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Sad: Shona Ferguson died the very same day she met Connie 20 years ago, See here

According to the actress she and her late husband got married the same he died 20 years ago, She wrote that on 30 July 2002 about 20 Yeats ago she and Shona tied the knot and started their family together. It really sad that he had to die on thair anniversary day, for Connie this will forever be the very saddest moment for her life. How will she able to celebrate her anniversary day considering that it’s the same day that her husband died, words of comfort have been pouring in for the actress as people want her to be strong during this difficult time. Here are some of the comments below:



“Please accept our most sincere sympathies for the loss of your husband. May the prayers of all the people who love you bring solace to your soul. It is not length of life but depth of life.”

“So sorry for your loose my dear. I can’t imagine how u feel nd how u coping.. It’s a loose to the whole world, loosing such a Legend. He was your best friend.. May his soul rest in peace nd may u find comfort in the hands of the Lord. We re wth u in prayers.”

“May us Men follow on Sho’s footsteps on how to love a woman,he was a true example of a man who loves his family and that wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t love God first. Condolences to the Ferguson family, Crew,Entertainment industry and to all that loved him.”

“When I heard this my question was how will Connie Ferguson survive this? This man was indeed your soulmate and we all lived up to your relationship, the love you shared have encouraged many! We could see right through your hearts and feeling for one another, the pure love that every couple desires to have in this lifetime! My heart is shattered but we pray for God to strengthen you and your family! Words can say enough but God knows best to comfort you! Rest easy Shona.”

Nomzamo Mbatha’s sister left fans in a frenzy with her recent post looking incredible.

Wendy Mbatha is a famous recognized South African actress and model. She is colourful and awesome girl and she is operating very difficult to gain her goals and feature a brighter future. She is a real definition of brains and splendor and she is talented and successful. She is thought for being the sister of Nomzamo Mbatha who’s a well-known actress who has regarded on Isibaya on Mzansi Magic.

She is smart and impartial lady who values her lifestyles and she is making waves of the industry. She is sensational and extraordinary female who usually seems out for different people. She is likewise acknowledged for her paintings because the position of a Nigerian Hooker withinside the film District 9 .

She is type and beneficiant woman and galvanizing and she has a experience of humour. On her latest submit on social media she left lovers in a frenzy together along with her great photographs searching stunning. Please comment, like, click on and share.

What you didn’t know about Nkosi from “House of Zwide”

Wanda Zuma was born on 7th of September 1991 . He is is a South African actor, director and award winning writer who is currently known for his role in House of a wide, the most recent Telenovela on Etv that has replaced “Rythm City. He is playing Zwide’s son , An accountant in the family business who is trying by all means to make sure the family business is always running at a profit not a loss. He does gives advices wherever he can but you all know his father, he doesn’t take nonsense.

Nkosi has actually went to school of arts in performance to be able to pull off his roles in the television side . He has won multiple awards in SA. He is also a writer and also a film director. This is something that most people was not aware of about this young man. His age of cause shocked Mzansi as they all though he was on his mid 30’s meanwhile he is on his mid 20’s .

There hasn’t been any information leaked to his family, whether her he is married or not or have any children. His parents as well are not included in his biography but we believe they are still alive . Those who knows him says that he is the first born in his family and that acting has always been his passion . His love for his job didn’t only ended there but he made sure to do other things that goes hand in hand with his acting career and that is being a Writer.

Wanda has written two award winning Theatre plays, “Mind games” and “Black collar”. They were both successful and he got awards for that . There are people who really envy his job and how straight forward he is a person as as a family oriented person . Let’s show some love for him and let the world knows how much we appreciate him and his acting career.

Ayanda Ncwane Reveals What She Wants To Do To Connie Ferguson In Order To Help Her

Condolences continue to pour in for Connie Ferguson and her family. And while most people can imagine what she’s going through, women like Ayanda Ncwane know exactly what she’s feeling right now.

Given the fact that Ayanda Ncwane is also a window, she’s quite aware of how Connie Ferguson’s world has turned upside down overnight. Thus the reality starlet knew exactly what to do for the time being.

When news about Shona Ferguson’s death made headlines on Friday evening, many people were struck by absolute shock. Condolences and prayers started pouring in. Still some fans were thoughtful enough to think of Connie Ferguson and pray for her to be strong during this moment of weakness.

That being said, Ayanda Ncwane decided to show her support for Connie Ferguson. Taking to Instagram, Ayanda wrote everything that Connie needed to hear.

“Dear Connie Ferguson nobody and nothing is going to be said that will make sense. The numbness, the death of your inner self…Ohhh sisi the only thing I want to do is to squeeze you sooo tight and let you scream so loud!!!” Reads her caption.

Bonang Matheba dropped her new look but people noticed something else

Ever since Bonang Matheba rellcated to new York she’s been quite on all social media platforms. She chose to live her life privately which is a good thing.



She recently posted a mermaid look on her Instagram page and everyone loved it except few negative people who are always ready to criticize.

I often think about how Bonang just relocated to New York and has been living her best life since.

The Comment section of this video on Tiktok show’s that white people can be very weird yaz. They are so convinced that Bonang Matheba is Zoe Saldana. They don’t even care when people tell them who she isNew moon with face

The best decision was for me to “Go on a beautiful vacation”. ,Earth globe europe-africaFlag of South AfricaHaving good company and a exquisite view. Of course, as bonang_m would say; houseofbng has been my technical rider. “Turning any location into an occasion