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modern italian bathroom designs 2017

This beautiful Italian bathroom tile design is a porcelain tile which has a wooden appearance. The walls are painted in beige with a matte finish alongside a large glass door, wooden vanity, and a soaker tub.

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modern italian bathroom for 2017

alian bathrooms are widely popular throughout the world, known for their sense of simplicity and sophistication combined in one space, the décor elements mainly used in Italian bathroom usually range in colors like white and gray, also they are generally of marble stones. Italian bathrooms add a visual strength to the bathroom spaces and are contemporary in style, they are shiny, white and glossy

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fashionable bathroom decorating 2017

ontrast to the beige motif. The same with the two dark framed mirrors that are guarded by three wall sconces (on each side and in between). The vanity wall is decorated with a zebra pattern design that is achieved with the used of mosaic tiles. The freestanding white tub sits comfortably on a curved wall with two large square windows.

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