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Master KG announces on social media that “Jerusalema” has over a billion views on Tik Tok.

The music producer is amazed at the growth the song has within over 5 months.

Observing his reaction to his wins, the DJ assumed the song won’t go this far, but as it is now, the love the song has gotten is beyond KG’s control.

Taking to Twitter, he announced that it’s garnered a billion views.

“Jerusalema Has Over A Billion Views On Tik Tok Alone Damm Bro This Song Doesn’t Wanna Stop!!!!! THIS is Freaking Amazing,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, it was reported on Tuesday that Master KG is the first African artist with the biggest music video on YouTube, as the video of the hit song reached over 350 million views.

Sho Madjozi expresses excitement as she appears on billboards in Time Square, New York.

aking to social media on Wednesday evening, the singer shared a photo of the billboard.

“A village girl in Time Square,” she captioned photo.

Fans, including celebrities congratulate her for the new feat.

Congrats 👏 dreams do come true!! Beyond our imagination

Sho Madjozi expresses excitement as she appears on billboards in Time Square, New York.

Taking to social media on Wednesday evening, the singer shared a photo of the billboard.

“A village girl in Time Square,” she captioned photo.

Fans, including celebrities congratulate her for the new feat.

Congrats 👏 dreams do come true!! Beyond our imagination

Sho Madjozi’s journey to the international level kicked off with a BET nomination which she won. Afterwards, her hit single, John Cena did the magic as it secured the attention of the famous American professional fighter, John Cena on the Kelly Clarkson show in 2020.

Miss Lira and her mother will be celebrating a new age this month of March

Taking to social media, the singer shared cute photos of herself and her mom, flexing.

“With my bestie , my Mom as we celebrate our birthday month,” she captioned snaps.

The two have been fun drenched in Kruger National Park, in northeastern South Africa.

Few weeks ago, Lira was in Namibia, and she toured beautiful places.

Most of her recent photos on social media is all about tour.

Check out photos:

Demi Leigh and Tim Tebow recently celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary.

Demi Leigh and Tim Tebow recently celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary.

Taking to social media, the former Miss Universe shares with fans some key lessons she’s learnt within the past 13 months and more.

Demi says couples should never stop dating and seeking each other.

“I can’t tell you too much about marriage yet but in our one year and 42days of marriage ( 🥰) , I can tell you to never stop dating your partner, never stop pursuing each other and never stop seeking each other,” she captioned post.

Drama! .Masechaba Khumalo Loses A Tooth During A Fight


She says that she was trying to seperate the two fighting men when her ex-boyfriend mistakenly send her on the ground with a blow which resulted in her tooth falling.Masechaba Khumalo hits back at questions around her being open about her traditional rituals.

According to police reports, the incident allegedly took place in Randburg at her home where she was with her family and her current bae.

A disgruntled ex-boyfriend is said to have budged into the house demanding to see Masechaba who was having prayers at that timeMasechaba, who just started her spiritual journey of becoming a sangoma, dismissed the unnamed man who quickly left but only to return after a few minutes.Masechaba Khumalo Loses A Tooth During Masechaba Khumalo’s Boyfriend Knocks Her Tooth Out During A Fight.
South Africa’s Sports, Arts and Culture spokeswoman lost her front tooth last Friday after her ex-boyfriend and her current bae moered each other at her home in the middle of the night.Masechaba Khumalo hits back at questions around her being open about her traditional rituals.

It is said that the ex-boyfriend was trying to force himself into the house using the back door but was intercepted by Masechaba’s current bae.

A nasty fight errupted.

The 37 year old Masechaba said when she wanted to seperate the fight, a blow hit her on the mouth throwing her down together with her front tooth.

“On Friday, 26 February at 11.50pm, the complainant was in the house with her family when her ex-boyfriend knocked at the door. She told him to leave because she was busy praying,” read the document.

