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Happy 19th Anniversary to the Fergusons♥️

The power couple got hitched in 2001 and they have a beautiful daughter together, Alicia, and raised Connie’s eldest daughter Lesedi, from her first marriage together. The couple renewed their vows in a star-studded ceremony in 2011 and they have since been going strong.ربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏شخص واحد‏

As they celebrate their anniversary today, Connie’s sister Atosie, took to her Instagram page to wish them a happy anniversary and paid tribute to them.

“Happy Anniversary to two of the most important people in my life. The people who define what happiness in a marriage, friendship, the partnership should be like. I’ve seen you from your dating stages, and I must truly say your journey together has been nothing but amazing. You guys are a great role model to me and the girls, Roro inclusive. Have a lovely lovely day as you celebrate 19years of unconditional love together and beautiful marriage. I love you parentals very very much @ferguson_films @connie_ferguson God continues blessing you, my angels, on earth,” she wrote.

Black Coffee’s Wife Loses Divorce Case After Demanding Millions

She wanted R131 000 monthly for her maintanance, R160 000 for her children’s maintanance, R17800 for her beauty cosmetics and another R30 000 for groceries. She also demanded that Black Coffee pays for her medical bills as she is currently suffering from depression due to the publicized divorce.

According to, the judge has dismissed Mbali’s case due to her demands not being reasonable despite her claims that Black Coffee earns R100 million per annum and can afford to take care of her demands and that her husband or former husband rather introduced her to the lavish lifestyle that she has gotten used to.

In the verdict on Wednesday, the judge said that Enhle Mbali can only get R50 000 child maintanance and R15 000 for spousal maintanance. Her case was dismissed with costs.

See Chats:”Bushiri Used Me! I want To Come Back Home” Cries A Woman Who Disowned Her Family

“I Thought I was serving the almighty, Please Forgive me”.

Shepherd Bushiri has been trending and all for the wrong reasons but his followers have been behind him, and supporting him since day one as they believe that he is an innocent man who does good for people hence the devil is working against him.

There have been a lot of alligations made by a lot of people who believe that he is noting but a fake prophet who has managed to brainwash his followers into believing that he is this great man who has supernatural powers to perform shocking miracles.

Although many have been warned not to trust and believe everything Shepherd Bushiri tells them, it seems like it’s falling in deaf ears as thousands have vowed to always support and believe in him and they will never stop popping out money so that the church can grow.

A woman regrets the day she ever attended the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church as she believes that her life was turned upside down by believing in the church more than her family which reprimanded her more than once to stay away from the church.

The woman began to change months after going to the church.she would fight with her family who told her to stop giving so much money at the church but she didn’t listen instead she disowned them and went to look for a place of her own back in 2018.

The family decided to distance themselves from her and let her be. She would post pictures of Bushiri and his wife, caption them ” Mommy and Daddy, I will always believe in you.” And according to the family she once gave the church R 10 000 and believe that she paid more than that through out the years.

See what she used to write on her whatsapp statuses before asking for forgiveness from her sister :

Now she wants to come home as she is broke and have realised that his prayers didn’t help her instead they made her bankrupt. She blames the church for everything that she has been through including disowning her family.

Below see her message to her older sister.

Court Orders Black Coffee To Pay Child Maintenance She exposes Black Coffee’s financial status

Actress Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee’s ugly divorce saga is far from being over if the latest claims are anything to go by. Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has just lost her case against Black Coffee in court. The actress wanted him to pay more than R130 000 in child mantainence and spousal support.

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According to Sunday World the court felt that “her demands were not substantiated and were not reasonable”.

“Mbali wanted R80,000 in child maintenance for their two minor children, R30,000 for groceries and household items and R17,800 for her beauty cosmetics.”

She also wanted him to cover her medical expenses. She says Black Coffee can afford to give him to her demands because he earns R100-million a year as a Dj.

The case was dismissed with costs and she is only entitled to “R15,000 a month for spousal maintenance and R50,000 in child support.”

The former lovebirds separated last year, and it was reported that they filed for divorce which is allegedly on standstill due to Enhle’s demands.

According to Sunday World, Enhle allegedly claims she ended up being a stay-at home mom because the renowned DJ stopped her from doing romantic scenes.

The paper claims Enhle made these allegation in court papers filed in the Johannesburg High Court. According to the paper Enhle claims Black Coffee should compensate her for the gigs she lost when they were still together.

“I also was under pressure from the respondent to not take up acting events as he would not accept me doing any romantic or intimate scenes. This demand by the respondent immediately caused many TV production companies and with numerous projects that I had been lined up for, to cancel or drop me from their lists of actresses,”
“This because, presently, romantic scenes are part and parcel of the mainstream television, and slowly and incrementally, I found myself becoming a stay-at-home mom without really being aware of it,” reads the court papers.

The paper recently reported that she wanted Black Coffee to settle her legal fees of about R4-million, and a R131 000 monthly maintenance, R17, 800 for her beauty expenses, medical expenses and a R30, 000 monthly stipend.

Following this tweeps dragged her and said she is greedy for demanding this amount whilst some defended her. Mbali allegedly now demands a R500 000 yearly for her holidays.

The paper claims that Black Coffee duped her into signing the antenuptial contract which she wants to be declared by the court to null and void. The paper also claims that Enhle earns R40 000 per month and she is unable to cover some of her expenses.

The Isibaya actress allegedly recently revealed that the DJ earns over R100 million per year, from his international and local gigs.

Responding to the claims in a tweet Enhle labelled the interview “nonsense” and said she has never been to the media.

Unathi In Heated Exchange With Fan Over Selfie Hectic!

Idol’s judge Unathi Nkayi has found herself at the in a drama filled encounter with Zimbabweansocialite Zuva “Urban Tete” Habane after Unathi refused to take a selfie with her. Apparently Zuva spotted Unathi at an event and went to ask for a selfie.

Unathi refused to take the self citing that Zuva came up to her without a face mask and expected to interact with the singer without observing social distancing protocol.

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Zuva commented on Unathi’s page saying:

“Hello, I saw you earlier today at the Maslow hotel. You refused to take a picture with me because I was not wearing a mask. Completely understandable I would probably do the same but not in a dismissive manner. You pretended to be polite by saying “have a wonderful evening”

I just wanted to say don’t use that line when you have just brushed someone off especially those who are polite to you and adore you. It comes off as sarcastic anyways have a jolly. See you on top.””Zuva Habane I’m sorry I’m not perfect. I’m sorry I have never dealt with a pandemic before and I’m sorry I did not respond the way you expected me to. My guests said you would take offence despite the fact that you were putting my life and theirs in danger. We watched you walk around the hotel bar with no mask kissing your partner, moving from place to place then think it’s okay to come to us. They said you would do this. I have TWO children at home, parents I adore and a live music show every week that I cannot miss. Next time you point a finger REMEMBER that THREE are pointing back at you.”
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Unathi took screenshots of the initial exchange and posted them with the following caption:

“Things have changed and they have changed forever and we will all react differently because of our personal journeys and responsibilities. I am noticing an increased tension building with people I have never met who want to engage with me and get offended if I decline when they are not wearing masks in public places. This is the new norm and it is going to be like this for a while. Daily, because I come from the EC, which is terribly affected we are receiving news of people dying. As I speak I must return there tomorrow to bury my gran. My friends are losing their parents, siblings and colleagues and this is hitting all of us HARD. I guess this is my disclaimer…… me ANYTHING you want under the sun. If you’re NOT wearing a mask…….don’t expect ANYTHING from ME. I will not put my children or parents’ lives in danger. I imagine having to miss the live shows on Idols because I wasn’t vigilant. I can’t