UthandoNesthembu Sh0cking drama as Mayeni bea ts Macele & Makhumalo at their own game

In the most recent episode of “Uthando Nes’thembu,” viewers were treated to a dramatic showdown between Musa Mseleku’s wives as they quarreled over makeup artists.Mzansi was left in disbelief when Makhumalo organized for two makeup artists without consulting the other sister wives. The episode revolved around their preparations for the



Judging by the reactions of MaNgwabe and MaYeni, it was clear that Makhumalo had failed to involve them in her plans, and instead, she exclusively communicated with MaCele. This growing closeness between Makhumalo and MaCele had been a topic of conversation since the previous episode of Uthando Nes’thembu, raising questions about the nature of their newfound connection.Viewers began to wonder whether there was more to this friendship than met the eye, and it seemed that Makhumalo and MaCele were, in fact, uniting against MaYeni and MaNgwabe.

In the episode, Makhumalo suggested that the new makeup artist would work on MaYeni and MaNgwabe, while the regular makeup artists would handle herself and MaCele. This decision didn’t sit well with MaYeni, who had hoped to have the new makeup artist exclusively.

Tensions escalated as MaYeni confronted Makhumalo and MaCele, accusing them of making decisions without consulting her and MaNgwabe.

Throughout the episode, MaNgwabe remained silent and withdrew to her room, refusing to join the discussion. Makhumalo proposed a compromise in which both makeup artists would work on different individuals in succession, but MaYeni rejected the idea. This led to a heated argument over makeup, with MaYeni ultimately opting to go with the regular makeup artists, asserting her independence.

Many viewers took to social media to express their opinions, with some blaming Makhumalo for introducing a new makeup artist when they already had an established one. The episode left fans of the show eagerly awaiting further developments in the complex relationships of the sister wives.

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