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Somizi Mhlongo Shared A Beautiful Message With His Fans.

The South African media personality and actor Somizi have shared a beautiful message to his fans and followers in social media. Somizi Mhlongo another South African celebrity who is always open when it comes to life. He is known as a motivational speaker and also MC. Somizi is currently at the age of 50, but he has not stop living his life.




For those who have no idea who s Somizi, he is not new in the entertainment industry. He is known and loved by millions of people who are also following him in social media. Somizi have recently taken to his Instagram timeline where he shared a beautiful message to his fans. Somizi has revealed something that many people did not know.

Somizi always had a bathroom talk where he touched his different topic. He has been doing for years now. Somizi has told his fans and followers to stop sharing their plans before it happen. He was speaking about the people who can’t hold their plans to themselves and always share with different people. Somizi has mentioned that sometimes it is the people we share our plans that delay our prosperity. Somizi told his viewers that they should not share their plans until it is signed, sealed and delivered.

Somizi have just realized it now that his 50 years old, the importance of doing things secretly and in silence. He is one of the richest celebrities who have many businesses across the country. Somizi end his sensing saying that it’s never too late to be who you want to be.

AKA’s Mother Standing Next To her late son rapper AKA’s tombstone See Here

Grieving mom Lynn Forbes shared a photo of herself standing next to her late son rapper AKA’s tombstone as she wishes South African’s a happy Human Rights Day via an Instagram post on 21 March. Lynn Forbes is grieving the death of her son AKA.

AkA will forever be rememberedhe has left a Mark and have played a very important role in the development of the South African hip hop music many people grow up listening to foreign music but because of aka and other South African music artist Dave change that perspective.

And began to listen to the South African hip-hop music which was not popular at the beginning as to compare to now.

Below are comments made by people.

I really don’t know how to feel about this hey, this is the fourth incident I’ve seen this week. Forbes fam should have gone for a private cemetery.

People react after what they noticed on this picture of Sane and Londie

That is the question on everyone’s lips after the self-proclaimed private chef appeared on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban) and gave Londie London a verbal baptism of fire about her relationship troubles.




She entered the episode as a guest of Sorisha Naidoo at her spa opening but was very secretive about how she managed to crack an invitation to the exclusive event when the ladies tried to figure out who the interloper among them was.

Born Londiwe Siphiwokuhle Zulu which is Londie London’s real name, the artist was born on April 13, 1992. She is 28 years old. Londie London is a social media personality and apart from having a huge social media presence, she is an artist whose musical career has got the approval of many because of its genre. She is a romantic Afro-pop artist. Londie is also an entrepreneur who is the face behind ‘Laced by Londie London.’

People on social media tend to compare people, especially when they wear something that looks the same. Picture of Londie London and Sane caused a stir on social media after it was posted. below is what was shared:

After these pictures were shared on social media people started commenting, some people had mean things to say and some people had nice things to say.

As people started commenting, someone commented saying these dresses look like lettuce.

” Happy Human Rights Day” Lynn Forbes grieves AKA

It has been more than a month since award winning musician Kiernan Forbes was brutally murdered outside a popular restaurant on Florida road in Durban. The rapper was shot in the head and died instantly. His good friend Tebello Motsoane was also murdered. Justice has not been served yet as their killers have not been caught. AKA was laid to rest on the 18th of february in Johannesburg. His fans and loved one’s are really battling to come to terms with his death.


AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes posted a picture of herself at AKA’s grave and captioned it ” Happy Human Rights Day” She grieves her beloved son everyday but has to be strong for her family especially her granddaughter Kairo Forbes. AKA was a multi award winning musician who touched many lives. He will always be remembered through his music, may his soul rest peacefully. Follow me for more content.

RIP: Lance Reddick has died at the age of 60.

Death be not proud, death has taken another celebrity. We are in three months of the year 2023, and already we have lost many celebrities. Not long ago we recently bury AKA, Tebello Tibz Motsoane, Vusi Ma R5, Gloria Bosman and many more. With three months. Today we come to learn about the death of another actor who have been one of the best in acting.




The country is currently mourning the death of actor Lance Reddick, who died at the age of 60. Lance Reddick is known as one of the best actors, best known for starring the leading the character of Cedric Daniels. His death is left many in shock. His fans and followers still cannot believe that death took his away.

His death was reported on Friday softer, the announcement was made by his family. His family have asked for privacy during thus hard time as they continue to mourn the death of their loved ones.

Lance Reddick is another celebrity who have been in the industry for many years. He has been seen acting in few shows before his passing. He played the role of Phillip Broyles in the movie called Fringe. He also leads the character of Chief Irvin Irving in another series known as the Bosch.

The actor will be remembered by his family, friends, colleagues and the people who know him in the entertainment industry. May his soul continues to rest in peace