Not Nhlamulo triggering his mother #etvNot Nhlamulo triggering his mother #etvScandal

Nhlamulo backtracks on a promise and Vuvu pushes for a confession. Mdala is taken aback by what Jojo’s been up to. Chillax’s big spenders for the day are surprising customers.
Tuesday 20 February 2024
Episode 233

Families slip further into a black hole with no hope of ever seeing the light. The sun shines as bright as Jojo’s currency. Business woes turn to gains for an injured worker.
Wednesday 21 February 2024
Episode 234
Tensions rise when a man refuses to face the unthinkable. Jojo is unsettled by an indecent business proposal. Now that money is within reach, it’s celebrations all around for Taps and Jakes.
Thursday 22 February 2024
Episode 235
Feeling his mother’s scrutiny, Nhlamulo agrees to a meeting but issues an unthinking reprimand. A conflict of interest is brewing at Uthuli Waste. Jackie has a ‘meet-cute’ with a familiar ‘sugar-daddy’.
Friday 23 February 2024
Episode 236
Nhlamulo’s worst fears are starting to materialize. Tankiso is forced to make a compromise she is not happy about. Embroidered lies make Jackie think that she has hit the jackpot.
Monday 26 February 2024
Episode 237
A father plagued by what ifs makes a decision to find out if his world is going to be ripped apart. A good man makes a bad decision, which is witnessed. A young woman has conflicted feelings around an older man.
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Couple Luyanda Zwane and Sparky Xulu trends for the 14-year age gap

Celebrity couple Luyanda Zwane and Sparky Xulu’s 14-year age difference became a social media craze.

Musa Khawula took to X to attack actor Sparky Xulu for dating Luyanda Zwane, who is 14 years younger than him.


Zwane stated on Instagram that she was 20 on February 7, although Xulu is apparently 34.While it is unknown when they started dating, the couple initially appeared together on BET’s serial, Redemption, and moved in together early this year.Fans of the The Estate actor also lambasted Khawula’s critiques, reminding him that Xulu is not committing a crime by dating Zwane because she is above 18.

Social media reacts to Musa Khawula’s post
@messenger_iam: “Nothing wrong here. But but that huge age diffrence might come with certain disadvantages. She will want to play and the knees of the madala will say no, no.”@Mfoka_Mlangeni: “This has been going on for ages. I am not moved by it. Most girls i used to be in the same class with got married a long time ago to older guys, immediately after we got out of high school.”

@mannaxrn: “No one is talking about how traditionally, younger woman typically married older men. I feel like as much as there are disadvantages, there are also advantages. It’s easier to submit to someone who is older and gender roles are clearly outlined.”

“I’m grateful I came out alive!” – says Natasha Thahane after breaking up with Thembinkosi Lorch.

Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch shocked the nation when they announced their “amicable” breakup. While the couple never made their relationship public, they hinted at it in a number of postings over the previous few years. In 2022, the couple welcomed a baby boy into the world, whose face they have yet to unveil.

In 2022, Lorch was found guilty of abusing his ex-girlfriend, Fundiswa Nokuphiwa Mathithibala.Many people have wondered if his relationship with Thahane was likewise abusive.Especially after Thahane posted some clips from US artist Rihanna’s interview in which she addressed Chris Brown’s assault on her Instagram.


On February 22, 2024, Natasha Thahane took to her Instagram with another shocking post that left fans convinced that the young star was indeed a victim of abuse. The Blood and Water actress shows being grateful that she came out alive, and fans are so pointed fingers that she is talking about her relationship with Lorch.Some social media users said that Lorch dumped Thahane so that he could get his Mamelodi Sundowns transfer money. Chris Excel, a popular X user, commented, “You can see our brother Lorch has been planning his decision for a long, long time… just that Khoza’s salary was insufficient.”

Social media reacts to Natasha’s: “I’m grateful I came out alive!” post
@Sandiso__: Nthe fact that she keeps explaining herself, say a lot about been hurt that our boi chose peace over beauty… Again Gents it’s me… speaking on your behalf Your happiness comes first King… date her, once she no long serve you peace, cheat on her with a girl that is hotter than her… then let her be the “hot baby mama”

@Sphe____:Someone said sexual allegations loading they were not wrong, I see it too

@BraStoveDieMahn: Am starting to think Satan is a woman that’s why Lord Christ never had women as his disciples.

“She better start calling you daddy”—Mixed reactions to Kairo Forbes calling Murdah Bongz by his real name

Murdah Bongz shared a video on his Instagram page. Kairo Forbes and baby Asante were also in the video, but what caught people’s attention is that in the video, Kairo called Murdah Bongz by his name.


People commented on the video and said that Kairo should call him Uncle Bongani instead of calling him by his name. However others said that people arw raised differently and it does not mean that she doesn’t respect him if she calls him by name because everyone’s background and upbringing is different.

Some also said that their relationship will evolve and she will start calling whatever she is comfortable with. People also said that it doesn’t matter what you call a person but how you treat them. Murdah Bongz also does not seem to have a problem with it because he posted the video.Mixed reactions to Kairo calling Murdah Bongz by name
People must just leave Kairo alone honestly. Haibo. Let the child be. Own race, own pace.

kids call us the way they are comfortable with. Both my kids call me by my name they don’t even make a mistake of saying mama at all so bongane is still cool that his name at the end of the day😍

I am not saying she shouldn’t. I mean her not saying it doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect him

Get to know Velaphi from Isitha:the Enemy

Kwanda Sazi Manyathi is a 21-year-old South African actor, dancer, and musician. He was born in 2003 in Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal. Manyathi is well recognized for portraying a character named Velaphi on Isitha.

Manyathi is the first born in his family followed by 3 sisters. His both parents were present when he grew up even until now. One of his parent, his Mom was not available all the time. He could only see her during the weekends or holidays.




Most of the time, he was with his father and grandmother. By spending more time in the care of his father, he learned a lot from him. He learned that he should take care of his family. Also, he considered his grandmother his mom because, when his mother was not there, his grandmother played a role as a mother.Kwanda attended high school at Mafumbuka High school, C section in Umlazi where he obtained his matric certificate. After finishing his matric in 2019, he couldn’t further his studies because he didn’t have a birth certificate. This happened because his mother didn’t have one in possession which resulted in him not having one and his siblings. Luckily in 2020, he managed to get his birth certificate. Kwanda is looking forward to further his studies in the near future.

Every parent had a dream for their children, just like Kwanda’s parents had dreams for their son to pursue. They wanted him to become a lawyer but Kwanda was passionate about acting. He grew up loving soccer but failed to continue due to the lack of support from his family. His passion for acting began when he was in High school doing grade 10. While doing grade 10 he chose to do drama instead of science.In 2019, he began getting involved in theater productions, including Intuba US Development, where he was a freelancer until 2021. Kwanda also worked with Brightness Production in 2021 on the show All About Music at Durban Playhouse. They were playing William Shakespeare in the Zulu version. During the time he was in theater, he worked alongside Sphesihle Mchunu, Sanele Khoza and others.

In 2022, he was cast in The Black Door, where he played a supporting role as Velaphi. Velaphi was born as a result of rape. This led Velaphi to get involved with bad friends. He started to smoke and steal. After The Black Door got cancelled, he joined Isitha. The enemy also portrays the character Velaphi.