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Shawn Mkhize left Mzansi amazed with her recent post looking absolutely gorgeous.

She is one of the most influential people in the country and globally . She is ambitious and amazing woman with massive thoughts on how to make her life better . Shawn Mkhize is popularly recognized as Mamkhize is a South African TV reality star, businesswoman and socialite . She is beautiful and brilliant and she has captured the hearts of many viewers through her sense of humour, style, fashion and personality .



She grew up in Umbumbulu village in KwaZulu-Natal Province and she spent her childhood in a care of her mother Florence Mkhize who was a ANC counselor and anti-apartheid activist .

She attended the ML Sultan Teckinikon (Durban University of Technology) and completed a Diorama in Accounting . She is a mother of two children Sibahle and Andile Mpisane . On her recent post on social media account she left Mzansi amazed with her recent pictures looking absolutely gorgeous . Please comment, like, click on and share your

Before the fame: Master KG’s tiny bedroom studio will bring you to tears

Prior to the distinction and fortune, hitmaker Master KG was only a youthful Limpopo man with enormous dreams and expectations for his future. While he is certainly carrying on with the existence now – it was generally difficult for the star who as of late showed individuals the studio, where he used to get things going before he could manage the cost of extravagant gear and a decent space.


The post left a large number of his fans feeling very enlivened to follow their fantasies as courageously as Master KG did.


In 2021, Master KG shot to notoriety with his hit single Jerusalema. The melody became a web sensation as individuals across the world moved to the Jerusalema Challenge.

From that point forward, Master KG – who is presently involved with well known Limpopo vocalist Makhadzi, – has been carrying on with his best life receiving the benefits of the melody’s enormous achievement.

Things weren’t generally that way for the 26-year-old who as of late took to Twitter to share photographs of the little stopgap studio, he used to deliver music versus the enormous one he has now.

The modest studio seems, by all accounts, to be in a room and even highlights egg holders as a component of the gear.

“Try not to sabotage that room studio one day it wi appear to be legit!!! Simply concentration and really buckle down,” he subtitled the photograph.


The post got over 26k responses and many remarks from his fans and allies.

A significant number of them saluted him on his prosperity, while others shared how his post has roused them to continue to make progress toward their objectives.

Here are a portion of their remarks:

@Tebogokingbae said:

“Much thanks to you for this brother. I’m on it”

@marumomashigo said:

“Indeed Master KG, successes are coming from room studios, wena you are the great living model, Limpopo ace.”

Mzansi is demanding the arrest of Kelly Khumalo

It’s now taking full six year since former Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates captain Senzo Meyiwa got killed inside his girlfriend’s house, who happened to be well known South African musician, Kelly Khumalo.


Since then, Senzo Meyiwa hasn’t received any justice even though there are five suspects who have been arrested and still going through trial.

South Africans are saying even though those might have pulled trigger, they believe that Kelly Khumalo and other who were inside the house knows the mastermind behind the killing of Senzo Meyiwa and they must pay.

Now with trial set to continue this month, Mzanzi is demanding the arrest of Kelly Khumalo and now advocating for people not to book her anymore.

“Kelly Khumalo and everyone else who was in that house must be arrested for the death of Senzo Meyiwa”, mzanzi reacted.


“We must also sign a petition for Kelly Khumalo’s arrest. Senzo Meyiwa s family deserve justice.”

Amanda du-Pont hits back at dating rumours

Media character Amanda du-Pont has begged a well known blogger to avoid her name with regards to his tattle.


The entertainer denied having another sweetheart after the blogger said she was spotted with her new beau in Cape Town.

Taking to Twitter to put any misinformation to rest she shared a clasp of herself and her companions out together, and said the man displayed in the photos was really her protector.

“The first video. An early evening time riding bicycles and bikes with my companions. The picture you presented appears to be on be a malignant trimmed variant to intimate reports. For lucidity, the man in the picture is my guardian. A well mannered supplication to leave my name out your tattle.”

There have been bits of hearsay doing the rounds that the entertainer has parted from her better half Shawn Rodriques. Anyway the star has been spotted as yet wearing her ring.

Amanda reported her commitment to 2018 after Shawn proposed at an unexpected cookout.

“My sweetheart you deeply inspire me each and every time except this time you made them cry! I expressed yes to the man I petitioned God for so explicitly. All that you are, is all that I requested. Life is flawed, yet amazing with you in it. I love cherishing you. I am so excited to be your life partner!”

Taking to Instagram a long time back, Amanda, to uncover she was hitched, communicated the way in which her grandma would agree that she was becoming weary of sitting tight for her to get hitched.

“I lost my gogo the previous evening. Assuming you realize me well you’d realize she was my absolutely favorite. Everything in my body is throbbing thus excruciating yet I’m blissful you are resting and as of now not in torment.

“She vowed to hold on until I was hitched before she passed. Over the most recent few years, she would indicate that she was getting drained. I’m hitched granny and I’m OK, trust you are as well. Maye ngitakukhumbula! Rest in Perfect Peace.”

Muvhango: End of Nomasondo and Rosemary

Finally Vutshilo, Kgosi and Suzan rescued Gugu and the truth came out, Nomasondo blame Rosemary because their plans didn’t go the way they wanted, remember Nomasondo was always wanted to run away, but Rosemary refused, now everybody know the truth and Rosemary and Nomasondo will go to jail, remember police were always seeking for them.




Gugu is very happy is back home, but she will struggle with nightmares, Nomasondo and Rosemary made a huge mistake to attack Vho Mokondeleni, remember Vutshilo saved Gugu to set himself free because he was going to jail, the problem of Nomasondo and Rosemary is that, they were always communicating about their secret and that is why Vho Mokondeleni noticed that Nomasondo is not Gugu.

And they attacked Vho Mokondeleni because they were trying to stop her so that she would not tell people about their secret, and that is why Vutshilo was also involved, they said it is him because they were protecting their self.

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