with the stress of a relationship while she is in the state that she is in.

By now, a lot of people know that Londie is expecting a child and some people commended her for moving away from her fiancé, who is accused of cheating on her.

It is not clear if the engagement has been broken off, what we know is that Londie is already out and about, living her life as she should.

But, some people are not convinced that she is being genuine, they suspect that she is acting as if she has healed from what has happened, so that she can release content on her social media platforms.

And if that is the case, then this sounds like someone who is not willing to let the whole drama pull her down.

In actual fact, she is helping herself and because she has continued releasing content, it does not mean that she is over everything that happened in her relationship.

These things take time, but as some people mentioned, life moves on, so it is up to her, whether she gets back to her normal way of doing things or not.

As expected, the reactions kept coming and there were some people who mentioned that she should not have left the father of her unborn child.

Basically, people downplayed the alleged g and claimed it was not a big deal, but some were totally against these sentiments, saying that women need to learn not to tolerate cheating men, vice versa.

And as one goes through the reactions, there are a few people who mentioned that they noticed something different about Londie ever since she left her fiancé’s home.


They claim that they noticed that there has been some sort of a downgrade when it comes to her lifestyle. One person mentioned that Londie no longer wears Gucci clothes as she used to before, but it could be that she just chose not to.

It is as simple as that and besides, she makes her own money, so one would assume that she has enough money to sustain herself.

Again, it would not make sense for the expecting father to stop financially supporting the woman who is carrying his child because something happened between them.

Congratulatory messages pour in for the Gomora actress after showing her brand new car

One thing we should know better in life it is that ‘happiness’ is not always caused by the next person. A person can make herself/ himself without anyone’s contribution, but lot of people usually expect others to make them happy, not realising that they can also be happy by themselves without anyone’s involvement. Seems like Bukiwe Keva is one of those people who knows that you don’t need another person to be happy.









Bukiwe Keva is a young South African actress best known for her acting role ‘Asanda’ in the Mzansi Magic’s telenovela; Gomora. The Asanda role is a school going teenager at Gomora High School; like any other teen, she faces a common problem which schoolchildren face, including clashing with mates.

Well, the 28 year-old Eastern Cape; Queenstown born star who grew up at Cape Town recently shared some pictures of herself on Instagram in black outfit and white tekkies showing off her brand new car which bought for herself as a gift, can you imagine! It is a red Renault Clio.

The caption of her post reads: “Love at first sight. PHOLAS PHOLAS PHOLAS BANTASE NANKO NOMNTANA WAM OMTSHA SIYANIBINGELA WHEE OE. … with this emmense pride that I represent this sexy incredible brand. No doubt that the new clio is the sexiest yet fast comfortable machine. Such a privilege to be part of this family… cheers to new memories with my new sexy machine… A BEAUTIFUL GIFT FROM MYSELF TO MYSELF ASSISTED BY RENAULT”

Congratulatory messages pour in for Bukiwe, and seems like she has inspired large number of people who had a thought that one should wait for someone else to make one happy. Her colleagues; Leera Mthethwa who plays the role of Miss Hlungwane and Siyasanga Papu who plays Pretty within the show also left a comments read: “Congratulations baby girl”.