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Zola Nombona Shows Off Her Little Family

New parents Zola Nombona and Thomas Gumede are glowing radiantly since welcoming their bundle of joy Cebelihle.

The private couple before the birth of their son had kept their relationship out of the spotlight and for the longest time many had wondered who Zola’s baby daddy was, well that was until Thomas let it slip when he announced he was expecting.

Now, baby Cebelihle is here and the new parents are lifting the lid on their relationship, with Zola posting her man on her Instagram page. On Father’s Day last month, Zola posted a few snaps that showed that Thomas was right by her side throughout her pregnancy.

Zola and Thomas had a photo shoot to show off their bundle of joy and their little family and Zola had been giving her followers glimpses of her bundle but now in her latest post, she is completely showing off her baby boy.

The Lockdown actress posted a picture of her little family that showed off her beautiful bundle perfectly with his full head of hair. Cebelihle’s parents both have gaps in their teeth which is something they have seemingly passed down to their little one.

Cassper Nyovest In His Feelings About Trash Release

Cassper Nyovest is clearly still in his feelings about his single “Amademoni” being labelled trash, even by his own fanbase. As a result, when he was asked if before he releases the much anticipated album to welcome his first born child affectionately known as Simba on Twitter, the answer was a resounding noMufusa is really sold on the idea that “Amademoni” is a smash hit, and that people are just taking time to warm up to it. This could possibly be because Pop Smoke, who is a pioneer of UK Drill Beats smashed records and is dominating the charts internationally, therefore Cassper thinking that he brought the wave to South Ah automatically makes the song a hit…

The rapper did touch on the fact that he does hope that the upcoming album, “A.M.N” is a masterpiece. But with the suggestion that “Amademoni” will be on the album leads many to believe that maybe “Thuto” was the last time Cassper gave fans a masterful body of work.

The rapper could just consider not putting “Amademoni” on “A.M.N,” and give fans that new single they are demanding to gauge their reactions. After all, September 11 is still two months away and the constructive criticism might help in making the masterpiece.

Cassper Mourns A Fan’s Death

July has started off on a sad note as messages of condolences have been making rounds all over social media.

Cassper Nyovest was left disheartened when he learnt the news of his dear fans’ passing.

He shared an image of the two of them in high spirits as he wished him a safe and eternal departure.

After sharing the image and news of the young man’s death, fans who knew him or a close ally gave more details of the fan, saying his name is Mpho and whose death was allegedly caused by a car accident.

Cassper, who has been encouraging fans and industry mates to pray during these difficult and uncertain times, captioned his post “Rest easy young king!”Cassper has been applauded for the longest time for his generosity, humbleness and the love he has for his fans.

Followers see the way he treats his fans, as though they are family or friends, is admirableImage

I want my woman & kids back; Atandwa Kani wants married ex Thembisa Mdoda back 3 years after break up

I want my woman & kids back; Atandwa Kani wants married ex Thembisa Mdoda back 3 years after break upAtandwa – I want my woman back!

Although their relationship ended three years ago acrimoniously after Atandwa Kani claimed he found out that the children he knew to be his were not.

It’s now emerged that the actor secretly wanted Thembisa back.

According to insiders, the star soon backtracked on not wanting to have anything to do with Thembisa.He bagged people to change her mind and take him back.

“He realised he loved the kids and Thembisa and had a change of heart,” said one insider.

A screenshot of a conversation between him and the woman, who he had asked to help him get Thembisa back reads:

“I want my woman back and want my family back.”

This was at a time when he was already living abroad in the US with Fikile, according to a second mole.

“He realised a lot of things after a while and missed the children.

“He asked one of her close friends to help him appeal to Thembisa’s better nature,” said the informant.

According to another screenshot, the woman promised to “try by any means to help’.

In another message, he tells her he’s been unable to sleep, saying it’s 6am and I’m still awake. I want my Tess back.

Thembisa had moved on with another man she met while working on the set of Our Perfect Wedding

A third source said while he wanted Thembisa back, he was still with Fikile.

Both Thembisa and Atandwa could not be reached for comment.

– Sundaysun

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Coronavirus hits Uzalo actress Noxolo Mathula (Lily) hard: “I can’t kiss or hug anymore”

Coronavirus hits Uzalo actress Noxolo Mathula (Lily) hard: Actress Noxolo Mathula acts on South Africa’s number one soap, “Uzalo”, where she plays the character, Lily.

She’s also acted in show like Mzansi Magic’s “eHostela” and “Ifalakhe”.

Mathula, like many other actors, was hard hit during the Covid-19 pandemic and received the “no work, no play” treatment, but the actor is glad to be back on set, even though the new working order is strict.

“It’s great being back on set. We all understand that we need this job in order to make ends meet so everyone is cooperating to the rules. It is quite tricky acting with masks on because now our eyes need to tell the story, which is a great challenge,” said MatShe said the production company has put in place all the necessary measures to make sure that everyone is protected.

“There’s no kissing, touching or anything that has to do with physical contact. We even social distance in our scenes.ALSO READ: Covid-19 update: SA hits record 8 124 infections in a single day

“Our food is packaged. The makeup department sanitizes our brushes regularly. Our number one rule is #NoMaskNoEntry!!! Literally turn back from wherever you come from just to get your mask,” said the actress.

One thing the actress misses though is being able to greet her work colleagues with a hug.

“It’s just really hard not being able to hug my fellow colleagues, but we need to keep everyone and ourselves safe. We’re getting used to the new normal”, she said.