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Prophecy Prophet Bushiri is going to die

Shepherd Bushiri has been given a warning of the impending death of himself and his other children if he does not repent from his ‘evil deeds’.

This was revealed by Annie & Daniel Haugerud Ministries in a video alleging that Bushiri and his wife may be redeemed if they choose to do what is right.

The couple alleges that his daughter’s death was caused by his sinfulness and that they should stop leading their followers astray.

Anne Haugerud at first made a prophecy two weeks ago telling Bushiri to confess his sins to the world so that people will be set free and that no one will judge him.

Trouble is, the prophetess alleges, Bushiri’s wife is more hard-hearted as she is unwilling to let her husband do the right thing.

She is preventing Bushiri from telling the truth and confess his sins because they have a lot to lose.

She said;
This is precisely what I saw:I was in the church of Mary- and Shepherd Bushiri. I saw Mary Bushiri, she had extensions, maybe a wig; her hair reach down to her shoulders. As she was ministering, I saw a very high altar (this altar is spiritual – you can’t see it with your physical eyes). Then a couple came forth to give a testimony. The woman spoke first, then the husband; he was explaining how he became rich.
I saw many other things the same night, but it would be to much to write about here.

When I was about to wake up, The Holy Spirit administered to me, He said: “Jezabel, Jezabel.”

I want to address Mary Bushiri, the wife of Shepherd Bushiri:
My voice can seem unsignificant, but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is using this small voice. Mary Bushiri’s heart is harder than that of Shepherd Bushiri’s; she’s more stubborn than her husband. The altar that she made – that I saw – is a very powerful altar. The children of God don’t want to go deep in prayer so they can differentiate between Jesus Christ and darkness.

Africa is looking for power and wealth, there is no way that you can convict them about Shepherd Bushiri and his wife – and the altar I saw. In Africa witch doctors and sorceress are so popular that although people are practicing the same things in the church, it wont make any difference to them.

God wants to speak to Mary Bushiri: When the Lord, who is the Good Shepherd, put sheeps in our hands, the sheep will trust and believe in the shepherds. God spoke to the man of God, Moses, and he in turn went to the people and spoke to them. What I’m trying to say is that if even God Himself comes down physically, they wont believe Him. So now, the responsability is on the shepherds.

God wants to give Shepherd Bushiri and his wife one more chance – you went to far! The power you are practicing is beyond, you have reached the top! You are not the only one practicing such things. This is a tough issue, because all of you ministers who are doing these things – the same things – are backing up each other. You can support each other, but when God alone comes to the scene, not a soul is able to stand. Many accusations/allegations that have been made about you are true!

Of course, you will pay for everything you have done, but how long will you continue doing these things? Remember, no matter how long time it will take, God hears the small voices of His people.

The justice of God is coming! God wants you to address His people, if you speak they will listen. Make a video where you confess what both of you have been doing. They will listen, they will not throw stones at you, but it will be a lesson to learn for all Africa.

God Almighty wants things to happen smoothly, with no drama – for His Name sake. Ask for forgiveness. As you do that, many others (ministers) will do the same!

Let all the news media know the truth, stop make them fabricating stories, showing that you are innocents. No one is against you, but the truth will always prevail; when you say the truth, people will accept it.

As long as you are lying to the people of God, they will believe it. Please, free the people of God! The Bible says that “you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

This is an opportunity that the Lord Jesus Christ is giving you and your church.

Shepherd Bushiri is willing to surrender, but he is alone about it; his staff, his wife – not any of them wants to repent! There are different reasons as to why they don’t want to repent.

P.S. At the time of writing this, when I’m about to finish up, the Lord is saying: “I have called My people, but my people have decieved Me.”Shepherd Bushiri is going to die, minister Daniel Haugerud reiterated in a new video; He said;

A warning to Mary and Shepherd Bushiri, and to ECG church! Let the people of God go!

About two weeks ago the Woman of God, Annie, got a vision from the Lord Jesus Christ. She saw a funeral with many people from ECG Church crying. Mary and Shepherd Bushiri was also there.

The same night she also saw that Shepherd Bushiri and his church will go on doing the same things like before; they will not repent from their wickedness and wrongdoing.

She saw many other things that night, nevertheless, we would like to point out that she saw Shepherd Bushiri in a body bag – dead!

Lets pray together that Shepherd Bushiri will gain courage to make a confession before the people of God of what he and his church have been doing. Pray also that the Lord will preserve the two daugthers of Mary and Shepherd Bushiri from death. This has been on the heart of the woman of God for months.

Lerato Kganyago quits DJing

Lerato KganyagoLerato Kganyago announces a temporary stop to her DJ career. Taking to social media, the radio personality announced that her doctor urged her to put pause on her DJing gigs, especially those out of Johannesburg for the next few weeks as she recuperate.Lerato Kganyago

“Our bodies are not as resilient as we would like to wish they are. As importantly to let down those who support me is not a decision that I take lightly. However, I can no longer continue to ignore my doctor’s advice and have to put pause on my DJing gigs, especially those out of Jo’burg, for the next few weeks as I recuperate. I hope you can understand and I look forward to seeing many of you from behind the decks very soon,” she wrote.Lerato Kganyago

Happy birthday 🎂🎉 to award-winning singer-songwriter Zonke.

