Rami Chuene confuses fans with her new post

Rami Chuene has decided to confuse her fans following a post she shared on Instagram.

According to her post, it seems she decide to crush on herself today as she post a beautiful photo of herself.

Rami rocked a white shirt which looks like that of a man but she claimed it’s hers as she has evidence to back it up.

She captioned: “#wcw His shirt? No, my shirt! And I can back it up.”

Sbahle Mpisane goes topless in new photo

Fitness bunnie, Sbahle Mpisane depicts freedom in a new photo shared on social media.

The star posed without cloth and captioned it with the words of Simeon Rice.

“I am a free spirit. A spirit that evolves. I’m a diamond. I’m just refining it. Polishing it. Glossing it up.”

Sbahle is fond of always motivating her followers with quotes.

The story of her life has motivated fans and even celebs, especially after surviving a ghastly car accident, and how focused she is in getting back on her feet.

Ogopa! Hudda Monroe Admits That She Controls Her Fans

When it comes to living the celebrity life, a lot is at stake. One, privacy. You will have very little of that as long as you are in the limelight. Huddah Monroe is a perfect example of that. Her life is dissected every day in the media.Huddah Monroe reveals shocking details on her virginity at 19

Bloggers won’t mind their own business. They want to know, who is her latest boyfriend? Who has Huddah slept with before? Is she seeing an old man? Why has she been stuck in Dubai? Is Huddah broke?That’s what everyone wants to know. Well, the socialite-turned-business woman has now revealed that she never posts more than 2% of her life. We wonder, how does she measure that?!

“I post 2% of my life! I am not superstitious but I know not y’all my FANS!!!!! Some of you are sooo salty Huddah feels marinated (laugh emojis),” she said.

She then asked her fans if they know her family or her man. So this begs the question, what is the other 98%? What do celebrities hide? Is Instagram too fake to be real?Remember, not so many months ago, Huddah claimed that he was not happy that Kenyan singer Nyashinski got married. She revealed that she has a thing for him.

“I was disappointed when he got married, I had a crush on him!” she said on her Instagram stories. On the other hand, she claims to have been dating for more than 2 years. Why is it so hard being real and consistent?

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Do we believe celebrities too much that we lose the sense of reality and punish ourselves for not living the same lavish lifestyle? It is time to rethink!

Two Record Labels Wrestle Over Nomcebo Zikode Open Mic wants Afrotainment to take down Nguwe from Tira’s album

The drama in celebville never ceases to amaze anyone and at often times, lawyers get involved and things get nasty. Nomcebo Zikode has made headlines once more, and this time there seems to be trouble between her record label Open Mic Productions and DJ Tira’s Afrotainment.

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According to Sowetan Live, Open Mic Production has issued out a legal letter to the Afrotainment boss to take down his song Nguwe featuring Nomcebo Zikode, which is from his recent project 21 Years Of DJ Tira. Co-owner of the label Lionel Jamela told the publication that they have lawyered up to get Tira to take down the song from all music streaming platforms and from his album, as well as to stop marketing it on his social media as well as the radio stations.

This is because Nomcebo did not get the proper approval from her record label to feature on the album.

Open Mic says they cannot allow Nomcebo to work with any other artist at the moment because they are trying to push her music career as a solo artist.

“As a company that is managing Nomcebo and has signed her we have decided that we cannot allow anyone to release a song featuring Nomcebo now while we are focused on pushing her as a solo artist,” said Jamela.

Jamela then added that Tira did not communicate with them and went about the wrong way of scoring a collaboration with their artist, who currently has the second biggest song in the country currently.

“Tira has no formal agreement with the label, whereas when you record with an artist that belongs to another company you must communicate with them and get the proper legal clearance.

“I don’t know what Nomcebo’s personal stand is, but as a company we are doing right by an artist that we are developing. Her song is topping radio all over the country and if there is another song that is coming from somewhere it will disrupt our own marketing strategy,” concluded the co-owner.

Tira confirmed to Sowetan live that he received the letter but has not yet responded. “Yes those are some of their demands and I’m responding to all of that so that we can find common ground. I think there was a breakdown of communication between me, Nomcebo and them (Open Mic). I was dealing with Nomcebo a lot, but she was also supposed to finalise things with them. We all need to come together and sort out whatever issue we have,” Tira responded to the publication.

Tira clarified that his intentions were not to disrupt Nomcebo’s reign and just wants to see her grow as an artist, hence the good working relationship they have. He said that he was aware that Nomcebo was signed under Open Mic, but he hoped she would handle the legalities with her company.

“I’m not trying to capitalise on the Jerusalema hype and interrupt her solo career. We all want Nomcebo to shine and have the best career. We just want to see her win and that’s why I have a good relationship with her. We are all trying to see if we can all work together,” Tira concluded.

Nomcebo said she is unaware of any problem between Tira and her record label. “I’ve been doing songs with other artists like Mobi Dixon and the list is endless. I’m not aware of any issue between Tira and Open Mic,” she said

Somizi And Mohale Take Kruger National Park Love lives here.

Mzansi’s power couple Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung, are living their best lives and it is only safe to say “sbwl.” The lovebirds had posted earlier this week that they are off to another holiday destination.

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Somizi and Mohale are known for their glamorous lifestyle and their beacations are always OTT (Over The Top), because they want to have us all in our feels. From sight-seeings, to watching the sunset together, and expensive shopping trips, the couple is goals.

The pair traveled to Italy last year where they engaged on the Eiffel Tower, proving that they are they are madly in love and they know how to win this love thing.

In a post Somizi shared on Instagram, they were at the back of a car being driven to theirnext baecation.

The flamboyant star wished everyone who will be traveling to their holiday destination safe travels. “Happy new year everyone….drive safe to to holiday destinations…..off to our holiday….lol,” he wrote.
It turns out they were headed to one of Mzansi’s most beautiful places, the Kruger National Park. And as usual they gave the people what they wanted, sizzling content!

The pair is seen enjoying a game drive, drinking champompo and watching rhinos while looking all sorts of fabulous.Aside from their dream vacations, just last week Mohale posted a snap holding car keys of a Bentley, proving that the bag is major in their household. Instead of being congratulated for his new ride, trolls lashed out at Somizi who is accused of stealing his cooking show idea.

Somizi is accused by Hastings Moeng who claimed he is the brain behind Somizi’s most loved cooking show Dinner at Somizi’s. The producer claims he sent Somizi an email pitching his idea, but Somizi claims he did not open his email.

The presenter says his management is the one responsible for managing his emails.

In a live video with Pearl Thusi Somizi said they only communicated verbally once about his rough idea, and it was not a solid one because he was not a cooking enthusiast at the time and he had his eyes set on his SA Idols gig. Somizi said Hastings could have copyrighted his idea because it also did not just need him it could have worked to somebody else.

He then said all the cooking shows are similar.