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best summer nail art 2019

Fimo Nail Art is a type of nail art design that is quite popular among youngsters and women who love to experiment and make pretty designs on their nails. Though there are many types of nail art designs that you can choose from, fimo designs call for greater creativity and allow you to really experiment with various interesting designs. Fimo art is basically using polymer clay to create thin slices, which are then used to decorate nails. A razor is used to slice the polymer canes so that they come out proportionately and in perfect sizes.

Fimo Nail Art has now become quite a craze owing to its uniqueness, vibrant and colorful designs that are embedded onto the ceramic cane. They completely enhance your overall appearance and are ideal to add a bit of glamour to your usual way of dressing. While clothes and accessories are always pivotal in determining one’s looks, this particular nail art concept can do wonders in making you feel gorgeous and stunning at any social do, gathering or even

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Beautiful gel nails 2019

next time you’re staring at the wall of nail polishes in your local salon, look past the moody gray and deep red shades. Summer is almost here, and this time of year calls for fun nail art in shades of electric yellow, Barbie-pink, and crisp white. We rounded up the best summer gel manicure ideas from Instagram’s most talented nail artists
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Top Gel Nail Art 2019

favorite glitter designs with shellac too. All you have to do is to choose the color combination you want and then you can have the trendiest nails ever. Ombre designs take a glamorous look with the right glitter colors so next time make sure have it.French manicure looks elegant and suitable for every occasion. From work to weddings you can have a shellac French manicure in a beautiful design that will make your nails look amazing.gel nails#, gel pink nails#, glitter nails#, nail art 2018#, nail art designs, nail colors, acrylic nails, coffin nails

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cute bob hairstyles for 2019

has come and half the year has passed. Yes, half the year. We are in the sixth month, right now. So, by now if you have not gotten yourself a new look, I think it is time for you to get yourself a makeover. You can pick for one of the layered blunt bob hairstyles for your unique style this year. It will make you look fun and young. The hairstyle can be styled using only a few products. Keep the makeup to the minimum since it is summer. love this hairstyle. It looks raw and different. The hairstyle is naturally effortlessly. It has been cut brilliantly. The waves and curls are used to define her face. She goes for long layers near her face which makes the look terrific. You can try this look if you have curly hair and want a short hairstyle. Make sure you decrease the volume of your hair so that you don’t have extra frizz. Keep your frizz in check and define your curls. Once you do, you are good to go.

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New Nail Art Designs Trends For 2019

Show me one girl on earth who doesn’t love flowers! The colorful charm that flowers bring cannot be brought by any other nail art. You will surely love wearing this nail art with sexy floral dress to compliment the guise. Using studs and making it beautiful is another option. You will never regret using glittery shade as well.Neon hue will make your bright spring day brighter with authentic coloring sense that matches it stunningly with white base. You will love mixing it up with chic glitter. Why not make a playful manicure by inverting the colors on alternate fingers? Your knuckle rings will make your hand look way sexy and so your appearance from head to


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