Zonke Dikana, (born 11 October 1979), known simply as Zonke, is a South African singer-songwriter and record producer.






Her rise to stardom came in 2011 following the release of her third album Ina Ethe which was certified double platinum and was nominated at the 18th South African Music Awards. In 2013, she recorded and released Give and Take Live which was certified gold just two months after its release and earned her a place in the Channel O list of “Africa’s Top 10 Female Singing Sensations”. In September 2015, Zonke released Work of Heart, her fifth album, to critical acclaim with nominations in several categories at the 15th Metro FM Music Awards and 22nd South African Music Awards. She is currently[when?] signed to Sony Music Entertainment. On 15 June 2018, she released L.O.V.E, her fifth studio album with Sony.[citation needed]South African hit-maker Zonke Dikana, best known as just Zonke, is set to light up the stage at Carnival City in a one night only concert at the Big Top Arena on June 15.

Described as a unique South African musical force, a raging success and an instinctive, improvising singer-songwriter, the ever-humble Zonke’s story is one of absolute perseverance, staying true to one’s vision, knowing yourself and building on the criticism of others.

Talented Zonke writes and produces her own material and boasts several multi-platinum selling albums and a list of awards and nominations too long to stipulate in detail.

Zonke Dikana has long been one of the most accomplished songwriters on the SA music scene.

She has written and co-written hits for dance artist Winnie Khumalo, kwaito rapper Thebe, late R&B star TK and also worked with legends like Bongo Maffin and Oskido.

Happy birthday 🎂🎉 to actor, comedian and businesswoman Thenjiwe

Lawyer turned comedian, Thenjiwe Mosley. SuppliedLawyer turned comedian, Thenjiwe Mosley. Supplied
They say laughter is the best medicine, and now more than ever, our local comedians are helping keep our spirits up with the content they are offering us on social media.

One of them is the popular Thenjiwe Moseley who has been sharing live videos and masterclasses online. Moseley, who is originally from KwaMashu, Durban, burst into the comedy scene in 2013 after leaving her career as a lawyer and has not looked back.

Her fresh, witty material, coupled with her ability to make fun of everyday life experiences, has made her one of Mzansi’s best-loved comedians.

We caught up with her to chat about her creative process, as well as her journey in the comedy industry.

When and how did you discover that you wanted to be a comedian?

I have always enjoyed making people laugh and I did drama as a subject at Durban University of Technology. I always wanted to be a performer, but I didn’t know I could make a living doing stand-up comedy.

It took me becoming a lawyer to start doing comedy. My legal colleagues pushed me into doing my first gig and, once I started, I knew this was what I was born to do.

How would you describe your experience in the male-dominated South African comedy industry?

It’s no secret that comedy is a male-dominated industry, but it does not mean men are funnier than women. It is tough for women because most producers want to spread us out by booking one or two women on a lineup with 10 comedians.

Women are less encouraged and less supported. I am lucky because I come from a law background, so I am used to fighting my way through and getting my voice heard. When they closed the door on me I found a sliding door in the building and opened it wide.

I hire myself; I have written and starred in my own sitcoms Judge Thenjiwe Khambule and Meet the Khambules, both on Moja Love and I have a YouTube channel where I post my comedy sketches and stand-up comedy – with over 26 million views – and I get a decent monthly cheque from it. Women should claim their place because we also have a story to tell.

What is your career highlight and why?

I have had a few career highlights – recording my live show in London last year and having it licensed by Next Up; touring Southeast Asia with the Magners International Comedy Festival, where I performed around Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines and headlining in both Sydney and Perth comedy festivals in Australia. I never thought Australians would find my unapologetic comedy funny, but they did.

As a comedian, you constantly have to find new ways to make the audience laugh and that requires creativity. What is your creative process?

I read a lot. I have to stay abreast of the news and, when I am performing for a new audience in a new city, I always read the local newspapers. I take a few taxis or Ubers and start a conversation with the driver just to gauge what they laugh at. I try my set on them and, if they laugh, I know the audience will laugh. I also localise my jokes.

You have travelled a lot since your big break in 2013. What has it taught you?

Travelling has taught me to embrace the little things in life and appreciate who I am and what is unique about me, without compromise. I had to get out of Africa for my afro hair to be appreciated and to get complimented for my beautiful black skin. I have learnt to appreciate the variety that life offers. We don’t understand it till the time we begin to travel. We are so similar, yet so different. The biggest lesson has been that English is not the measure of intelligence. You can speak perfect and be dumb, contrary to popular South African belief.

What would your fans be surprised to find out about you?

Very little. Fans who attend my shows know more about me than I know about myself! I overshare when I am on stage; they even know how I lost my virginity.

My power comes from …

…my ancestors who walked the earth before me.

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