living room designs for small spaces 2017

A fireplace in a small-spaced living? Why not? You can even add a Mediterranean appeal if you wish to. The trick is to space out the furnishing effectively. With the fireplace occupying the center of one wall, a wall art can be placed on one side and the other side can be accented with a tall mirror. Couch and lounge seating can be placed facing each other with a coffee table in between. You can add a

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trends living room storage ideas 2017

Storage is an important aspect of every home. If you want to have sufficient storage while maintaining style in your interior design, it is essential to know the best and the most useful living storage ideas. As most people usually spend their relaxing times in the living room, it would be a good idea to have some nice storage and furniture pieces that would really help you and your family feel relaxed and comfortable.

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living room furniture storage ideas 2017

This interior offers a nice example of a small home design. The open space look is perfectly achieved here, with easy access from one area to another (living room, kitchen and dining area). The dark drawer chest offers storage system, while glass coffee table provides a nice centerpiece for the sofa and chairs. The beige wall to wall carpeting is a perfect match to the drapery.

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