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he first ceremony not only welcomes the bride, but also the entire brides’s family is welcome by the entire groom’s family for a formal extension of familial relations, iet both families are now formally related.   The spear ceremony is very important as its intention is two fold, to introduce the bride to the groom’s ancestors

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This KZN teen helped his friend with cerebral palsy through matric

A KwaZulu-Natal matriculant who was recently awarded for helping his friend with cerebral palsy throughout his high school career, says he did so because “it is the right thing to do”.

Moyiso Radebe and his friend Mandlenkosi Mbatha, who has cerebral palsy, were both acknowledged recently by the provincial education department for their camaraderie and perseverance in completing matric.

Speaking a week after pushing his wheelchair-bound friend to the main stage at the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education awards, the Mzimela Senior Secondary School pupil said it was a proud moment. They were given a special award for their camaraderie and dedication to academics.

‘I was not going to just leave him’I remember when I saw him. I just thought I should go and help because he is a good innocent person. We all need a chance,” Radebe told News24 on Monday.

“When I first saw him, I knew that I needed to help him. He would struggle to do many things. I was not going to just leave him,” Radebe said.

“Him getting an award at provincial level is a dream come true. Helping him was always the right thing to do.”

Mosiyo Radebe, left, and Mandlenkosi Mbatha. The duo have been friends for three years. (Supplied, Mosiyo Radebe)
He said he knew the struggles Mbatha went through in life.

“His award means something. He is being recognised. For me, I am happy because I know my friend is doing well and will go places.”

‘He pushes me to be better’

Radebe said their friendship was a welcomed constant in his life.

“We have been friends for three years. I would help him with drinking and eating during the break time. I would also see him on weekends. I learned a lot from him.”

He said his friend was his greatest inspiration.

“The rest of us, we say we have a lot of problems we are dealing with, but that is not true. Mandlenkosi knows about life. He pushes me to be better.”

Radebe said their friendship grew in high school because they both had a passion for education.

Seshoeshoe Dresses Designers in Lesotho

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Xhosa Traditional Dresses For Weddings

The Xhosa’s are a proud people and their cultural heritage is close to their hearts. Traditionally, the women’s clothing and ornaments show the stages of their lives. A certain headdress is worn by a newly married girl; a different style by one who has given birth to her first child, and so on. Women’s clothing include dresses in bright colours like orange, green, red and white with braiding and beads over a skirt. The headdress is a colourful braided turban. The Xhosa people are known for their beautiful beadwork and it forms an important part of women’s traditional clothing. They wear long necklaces of beads, with collars of multi-coloured beads around the neck, as well as beaded arm and ankle bracelets.

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Sepedi Traditional Wedding Dresses In South Africa

Wedding dresses. Wedding dresses Here you will find out the Sepedi Traditional Wedding Dresses Designs Pictures with the Price range because Sepedi wedding has many of the traditions and customs as the whole wedding ceremony is completed in some stages and the occasions starts from sending a letter from the groom family to the bride family to fix a date for the labola negotiation. The Dress I didn t want the traditional Sepedi dress referred to as Hele or the typical modern twist to it. Bridesmaid In Sleeveless Sepedi Flare Dress With Headwrap and White Sneakers. The Wedding Style It was a traditional Sepedi wedding through and through except for my dress which had a modern twist including a veil. See more ideas about African attire African Fashion and African print dresses. South African Lady In Pink Sepedi Inspired Peplum Top and Pants. Tsonga is a tribe in South Africa. Bride looked good in her modern Pedi dress with beaded head