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Hair influencer Sinovuyo Mondliwa on her journey as a hair enthusiast: ‘I want to create a holistic approach to natural hair care’

Sinovuyo Mondliwa

Sinovuyo Mondliwa talks about natural hair and how you can best take care of it.
Before Instagram allowed lengthy videos and introduced IGTV to the world, Sinovuyo Mondliwa only had a minute to showcase how she took care of her natural hair. She took her Instagram videos, moved them to a YouTube channel and now has over 30 thousand subscribers.

DRUM spoke to the businesswoman about how she has gone about cementing herself as a natural hair enthusiast“What I realised was that I retain the most information when I experience something practically. I developed a better hair care routine when I started going to natural hair salons. I decided to partner with natural hair salons and have my guests experience the treatments and learn what they could do better at home,” the 28-year-old says.Sinovuyo has a business named Love Kinks which started as an idea of a natural hair masterclass in 2016. Her business has now grown into more than that and it is not exactly what one thinks of when they hear about a natural hair care business.

“I want to create a holistic approach to natural hair care. The first and most important step is a mind shift. The second is moisture. If a person moisturises their hair every day and then sleeps on a cotton pillowcase, the cotton drains out moisture from the hair. It was important to me to deal with that overnight moisture retention through supplying satin pillowcases first before introducing any other products. Love Kinks will include other products in future,” she explains.he Butterworth-born woman also gave us the lowdown on how she takes care of her natural hair.

“I currently wash my hair every 1-2 weeks. I make sure that I do a moisture treatment when I wash. I also do the LOC (Liquid-Oil-Cream) method on wash day. On other days I wake up and spray my hair with water. I then asses what my hair needs and add leave in conditioner, oil or cream depending on what my hair needs,” she says.

Majority of South Africans don’t have to physically go to work and are working from home. Sinovuyo shared two ways in which one can nurture their hair during the lockdown period.

· Natural hair twists as a protective style. These allow you to chill in your gown all day and not worry about styling.

· Leaving your hair in its most natural state and length (shrinkage) so it can grow peacefully.

Lockdown is the perfect time to give your hair a breather from all the pulling from braids or styling. Your hair is also something that can be added onto your daily routine list as taking care of your natural hair requires attention and time.

Trendy Black Braided Hairstyles

A single pair of fashionable long cornrows is relatively easy to braid, simply because there isn’t much room for detail and minuscule strand weaving. While wearing corn rows to the office might still rise a bit of debate, two large African-style braids look positively sophisticated and elegant. Two cornrows require a rather luxuriant mane in addition to some initial talent at adopting the traditional female cornrow style into the casual ‘do for a modern woman. 4 big cornrows (braids) look just as stunning; you can get various ornaments depicted on your scalp thanks to the very way you braid your hair. Beautiful decorative elements on the top of one’s head look especially stylish when inspired by countless pictures of world celebrities and beauty bloggers. Feel free to borrow their extraordinary ideas and vivacious attitude in order to find the most beautiful hairstyle for women right there, in the mirror in front of you.

African hairstyles braids 2020

African women can attest to the fact that braids are low in maintenance yet so versatile in terms of styling options. Perhaps what makes braids the ideal African hairstyle is that it’s a protective style meaning that the lack of constant comb and exposure to heat and chemicals provide room for hair growth. With braids, your hair will remain untangled even when you swim or get rained on during a rainy day. Braids will always remain trendy and there so many styles to fit your preference and face shape. Whether you’re attending a formal or casual event,

with the right African hairstyles inspiration you will look your best. Have you ever gone to a salon and come out feeling more beautiful, confident and younger? If you have then it means you always know the latest African hairstyle that complements your face and skin tone. However, choosing the latest African hairstyle is more about using your hair to make a lasting impression. The good news is that African hairstyles especially those that involve braids will never be outdated. Vivid colors on hair will make you selfie ready while short hairstyles are easy to maintain. One way to find the latest hairstyle is to look at celebrities that have the same face shape and hair texture as you. Social media posts also contain a ton of the latest African hairstyles. However, for those who need a quick help then adding bangs, bobs, braids and pixie cuts are here to stay. Hair accessories are also the best way to ensure your hair makes a statement.

Braided Hairstyles for Natural Hair 2020

Have you ever heard about a black braid hairstyle? Do you know which country does it originally belong? A black braid is not just a hairstyle that a smart girl creates to make her trendy among her circle. Instead, it has a great social importance in some parts of the world. A black braid hairstyle is an old form of art. Research shows that it was originated in Egypt as part of Africa’s tribal customs and has been in trend for centuries among African American community. In the past, different sorts of braids mean a symbol of different age group, social status, marital status, religion, power, wealth, and community.

Now African hair braiding has become a common fashion among all from movie stars to artists to college girls to singers. It proves that there must have something special on them. The interesting thing is that there is a great variety of it; microbraids, Ghana braids, cornrows, Marley twists, fishtail braids, blocky braids, twist braids, tree braids, hair bands, and French braids are few to name. Do you know the fact that black braids are most searched hairstyles on the internet? The hair braiding is suitable for both long and short hair and both everyday use and special events. Natural perm and hair thickness are the biggest plus points.

Fabulous Ghana Weaving Styles 2020

Ghana weaving is a very popular way to style your hair that has now spread way beyond its original location and is loved by ladies all around Africa. Nigerian Ghana weaving styles, also known as banana braids or cornrows, are rocked both by fashionistas and celebrities all around the world. If you’ve always wanted to try this style, here is a complete guide to Ghana weaving 2019.As it’s clear from the name of this hairstyle, ghana weaving hairstyle 2017 originated in Ghana. This type of braids has a very specific method that requires hair to be braided super closely to the scalp using a special upward motion to form rows and changing the shape and thickness of each row by increasing or decreasing the amount of hair being used. Although Ghana weaving hairstyles are often referred to as cornrows, there is a very important difference, as Ghana braids are worn exclusively by women, while cornrows can be often seen on men as well.

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