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Meet King Monada gorgeous mother, check out her breathtaking pictures here

To put it simply, a mother is a child’s biological female parent. Mothers are women who take on the role of motherhood, whether or not they are the biological mothers of their children. Mothers have a crucial role in their children’s development.

The queen mother of Monada, King of the Tobaggans, has a grin that can light up the darkest of days. Monada’s gorgeous mother is a major reason for his success.




As a musician, King Monada became well-known for his performances in his native Khelobedu language. The majority of the people of Mzansi are fans of his music. To be expected, given his attractive mother, he too has a decent appearance. There is something infectious about Monada’s mother’s grin in the shot. Her stunning appearance can’t be explained by natural causes. Not every famous person has a stunning parent like Monada’s mom. It’s fortunate for the King of Music that his mother is so stunning.

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Take a look at the pictures of Bongani from Gomora in real life

Thulani Mtsweni is a South African well-known actor who has played leading roles in different local drama shows in the past few years.

Well, there are many words you can use to describe the actor, and Bongani is one of the words that best describe him.










Since season one at the Mzansi Magic local drama series, Gomora, Thulani Mtsweni has been playing the role of Bongani, the manager of Shisanyama and also the boyfriend, who is now a fiance of Zodwa aka Mzozozo.

Before this month ends, Thulani Mtsweni will be celebrating his 35th birthday. He will actually celebrate it exactly on month end, since he was born on 31st of July 1987.

You can admit has does look much older than his age, well that is because of the role he is playing in all the local drama shows he has appeared in.

He has appeared at iNumber Number, Isdingo, Isibaya and recently at Gomora.

Remember Sakhile From Skeem Saam Actor? Perceive his fantastic Pictures underneath.

Being an extremely handsome guy is subjective since everyone has different tastes and choices. I believe many people will be impressed by fashionable outfits worn by Sipho Nicholas Nkuna. We all know that he is talented in dressing and matching and his dress styles are often fashionable, trendy and in line with the characteristics of the times.










It is not necessarily the clothes that make him attractive, it is the confidence in himself that he exudes when wearing them that make him attractive. The incredible entertainer is high quality recognized for invigorating groups as Sakhile on Skeem Saam soapie opera weekdays. He is fantastic and handsome individual who’s wardrobe is organized and everything has a place and he utilizes the habit of less or more.

He is popularly recognized South African Singer, Actor, Producer, Composer and Writer. He is formidable and gifted male who has impressive appearance. He is presently exciting crowds as Dr Fikani Chauke on 7de Laan drama series which displays on Sabc 2. He is calm and humble individual who love attentions when it comes to fashion and style.

He examined her education with Tshwane University of Technology where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, specializing with Musical Theatre. He is skilled and formidable performer who is organized and has positive attitude. He has proven to his expertise over and again with the exciting materials that he always comes up with and good material makes you to stands out from the crowd.

Wearing something very delightful made with superior material will make your followers to notice you and your tastes and personality. Fantastic clothing can help to a good extent and good tastes have certain uniqueness and personality of yours in it. Many a times attires compromise on quality when you are awestruck in their imagery.

His style has make him won many hearts in South Africa.because she is always on point looking incredibly tasteful. Check out his Beautiful Pictures from his social media platform that left fans speechless.

Thando from Isencane Lengane is really beautiful, check out her stunning recently photos

The majority of the most watched and critically acclaimed programmes in South Africa can be found on Dstv channels.

Five years ago, at a South African high school, a play named “Moja Love” was performed. Storyline-wise, it centered on a love story between two young Zulu people.










Thando Msomi wed Siyacela Dlamuka, a woman from the town of eNkandla in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Mzansi went absolutely crazy for them. No new seasons have debuted in Mzansi thus far in 2019. This past Saturday night, Lengane gave a performance for his passionate fan base.

Thando’s pregnancy reveal was the final episode’s big reveal. Upon hearing the news, Mzansi was pleased and shared her best wishes for the greatest possible outcome.

On Sunday, the cast and crew of Isencane Lengane threw a baby shower for Thando in Durban to celebrate the approaching second season. Pictures of her wonderful family would be excellent.

Thando Thabethe Dlamuka was widely recognized as one of the most impressive individuals of his era. If you liked what you read, please consider sharing it with others and providing feedback.

Age Is just A Number: 52 Year old Esther Musila Pamper Her 30 year Old Boyfriend On Her Birthday

Age Is just A Number: 52 Year old Esther Musila Pamper Her 30 year Old Boyfriend On Her Birthday

By Live-Breaking-News (self media writer) | 44 minutes ago

Possibly a photo of at least one person, the individual standing and grass

As she got older, Esther Musila gave her young spouse, Guardian Angel, a decent recognition. The mother-of-three admits the last three birthday celebrations she enjoyed with the guardian angel were the most important and appreciated.

I’ve never been adored like this,” Esther Musila and Guardian Angel share their excursion

“Thank you so much, my love, because your presence has made my existence better, and your spirit has added sweet proportions to my reality,” I told my companion.

I’ll walk side by side with you,” adored Esther Musila, a fellow guardian angel

This is my third birthday celebration and I join you in praising it. She added that, to a limited extent, “all of these are the most important and valuable.” She went on to say that having a Guardian in her life has helped her personally and that he’s an excellent spouse .







Mike Sonko hits out at those who think guardian angel’s other half Esther Musila is ‘grandmother’ – Hakika News

“Having made me a great person in your organization.” Every day, I thank the Almighty for bringing you into my life. “The way you love me makes me feel adored, treated and protected.”

If I pay attention to their hustle, I’m going to lose an extraordinary gift” – Kenyan gospel singer, 31, who composes music while teaching photos to his 51-year-old life partner

“I would never want anyone else to walk with me on this street where I exist. Thank you for helping me remember how delicious butter is. I honor you to the moon and back. Thank you so much for visiting my G.

Holy Messenger Adorably Celebrates Wife Esther Musila’s 52nd Birthday: “You Are My Life”