He then came straight to the door again, and he knocked harshly. She opened and her ex-boyfriend allegedly started beating up her partner. She tried to stop him and he pushed her away. This resulted in her front tooth falling off. She picked it up and put it back on. Her partner was bleeding and sustained some injuries on the face. She has a restraining order against the suspect. “

Finally! One of Rhythm city’s most loved characters moves to another show

The Etv shows have been a terrible luck being able to keep some their most performing actors or cast members, which has in turn reflected badly on their viewership.

“It is with great sadness that we have announce the exit of one of our most loved cast members. Zamni Mbatha was one of our most exciting actors but unfortunately his time has come to go spread his wings; as he has been chosen for a lead role in a new series called Isiphindiselo,” said the Rhythm city spokesperson.

This new series has been produced my Emedia investments, and it is said it could be one of the numerous shows which have been bid to be the perfect replacements for the 19:00 slot when the Rhythm city get cancelled in the coming few months- although close sources say that the show will be aired on one of the Openview HD channels.

This is amazing for this actor considering that he has been in the acting industry for a short amount of time, he is giving hope to millions of actors who have graduated and are looking to breaking into the entertainment scenes. He is truly an example to many to many black people and we hope that he continues achieving even more than he has already, he is on a good track to becoming a future legend.

Stephanie and Hungani open up about wanting to throw in the towel.

Post main imageThe Ndlovu’s recently took to their YouTube channel to open up about a time in their lives when they both wanted to give up so that their followers can take inspiration from it. The couple specifically touched on the subject of perseverance”I hate running. From the burning itching sensation all over my body to my lungs feeling like they are going to collapse.” Says Stephanie. “Every single time I run, which is probably because I’m unfit, but I really don’t like running as a form of exercise, but on the rare occasion when I do decide to go for a jog, this is how I tackle my races; I don’t focus on the end of the race, I hardly ever look at my phone or watch to see how far I’ve actually run and how far I still have to go but I say to myself if I can just make it to the next point e.g. a stop sign. And before I know it, little by little I’ve reached my destination,” shared the actress.

“Perseverance is a very powerful and useful tool”, adds Hungani. “It can carry you when every fibre of your being can’t. Not just physically, but all elements of your being. Being able to continue despite the difficulties or failures is the very definition of perseverance.”“When H and I started a YouTube channel, about a year ago we definitely faced quite a bit of challenges and obstacles that we needed to persevere through.” Adds the television star. “It became harder because there was always this expectation to sort of create this mind-blowing content because we started on a high. It was exhausting and there was a lot of times when we both felt like we wanted to give up. It wasn’t just about creating this amazing content but also, a lot was happening in terms of ourselves and our marriage. But we needed to persevere.”

How Zola 7 Survived A Car Accident More life…

Post main imageMusician and TV host Bonginkosi Dlamini who’s also known as Zola 7 survived a horrific car accident in January while driving in Meadowlands, Soweto. Although there have been rumours which suggested that the Kwaito star was drinking and driving, Sunday World has alleged otherwise. According to the article, Zola 7 actually suffered an epileptic seizure and drove into a spaza shop in Meadowlands, Soweto.According to Sunday World, Dlamini’s car accident viciously crashed into the shop and pulled out all the concrete tables and chairs which resulted into Dlamini enduring injuries to his neck and back.

The spaza owner, Mpanzi said she was watching TV and heard a loud bang and when she went outside to check, she was surprised to see it was the TV star: “I went to the car to check who the driver was and found that it was Zola 7. When my mother and I asked him what happened, he threw a bottle out of the car and told us that he suffered some fits when he was driving and lost control of the car and hit our chairs and tables. He was complaining of neck and back pains.”The spaza show owners, Tsholofelo Mpanzi and Busisiwe Tsitsi, who called an ambulance to assist Dlamini are now allegedly upset that the TV star hasn’t honoured their agreement to repair all the damages and have now taken to Sunday World share what happened.

