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” Sometimes I wish I never knew you ” Nadia Nakai Breakdowns Thinking About AKA

The tragic death of AKA, one of South Africa’s most prominent hip-hop artists, has left a deep sense of loss and sadness among his fans and loved ones. The artist, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, was shot outside a restaurant in Durban last month, and it was the last time anyone would ever hear from him.


The news of his death sent shockwaves across the country, and it was clear that AKA had touched the lives of many people. His music had a profound impact on his fans, and his presence in the music industry had helped to shape the genre in South Africa.

However, his death has left a void that cannot be filled. His loved ones, including his partner Nadia Nakai, are still struggling to come to terms with the loss. Nadia Nakai, who had only recently started a relationship with AKA, has been particularly affected by his death. She has been vocal about her grief on social media, expressing her sadness and the difficulty of moving on.

It is understandable why Nadia Nakai would express such sentiments. Coping with the loss of a loved one is never easy, and it can be especially difficult when the relationship was still new and full of potential. The pain of the loss can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to see a way forward. Nadia Nakai posted a sad message on her Instagram saying that she wishes that she and AKA were never inlove, and that they were just acquittance so that she would as just send her condolences, but because she loved him it is harder to move on with her life and his death left a hole in her heart.

Austin Mothapo left Mzansi dumbstruck with his latest post on social media.

Austin Rethabile Mothapo is a prominent South African actor, photographer, model and film producer. He is smart, humble, calm and inspiring young people out there to work hard to achieve their goals. He is full of energy, courage and confidence. He rose to fame after his appearance on SABC 1 educational drama series Skeem Saam playing the role of Noah Matloga.

He has won the hearts of many viewers through his good looks and acting and acting skills. He is one of the best actors in the country and he has made a name for himself himself.

He was born on 22nd March 1998 in Gauteng Province under the care of his parents who were very supportive and caring. He gives credit to them for raising him well to be an independent man. On his recent post on social media account he left Mzansi dumbstruck with his latest post. Please comment,

Somizi Mhlongo’s New Outfits

Somizi Mhlongo’s dedicated fanbase is always taken aback by his outlandish fashion choices. Somizi Mhlongo, a renown South African author, chief, choreographer, keynote speaker, emcee, and media personality, was born and raised in the United States. His role as a judge on Idols SA has propelled him to prominence. Many people are in awe of Somizi’s dashing good looks.




Several Idols SA viewers have taken notice of him thanks to his charisma and flair. Recent self-portraits by the South African media celebrity show him dressed to the nines. This well-known person The Somizis are on a vacation in Italy right now. Like many other celebrities, Somizi is interested in exploring new trends in fashion. Photos of Somizi Mhlongo with an unknown man in a road have been shared online.

One scene showed him wrapping himself in a plush blanket. Many of his fans and followers praised the blanket, and many wondered if the man he was standing with was married. Somizi has shared another another snapshot of himself on Instagram, this time in full cowboy garb. Somizi’s hidden talent as an artist has been unmasked.

No one has a better eye for fashion than Somizi, we have just decided. Somizi is not shy about sharing his love for cutting-edge fashion. Look at some of his most fashionable outfits. Look at some of his pictures and comment on how you feel about his sense of fashion. In order to stay up to date with our posts, please like and follow our page.

Gogo Maweni Was Spotted Having Lunch At A ‘Zuma Restaurant ‘. See What Eating

Gogo Maweni Was Spotted Having Lunch At A ‘Zuma Restaurant ‘. See What She Was Seen EatingGogo Maweni together with her husband are living a good life. Ever since she entered into entertainment industry, the young sangoma has never disappointed her fans and followers. Gogo Maweni is in Durban at a restaurant which is being owned by former president Jacob Zuma.

Gogo Maweni have recently shared her latest pictures in her social media page, showing the food which she was eating. She also shared some video of the chef, who were also seen preparing their lunch. Jacob Zuma, who is the former president of South Africa, recently opened a restaurant in Durban early last year after he was released from prison where he was supposed to serve his 15 months. Zuma was sentenced for 15 months jail time for defying the Zondo Commission.

Gogo Maweni with her husband and her friend were seen having a good time when they were eating Sushi. Many people were impressed, while others were convinced that the Zuma Restaurant is expensive. Some think that the restaurant is for celebrities and hight politicians and those who are rich and can afford the expensive food
Take a look at video of Gogo Maweni which she posted in her Instagram page. Share your thoughts and views.

A church allegedly made one of Imbewu The Seed actors leave the show

The truth according to former actor of Imbewu has been revealed regarding why he left the show.

Khathide Ngobe “Tshatha”is a South African media personality known for being a presenter and actor. He is known for having been a presenter at Ukhozi FM. Khathide is known again for presenting the Yash Ingoma music show on Mzansi Magic together with media personality, Ntombi Ngcobo-Mzolo.




Ngobe did not begin his journey in the entertainment industry by being on screens. He started in the music side as a rapper whereby he even released an album. He is not only into entertaining the public, Khathide known as Tshatha is also a business man.

Revealing his side of the story, Khathide Ngobe said “The time i left Imbewu:The Seed, i was still a church member of Jehovah’s witness. After i appeared on Imbewu, the church leader summoned me to a meeting and criticized me for being an actor”.

“They said I’m following the unholy of the earth and I’m getting my soul dirty and I’m a bad example to the church’s youth. I told them that i don’t have enough time to be infront of cameras. I lied about that because i wanted tricks to leave them”, Khathide Ngobe added.

It is so sad that Khathide had to leave his job because of a church. However, there are two sides to every story and every church has it’s own rules and laws.

He is not wrong for opening up about what happened but he is wrong for making it seem like he was forced. Khathide had a choice if he was not happy about the church or its rules, he was gonna leave the church and not his job.

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