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Unathi & Bongani’s wedding that we covered in December was one of the biggest we have covered to date.  The wedding spanned over 4 days.  It started with a Welcome Party at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town on Thursday.  On Friday the same venue hosted the White Wedding.  On the Saturday Unathi’s family welcomed Bongani in Langa and on Sunday the celebrations moved to Paarl where Bongani’s family hosted the traditional wedding for Unathi’s family.

In this blog post, we cover the Welcome Party and the Traditional African Wedding days in Langa and Paarl.  In Part 2, which will be posted next week, we’ll cover

look at Zulu traditional wedding attire

Three things often stand out in African weddings: the food, the clothes, and the music or dance. Well, the Zulu, one of the largest tribes in South Africa, is no different. Songs, dancing, and an array of foods characterize Zulu traditional weddings. However, the Zulu traditional wedding attire worn by the bride and groom are the highlight of the day. Just like in modern ceremonies, Zulu couples try to look their best in colorful and vibrant traditional outfits.


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Sepedi traditional wedding

Sotho people found in South Africa. Depending on their dialect, Sotho people are broken down into three groups, namely; Southern Sotho (Sotho), Northern Sotho (Pedi) and Tswana (Batswana). The word, Pedi, therefore refers to both the Pedi tribe, and the language of the Pedi people (Sepedi).Pedi people, much like the Ndebele, are renowned for their bead work, designs and rich colours. Traditional outfits for women vary and can range from calf length skirts, pleated blouses and long voluminous dresses. Doeks or headscarfs also form part of the clothing. Common designs found on Pedi clothing includes; pleats, embroidery or ribbon trimmings. Beadwork is also big for this tribe and often accompanies traditional attire.
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Best Shweshwe Dresses 2020

Best Shweshwe Dresses, Single women generally wear entirely beads over their higher torsos, notably on ceremonial occasions. bathroom associate degreecient article of consumer goods consists of a colorful artifact “skirt” coated by an animal product apron (emajobo). Adornments on ceremonial occasions embrace the neckband, tie (Monaco), and walking stick.

Teenagers and single adult females wear skirts of grass or skirt and short cloak of fabric, ne’er long; beads and necklaces, males wear loin skins and textile, bead ornaments


newly-wed females wear askin apron and skin skirt, apron worn below the armpits; once the birth of the first child, raise apron over one shoulder; hair in associate degree extraordinary breadstuff.


Aged male Swatis wear loincloths a head ring, and grandmothers wear fell, garments and hair in breadstuff.

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Shweshwe Traditional Dresses 2020

What’s more, seshoeshoe keeps on adjusting and develop with the necessities of its wearers, advancing into strong daywear and venturing into adornments, for example, caps, sacks and even upholstery and delicate decorations, while as yet staying well known in customary dress.

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