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Asanda from Gomora real age surprises viewers

Actress and musician Bukiwe Keva is one of the amazing actress on our screens. She is known for her role on Gomora, where she played the role of Asanda. She has starred in other shows but this one is her biggest role. Her fans have been captivated by her acting.




Gomora actress Bukiwe Keva is stealing a lot of hearts with her role as Asanda on Gomora. Bukiwe is popularly known for her role on Gomora as Asanda. She was introduced to fame through the hit series. She has been doing incredibly well for herself and seems to be enjoying the spotlight, and her acting keeps on getting better episode by episode. Viewers have been asking about Asanda’s age, given she plays as a learner in the show as she looks young.

On her online profile, Busiswa Keva said she was born in Queenstown but grew up in Cape Town. She finished her Matric in 2011 and has since moved to Joburg to pursue her dream of being in the acting industry.

She says she’s a self motivated being who believes in working hard to excel in her respective profession.

Bukiwe Keva as Asanda on Gomora
However, the actress who plays Asanda, Bukiwe Keva is actually a sweet girl in real life and she’s really not a teenager.

The character she portrays on the show is nothing like her in real life. Asanda is a teenage girl who is still in high school. She seems so young on the show, and because she is petite, people are more convinced she’s a teenager in real life. Asanda is a typical high school girl who faces many challenges, just like any high school girl. They take us through the troubles of being a young girl in this day and age through her, especially with so much pressure from the internet telling youngsters what is cool.

Bukiwe Keva’s real age surprises Gomora viewers
As much as Bukiwe looks like she is 17, she is not a teenager in real life. She is 27 years. Her age came as a shock to many of her fans, and she looks so young. She doesn’t look a day over 20. But Bukiwe even has a son.Her son is about eight years old to date, and they have such a healthy and cute relationship. Bukiwe is always embracing him on the Instagram page.

Bukiwe is reported to be dating former Muvhango actor, Senzo Radebe, who is well known for having played Sthembiso “Sthe” Gumede in Muvhango. However, the actress was doing a true or false questionnaire on her stories. One of the questions asked by her fans were if she is dating the actor. Which she replied false a couple of times. Apparently he is just a brother. It is sad news to hear as they looked good on their pictures together.

Bukiwe posted an Instagram picture of them on social media.

Get to know Msizi Njapha ‘Khulekani’ from #Umkhokha in real life

Meet Msizi Njapha, born In uMbumbulu in Durban KwaZulu-Natal, Msizi is a South African singer, actor and theatre creative. A musical theatre graduate at Tshwane University of Technology.


From his solid experience in the musical theater industry, across the world, soon after his return from Spain, Msizi Njapha won his first Fleu Du Cap theater award for best performance by a supporting actor in a musical, for the character of Boston which he played in Tsotsi the musical.

His face is still one of the faces which are fresh in the entertainment industry. He is a rising star with his hand in a lot of things in the entertainment industry. Let’s get to know Msizi Njapha ‘Khulekani’ from Umkhokha in real life.

After High School, Msizi enrolled at the Tshwane University of Technology and graduated in Musical Theatre. He has toured the world doing theatre, and he went as far as Spain. He got his first Fleur Du Cap award for best supporting actor performance for his role as Boston in Tsotsi the musical.

Get to know Msizi Njapha as a musician and actor
This raising star still keeps shining on his journey in the arts as he has recently booked his TV debut in a groundbreaking drama series UMKHOKHA which Aires every Sunday on Mzansi Magic Chanel 161. UMKHOKHA is a new drama series that kept the viewers on the edge of their sits from the first episode.

Msizi also has a hand in music as an artist. He is popularly known as Msizi World in the music circles. Msizi is signed to Arie Records. He released his first album called Breaking Out in 2013 while working with Arie Records. His sound can be described as vocal house or amapiano that has a more profound message. After that, he stopped working on music to focus on acting. He recently dropped a single called Livumile.

As an actor, the star has landed several minor roles on TV. He played Tyrel in the film Dipuo, Executive in Generation the Legacy and Boots in High Rollers. His current role is that of Khulekani in Umkhokha. He is the second son of Kwazi Mthembu, the founder of a church called Ithempeli Lenkosi. Khulekani wants nothing to do with the church, and after his father dies, his mother asks him to step in and fill his father’s shoes, but he refuses. However, he is a born again Christian and works as a police officer whose only dream was to have his parents’ attention growing up under the shadows of his troublesome big brother.

Msizi explained to us how grateful he is for this opportunity, to finally get a substantial role on television, with hopes that it will open more acting opportunities for him to tell African stories through acting. As a musical theater graduate, in 2013 Msizi recorded his debut album called “Breaking Out“, but he had to take a break from the music business after being called in Spain to do a Broadway greatest hit musical, The Lion King.

Where he was swing and Simba cover. Over the years he never stopped recording music however after termination of the contract with his previous record label.

Sonia Mbele actress caused frenzy with her recent pictures showing off her beauty.

Sonia Mbele is a famously known South African presenter, actress judge in different reality show and entrepreneur. She is vibrant and magnificent woman with massive thoughts on how to make her life successful. She is hardworking and dedicated to her career and she has a full life ahead of her. She is best known for her starring role in Generations soapie opera on SABC 1 as Ntombi Khumalo.


She was popularly known as Sonia Sedibe when she was married to her ex-husband Leslie. They were blessed with two children Khomo and Donelle Sedibe. She is kind and generous person and inspiring young people out there to work hard to achieve their goals.

She has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She is one of the best actors in Mzansi and she has also appeared on numerous television shows including DiepCity. On her recent post on social media account she caused frenzy with her recent post looking gorgeous. Please comment, like, click and kindly share your thoughts.

See: Katlego Danke shared some pictures with her mother

Having a mother is like having a lifetime friend. Have you noticed how close the majority of people are with their mothers? So incredible. Have you ever seen Seen or met the South African actress; Katlego Danke’s mother?

Katlego Danke is a South African actress; best known as ‘Dineo’, which is the character name she used to play on the SABC 1’s soap opera; Generations. After she left Generations; she joined the SABC 3’s discontinued soap opera; Isidingo: The need, playing ‘Kgothalo’. Well, this beautiful and talented actress is currently playing the leading role of ‘Onthatile’ AKA ‘Thathi’ on the Mzansi Magic’s telenovela; Gomora.

This 43 year-old North West born star recently shared some pictures of herself with her mother, celebrating her mother’s birthday. She wrote her mother a long and sweet message, telling how amazing their mother-daughter relationship is, how amazing mother she is, how she loves her and wishing God could continue to bless her with many more years of age.

Take a look at the photos of Mazet from Gomora

Sphesihle Ndaba is one of the most entertaining South African young actresses who has not been in the industry for a long time.

Mazet is the name that many people in mzansi knows her as. That is the character name she uses in the Mzansi Magic telenovela that she plays a leading role in.

Just few months ago, South African actress celebrated her 24th birthday. She is actually not as old as many people expected her to be.









She was born on the 4th of August 1997. Luckily she managed to seal a deal with the Mzansi Magic show and was able to shine or become more famous at such a younf age.

One could say it was not lucl that she managed to become famous at such a young age, but it was because of her hard work and dedication.

Take a look at the pictures of Sphesihle Ndaba below: