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Best New wedding rings 2017

The earliest wedding bands were placed not on the fingers, but on the extremities. Since life expectancy was low and the ones to reach old age were few, people believed that one’s soul may leave the body at any moment, causing instant death. They have often tried out interesting superstitious ideas in order to keep the soul inside the body. For example, the husband wrapped the arms and legs of his new wife with grass, believing that this will prolong her life

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african gold jewelry 2017 for women

She brought something else. And Dayle Haddon had to struggle because she wasn’t the look of the moment. She was a very smart woman and she figured out a way to add something more to the pictureThey were very connected to the designers. As Karen Bjornson said, Halston cut the clothes on her. So it was very much an intimate experience where they got to know these women

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handmade beaded earrings ideas style for 2017

  • handmade beaded earrings can make you stand out of the crowd and can make you look extremely fashionable and stylish. Bored of wearing common style? Why not try something that gives a classy yet cute look? You should definitely try star earring designs. They are not only cute and classy but also unique and trendy. You may alsoInstant style and shine can be added to any of your outfits with sterling silver star earrings. Stars have various meanings and symbolism associated with it. Apart from all deep meanings, they are really elegant and very beautiful. All fashionable jewellery collections need to have star design

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amazing snake ring designs 2017

The serpents have long inspired the creative imaginations of artists. The symbolic significance of the snake is very rich. The snake, symbolic of patience, eternity and rejuvenation, has hence been carved into many pieces of stupendous jewellery. Snake rings which come in a variety of designs, sized and shapes have rapidly caught the fancy of the fashionistas. Following are a few snake ring designs that are amazingly attractive.

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