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Somizi’s lies quickly caught up with him: see details

Somizi needs no introduction at all, he is a South African Media personality (all rounder), and has been in the industry for decades now. As usual, Somizi decided to post something on Twitter, but this time he left so many people in stitches and disbelief.

In his tweet, Somizi said someone just sent him money through ewallet, he received three notifications, and each of the notifications were R3K, meaning in total he received R9 000, and that he would like to contact whoever sent it since it clearly a mistake. Tweeps quickly jumped in to accuse him of lying, reason being that an ewallet will only allow one to transfer an amount that totals to R3000 per day. Therefore it is not possible for him to receive all those three notifications from the same person.

He sent through screenshots as proof of what he was talking about, and he unfortunately forgot to crop out the time. Somizi tweeted at around 11am today, and he stated that he had just received these bank notifications. However, the times on his screenshot bank notifications did not correspond. The notifications showed 14:44, and 15:23 as the time, but did not show the dates. So it’s either he did not receive the ewallet from a stranger, or he did, but not today.

Makhadzi tags ex boyfriend, Master KG in a posted about males hurting females. Here’s his response

Superstar Master KG has won the hearts of internationals with his hit song Jerusalema. The song has over 200 million views on YouTube. While his country was sleeping on him in terms of awards, the entire world was realizing the talent that he possessed. The producer and singer is talented there’s no doubt about it. 

Master KG dated home girl singer, Makhadzi. These dated for a while, unfortunately their relationship ended just when people were starting to find out about them. And they had managed to win everyone’s hearts with their matching cars. 

Makhadzi recently released her album Kokovha, which is well received by everyone. Makhadzi saw a video of a girl trying to take a picture with her boyfriend, who was behind her. He quickly saw her and switched off the lights. It was his way of not taking the picture. Makhadzi tagged Master KG on the video. Which he replied with laughing emojis. Does it mean he used to do that to her? Or it’s a video they once shared together?

It’s baby shower #3 for Minnie Dlamini-Jones – (Photos)

Toward the beginning of October, devotees of Minnie Dlamini-Jones checked out watch her sex uncover, and respect the excitement and glitz of her first infant shower… 

However, little did Minnie know, she was going to be blessed to receive another festival denoting the fast approaching appearance of her son. Minnie’s first child shower was assembled by her mother and companions.


“She actually went hard and fast and I can’t be more thankful for the clan of ladies that raised me and proceed to love and guide me through the entirety of my phases of womanhood. I am a Queen since I was raised by Queens and obviously a definitive QUEEN HERSELF” posted Minnie on the event. 

Her subsequent infant shower was sorted out by the ‘aunts’, and was additionally a blue and white breathtaking issue. The ‘drive by’ shower permitted loved ones to praise the little one and his mom while as yet rehearsing social-separating due to the Covid pandemic.

Also, only a couple days after the fact, infant shower number 3 occurred! She’s one fortunate mother to-be!

This time round, it was the turn of Mr Jones’ family to ruin Minnie. 

“I went through the day with all the ladies in my significant other’s family just as close family companions and had the most excellent time,” she posted on Instagram. “All the ladies met up and gave me love through their time, counsel, cooking and heating. Despite the fact that we are from various foundations and societies the family bonds are actually the equivalent.”

Did You Know Dj Euphonik Has Two Wive’s

Themba Mbongeni Nkosi popularly known as Dj Euphonik is a South African Dj music producer and radio presenter. He is known mostly for playing house music.

Born on the 6 December 1983 In Mpumalanga, he started DJing during his late Teenage years. He went on to Establish himself in the house/club music scene. Later in his career hr was offered an opportunity to host his own show on national radio station 5fm.

He used to date Bonang matheba way back in the day. Nowadays Euphonik is a private man who still dabbles in the music production and business side as well as the property Industry.

Euphoniks First wife is known as kholeka nxumalo, who’s reported to be pregnant with baby number 3. He has been blessed with four kids, two from his first wife and two from his second wife thus far. Wife number two is Aurella Nxumalo.His wives are very private people with little social media presence.

Scandal: This is how Tebello will exit the show

Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane is a South African well known child actor. The young actor has captured the heart of many viewers for portraying the role of Tebello on etv soapie, Scandal. His exceptional acting skills have glued many television viewers to the screen, he is really talented young actor. Litlhonolofatso plays the character of an abandoned child who lived with Yvonne’s mom and later on was adopted by Yvonne and Lerumo so they could provide a better life for him.

Yvonne and Lerumo have been taking good care of Tebello since they took him in. For the first time in Tebello’s life he now has a proper family who takes gok care of him and put him into the most expensive school. Since Yvonne left, Lerumo and his father have taken good care of Tebello and he has been leaving a luxurious life.

However even though Tebello have been provided with everything he needs and all the materialistic things, he has always felt the void of his biological mother’s absence in his life. He has always wondered when will she come back for him.

Now that Tebello has his mother in hi love, she building Ber life from scratch with nothing in her name. She isn’t even able to take care of her son financially. Even though Lerumo has offered Tebello’s mother financial help, she refused it as she feels that she shiukf bevable to provide for her son without anyone’s help. She recently got a job but what she’s earning it is not enough to raise a child nor to pay his expensive private school.

However Seipati have told Lerumo that she will be taking her son and live with him permanently which means she will put him in a public school because she can’t afford a private. She will take Tebello and go to live with him far away, that is how he will exit the show.