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traditions, it seems that more and more South African black women are leaning towards traditional when choosing a choice of dress for their wedding. Have a look at some of the dresses below that I’ve seen on Instagram. What do you think? Is it yay or nay for traditional dresses? Leave your comments below..


Wow cute African Kids

Taylor’s mom, Kim Morrison, says she started a Facebook page for her daughter to help spread the joy her little one has brought to her but she never expected it to get so big, so quickly.

The Facebook page, Taylor’s “Terrible/Cute Two’s”, which was started earlier this month, has already gained over 20 000 followers and the videos keep racking up views.

Her latest installment shows little Taylor arguing with her mom after she’s been put in the naughty corner. The video which was uploaded two days ago, has already been viewed almost half a million times

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AfricanTraditional Shweshwe Outfits 2019

Shweshwe Sunsets.2019: I started out with broader sashing of shweshwe prints and everything just Modern African Traditional Wedding Dresses 2019 Modern African Traditional Wedding Dresses Best Modern African Traditional Wedding DressesPresent to you today the latest clothes shweshwe . You may also like inspiration board copper & shwe shwe ; local colour styled shoot from the new wedding inspirations magazine; elegant shweshwe mountain shadows. 2019latest african

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Beautiful Shweshwe Traditional Dresses 2019

Beautiful Shweshwe fabric Teddy bears handmade in South Africa…. Africans, its about our cultural heritage. African fashion is about the fabric, this fabric is the way to show the world that they can embrace and love our culture; this unified African print is a symbol and its only right to use this symbol in the most creative way which is turning the fabric into something fascinating and interesting.

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New Stylish shweshwe design in 2019

we’ve got all the trending shweshwe designs. Its about the end of the year and what comes with it is appearance trend. When it comes to shweshwe fashion, Nigerianew  and African designers are so artistic and they accomplish admirable shweshwe aggressive dresses and apparel with ease. The affair with shweshwe fashionistas is that, best bodies don’t apperceive area to get new designs that isn’t common.

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