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Pearl Modiadie shares adorable moments with veteran actress Lilian Dube

She is sensational and phenomenal woman who is working very hard to achieve her goals and have a bright future. She is one of the most influential people in the country and she has made a mark through her skills. Pearl Modiadie is a renowned South African actress, producer, television presenter and radio DJ .


She is loving and caring person and very supportive. She is smart, humble, calm and a role model to all young generation out there to persue their dreams. She is bold and beautiful and she has a sense of humor, style, fashion and personality.

On her recent post on social media account she left Mzansi speechless with her post with veteran actress and brand ambassador Lilian Dube . love and appreciate you Mme @lillian.dube , you’re so loving and warm and there’s never a dull moment when you’re around, you’re hilarious and wise too! . Please comment, like, click and kindly share

Ntate Kganyago Peels Off His Mask And What’s Beneath It Is Not Pretty But See What Will Happen

We are mindful of how Ntate Kganyago and Jacobeth Thobakgale got together. It began with a little push from Elizabeth, and presently things are quickly spiraling crazy. The most horrendously awful part is that Lizzy can see the risk her mom is in and can never again control what is going on.





Jacobeth will fall due to her pride, in spite of her earnest attempts to show to her mom the genuine expectations of her darling. On this episode, Lizzy is removed from Jacobeth’s home since she continues to attempt to come clean with her. Fans communicated their dismay with Ntate Kganyago’s arrangements for Mrs. Thobakgale, which they accept will bring disgrace upon her and make her all the rage.

It will be fundamental for her to swallow the negative comments she made to her colleagues and others, however it could be past the point of no return for that. Ntate Kganyago effectively obliterated a caring mother-little girl relationship, and he has no compassion for Jacobeth by any stretch of the imagination. He would be out of the nation and mysteriously gone when she understands what occurred. Do you figure Elizabeth will pardon her mom and return home after this, or could she actually have resentment against her mom? We are mindful that Lizzy and her mom didn’t fall head over heels, and that the sum total of what they have is one another.

Phalatse’s husband breaks silence on his wedding

Mpho Phalatse’s husband, Brutus Malada has broken his silence on his recent “wedding”. This comes after Malada was accused of still being customarily married to another woman.

Without offering much of an explanation on the allegations, Malada said that he’s happy.

In response to TimesLIVE, Malada declined to comment further on Ntaka Tshifaro’s claims that he had paid lobola for her last year.

All he did say was, ” I have no comment, I just want to say I’m happy I found my soulmate.”

When news of the City of Joburg’s Executive Mayor had tied the knot with the ActionSA member, it sparked public debate of whether the matter was one of public or private interest.

After speculation as to why the mayor had such a “hush hush” wedding, the mayor’s office released a statement to clarify that she had not married Malada, instead the couple had a private ceremony which entailed a pastoral blessing.

The couple will apparently be holding a public ceremony soon.

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Woman is going blind after putting tattoos on her eyeballs

Woman is going blind after putting tattoos on her eyeballs

A 32-year-old woman is going blind after putting tattoos on her eyeballs.

Despite the cautious counsel of her 7-year-old daughter that she might lose her eyesight, a woman in Northern Ireland who tattooed her eyeballs blue and purple may go entirely blind.




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Currently, mother of five Anaya Peterson, a law student in Belfast, is gradually losing her vision and cannot distinguish characteristics on faces from a distance.

Peterson already has numerous tattoos on her body and face, in addition to having coloured eyeballs and a split tongue.

The Australian model Amber Luke, who also has tattooed eyeballs, served as inspiration for the 32-year-severe-old’s body alteration.

Peterson, on the other hand, didn’t initially encounter many difficulties.

In spite of some headaches and dryness, she went in to get her left eye inked in December of the same year that she had her right eye inked in blue.

She reported to the New York Post that in August 2021, she woke up with eyes that were excessively puffy and seemed as though she had engaged in “five rounds with Mike Tyson.”

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President Cyril Ramaphosa declares the 27th of December a public holiday

The Presidency declares Tuesday, December 27 2022 a public holiday.

Because Christmas will fall on a Sunday and Monday is Boxing Day, the presidency announced through a statement that the 27th of December 2022 will be a public holiday.


“This follows a declaration to this effect by Ramaphosa in terms of Section 2A of the Public Holidays Act.

“The Act states that whenever a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be a public holiday.”

If the holiday of Sunday, 25 December were to be moved to Monday, 26 December, this would cancel the holiday of 26 December or cause the two holidays – which are part of 12 paid public holidays annually – to overlap.

This would mean workers would only have 11 paid public holidays in this year, while Section 5 of the Public Holidays Act provides that “… every employee shall be entitled to … at least the number of public holidays as provided for in this Act.”