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Ayanda Ncwane and her son countdown for her birthday in the most cutest way.

Ayanda Ncwane is no doubt one of the most loved celebrities and she has been in the industry for more than 20 years now and she is still going very strong.







She is the CEO of the company she started with her late husband whose name is Sfiso Ncwane,and they have very beautiful sons together whom she loves very much and always posts on her social media pages at all times,be it on their birthday’s or even when she is just appreciating them.

She was part of a reality television show called The real housewives of Durban and it has been,reported that she wont be part of season two looking at how Nonku,and her mother went in to her asking her for damages for Sfiso Ncwane’s child.

Her last born son and herself have been counting down to Ayanda’s birthday and they both posted the counting down picstory to her birthday.

Killer Kau Girlfriend Breaks Her Silence

The mood around Mzansi has been a sombre one following the deaths of Amapiano stars Killa Kau, Mpura, Khanya Hadebe and three others who have not been identified.


Killa Kau’s girlfriend, Olwethu Mkhwanazi has broken her silence since losing her partner over the weekend to that horrific accident which police are still investigating.

Yesterday, Olwethu shared a tribute to her partners that has left everyone heartbroken. She has compiled videos of the moments they both shared, playing Aaliyah’s I Miss You.


”Rest in Peace #KillerKau. He gives us the good Amapiano music we even forgot he has a whole lot of a Life. Look how beautiful he loved his girlfriend, that’s beautiful.”

“And there’s many more videos of him and other girls, this is so sad.. Black man just fails to love one girl and one girl alone.. Nonetheless I wish all the girls healing #Ripkillerkau”

“I hope someone is with her during this tough period and I pray and hope her mind doesn’t get filled with negative thoughts as I’m sure she’s feeling very empty right now.”

King of the Zulu Nation, is homeless as The Zulu National Don’t want Him

King Misuzulu kaZwelithini, King of the Zulu Nation, is homeless and living in a bed and breakfast because no official residence is ready for him.



MisMuzu has been on the throne for four months – even though he has not officially been crowned.

A royal family source told Scroll. Africa that the plan now is to give him a temporary residence at the old KwaZulu Minister’s residence.

“He has been at the bed and breakfast in Mkhuze for more than four months since he was pronounced King. The problem is he can’t stay there because the grave of his mother, the late Queen Mantfombi MaDlamini Zulu, is there”, said a royal family source.

It is a cultural practice that the Zulu King cannot reside at any residence where there is a grave.

“He can’t even attend funerals for family members,” said a member of the royal family.

The King is now living in a BnB at uMkhuze. It is not clear who is paying the bills since King Misuzulu’s kingship is not yet official.

Pastor Sambulo weds Zekhethelo on Uzalo SABC 1 Tonight. Catch their mouth watering images.

Who is Zekhethelo from uZalo . Her real name is Nyalleng Thibedi a South African actress popular for her role Zekhethelo on Uzalo. The motive was to take acting as a therapeutic hobby. It however rubs off on her and she becomes the superstar we all know and love.










She play the character of Zekhethelo, who is the daughter/stepdaughter of resident baddie and thug Nkunzi Mhlongo.

Zekhethelo plays the character of someone who is in her 20s and on a self a discovery journey. She’s also dated younger men on the show like Njeza.

Most fans are always shocked to discover that the actress is actually 40 years old.

She was born on the 4th of September 1980.

Nyalleng might be 40 years old, but she really does look like someone in her 20s.

She has such good genes which would put many women half her age to shame.

Nyalleng is not only just a pretty face, but she also has the brains to go with it.dont miss out Zekhethelo’s eye catching images with her pastor bae Sambulo from Uzalo Telenovela .Zekhethelo has found love when nobody knew she will find some find some love when she has lost hope .Mam Madlala bath mouthes Zekhethelo to Pastor Sambulo about Zekhethelos past but Sambulo stood up for her lover. Finally he weds Zekhethelo. and donot miss out watch uzalo on sabc1

Scandal: Duma and Aya make progress with exposing Boniswa as a murderer

Boniswa’s role has annoyed so many people. She keeps winning and in the absence of Romeo who was a mastermind, most people lost hope that she will be exposed before he comes back!






Scandal had to make do with what they have and that’s using Duma and Poloko to help their sister see Boniswa for the witch that she is. Working with Aya is quite hard because in the words of the Duma, Aya is obsessed with Boniswa so she will not see through her without help from he and Poloko!

The two got the CCTV footage from Grace, and on the footage from the day the man she was supposed to sleep with- in exchange for silence from Mamba- was killed, a mysterious woman is seen ducking the cameras. The two recognize the jacket as a jacket she owns. They entertain the possibility that the jacket is reversible but how do they prove that when Boniswa has made sure they are not even welcome in Mamba’s house?

They call for Thando to reach out to Aya so she can meet them under false pretense. They present heir suspension to her and she’s quite reluctant, being sure that Boniswa would never hurt a fly, what more for a strong man that would need so much strength to be killed? If anything, she’s suspicious of them and confused on who to trust. They emphasize that they think Boniswa is a murderer and is dangerous… They tell her doing this will give her a chance to see the truth!

They show her the jacket and it becomes clear that she knows it. They ask her to go into Boniswa’s wardrobe and see if it’s reversible. I didn’t think she’d go through with it! After a considerable amount of convincing, Aya is on board!

She goes into the wardrobe and just as she’s about to check the jacket, Boniswa appears and asks her what she’s doing there! That’s how last night’s episode ended but I’m really hoping she doesn’t tell her the truth because that will open up room for her cover her tracks!