This is what Mpanzi stated to the Sunday tabloid: “One of my neighbours phoned his cousin who arrived and pushed his car, a grey Ford Fiesta, into the yard of my other neighbour for safe-keeping. Zola promised to fix the damaged chairs and tables before he left with his cousin.” The owners of the spaza then sent the media personality an SMS on the 19th of February when the TV star was a no-show. The SMS read: “Good evening, I hope you are well. You promised to come through today but you didn’t pitch. No communication, nothing. I think I have given you enough time to come and fix the damages that you caused. I’m giving you until Sunday to come and repair all damages. Have yourself a wonderful evening.” Zola replied to the message: “I’m incapable of coming there. I won’t be for while we (sic). In in pain the car crush really hurt me. Amanda are you allowed to have those things out there maybe you owe ne (sic).”

It is unclear whether the TV personality has now repaired the damages to the spaza shop at the time of publishing this article.

SARS Wants R36 Million From Hamilton Ndlovu The judge was having way too much fun

Post main imageRemember when Hamilton Ndlovu trended last year for buying five luxury cars worth R11 million at the beginining of the pandemic and people harassed him?

Well, it seems posting his fleet of cars on social media was the worst decision because that’s how SARS found out about him not paying his taxes.

A Pretoria high court judge has confirmed that his assets have been frozen and some assets will be seized. Remember when Hamilton Ndlovu trended last year for buying five luxury cars worth R11 million at the beginining of the pandemic and people harassed him?

Well, it seems posting his fleet of cars on social media was the worst decision because that’s how SARS found out about him not paying his taxes.

According to a Tweep, the long-standing battle between SARS and Shauwn Mkhize’s company Zikhulise Cleaning Maintenance & Transport was heard at the Pretoria High Court, where a final liquidation order against the company. The application was brought by the SA Revenue Service for outstanding debts totalling about R204m, Mkhize had repeatedly stated that Sars was biased and acted in bad faith by declining to enter into a deferred payment arrangement but the court dismissed that claim.

“JUST IN: The North Gauteng High Court has ruled in favour of SARS and granted the taxman a final order to liquidate Shawn Mkhize’s company, Zikhulise Cleaning Maintenance and Transport Services, in order to recoup debt.
Zikhulise owes SARS R204 million in outstanding taxes.”

SARS Commissioner, Edward Kieswetter welcomed the judgment and expressed SARS’ commitment to enforcing compliance against taxpayers who abuse the legal process in order to try and avoid their obligations.

“Sars will act within the law and will pursue without fear or favour any taxpayer who is bent on evading their legal obligations,”

Kieswetter was appalled that taxpayers…would through their carefully calibrated actions, seek to deprive poor and vulnerable South Africans who depend on state-funded social grants by not paying their taxes. This victory must send a clear and unambiguous message to all citizens that Sars will make it costly and hard for taxpayers who choose the path of non-compliance.”

Mam’Mkhize is popularly known for her hit reality tv show – Kwa Mam’Mkhize which was one of the biggest hits with South African viewers since it’s debut on DSTV channel Mzansi Magic. The show looks into the chronicles of the Mkhize/Mpisane family, as well as those closest to them. Shauwn Mkhize is the main star of the show, however, her enviable life is filled with other important characters such as her son, Andile Mpisane and famous stepdaughter, Sbahle Mpisane. The reality show set a new record of 1.7 million views and was leading not only on reality shows but including dramas as well.

Speaking about the show, she has said;

“I’ve led a very private life. It was a long road to get me here. I decided to do this show because the media had long spoken for us.

“We wanted people to see us as we are.

“That was the initial plan but I enjoyed how people responded to me and my family. The love is overwhelming, I still can’t believe it myself”

Could this be a major blow to her lavish and extravagant lifestyle, do you think she will survive this knock?

Happy birthday 🎂🎉 to actor and businewoman Enhle Mbali.

She launched her own martenity wear that was launched in South Africa, but got recognition across the borders, in the United States.Post main image

Enhle was married to the popular South African DJ Black Coffee, sadly, the relationship came to an end after they had been together for over a decade. The divorce was highly publicized in the media even after, both Enhle and Black Coffee had asked on numerous occasions, that they be given some privacy.Post main image

Enhle has not had easy in life, but she’s like a phoenix that has risen from the ashes. News of internationally renowned DJ Black Coffee and actress Enhle Mbali’s divorce broke last year but a new report suggests that the split has not been finalized and things are on hold.

A report by Sunday Sun alleges that the famous couple’s divorce is on hold all because of the fashion designer’s demands. She allegedly wants her popular husband to settle her legal fees first, Enhle will reportedly need R4 million for her legal fight with the DJ.

Enhle is also gunning for Black Coffee to pay a monthly maintenance fee of more than R100 000, which is combined with child support. An insider told the publication that Enhle is also seeking compensation for her medical expenses.

Enhle’s publicist Tlhogi Ngwato in a statement to ZAlebs said that the matter is being handled by legal counsel and they would “prefer to keep the details out of the public eye.”

“All parties involved are working together to find an amicable solution. Divorce is not an easy process and the ending of any marriage is difficult.”

Enhle Mbali Movie

Actress Enhle Mbali’s new movie to play on Showmax, is set to be a blockbuster and fans went crazy when she made the announcement on social media. Enhle already has one film Uhambo out on Showmax and now another movie she stars in that will be on the platform.

In the new movie, Loving Thokoza, Enhle stars as the lead alongside Mduduzi Mabaso.
The story follows the young teacher as she tries to break her way into an Afrikaans school, as the only black female teacher, teaching English. The stoty is set during the apartheid era and explores the injustices that were inflicted on the black people by the then government.

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Enhle Mbali Age

Enhle was born on the 3rd of March 1988 in Johannesburg. She is 32 years old.

Instagram content not found (Possibly removed by the user)Enhle Mbali Education

Enhle was a student in Fashion at the University of Johannesburg early in her life. She then went on to study filming in Boston.

Enhle did not stop here as she kept showing that there is no end to studying. She then studied Performance at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in the State of New York. Enhle Mbali Marriage

Enhle Mbali married her one and true love Black Coffee in 2011 in a beautiful wedding ceremony which has been rated as one of the top celebrity weddings in Mzansi.

The couple had got engaged in 2010 and has their traditional wedding in Soweto in 2011. The white wedding also took place the same year. Initially Black Coffee did not say anything, but he later on released a statement that he and Enhle had been privately working on their problems for almost a year. He also admitted that it had been very challenging and heartbreaking.

Although she was going through a tough time, Enhle was given a special shout-out by her mom on social media, and the sweet message just showed many that a mother’s love, has no bounds. The make-up artist dedicated her post to her first born Enhle who she single-handedly raised as a young mother.

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Enhle Mbali Career

Enhle landed her first role on the SABC 1 series which aired between 2006 and 2009. In 2009, Mlotshwa hosted the Channel O series, Young, Gifted and Black and then went on to host ANN7’s, Starbiz which focused on local and international entertainment news.

In 2018, she was cast as the lead actress for the short film Lace. She has since been cast on numerous South African television soapies and drama series including the telenovela iNkaba, Moferefere Lenyalong, Soul City, Sokhulu and Partners, Rhythm City, Rockville, and 7de Laan.Enhle Mbali Controversy

In what shocked many South Africans, Enhle Mbali’s former domestic worker allegedly filed a case of unfair dissmissal at the CCMA against her. Her domestic worker even labelled her ‘an evil and heartless woman.’

Mpho Koetsi claims that Enhle fired her for gossiping to her estranged husband Black Coffee and his mother. Speaking candidly to City Press, Koetsi who resides in Pimville, Soweto said, “Nkosinathi and his mother used to call on my phone every time they wanted to speak to the kids or when he was overseas.”

Although Enhle is one who is very private when it comes to her ife in general when she appeared on BET’s Behind The Story, many viewers were left unimpressed.

Some were irked by the fact that she encourages her guests on her YouTube channel to open up about their lives but has seemingly failed to do so on Behind The Story. At some point, the mother of two didn’t seem comfortable in talking about herself, which left many wondering why she had agreed to the interview in the first place.