Skeem Saam actress who plays Eunice recently posted a picture with her mother leaving everyone speechless. People were blown away by how beautiful

Skeem Saam actress who plays Eunice recently posted a picture with her mother leaving everyone speechless. People were blown away by how beautiful they both looked, and someone even mentioned that they look similar almost like twins. See her post below and people’s reactions aswell;




Oratile Maitisa is a South African actress popularly known for her role on Skeem Saam as Eunice. She was born on the 1st of March 1999 in a township called Seshego, Zone 1 in the Limpopo province. Oratile is currently 22 years old as of 2021. She is definitely a talented young woman who has done well for herself at such a young age.

Oratile is a young soul who is making it big in the entertainment industry of South Africa as a telenovela actress.

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Nonzi From Scandal: Check Out Her Age & Pictures Of Her Offset

One of the most exciting characters currently on Scandal. Her character is very educational especially for men who think that they are smarter than their wives.

She appeared on the soap opera after Zinzile and Mlungisi’s marriage faced difficulties and she moved to their backroom as a tenant. Zinzile went back home and Nonzi saw it as an opportunity to sweep Mlungisi off his feet by seducing him.

It didn’t take long for her to take Mlungisi and move to the main house by making sure that she gets rid of Zinzile for good. Now that she has won Mlungisi over, viewers are excited to see what will happen between Nonzi and Mlungisi.

Most viewers can relate to the storyline because is something that happens in real life. You find people being happily married and end up cheating on each other but one cant forgive and decided to move on with their lives.

Not knowing that the grass is not greener on the other side. Clearly Nonzi doesn’t love Mlungisi, she loves what Mlungisi has and the biggest asset she wants from him is his house which Lindiwe, helped to buy.

Women like Nonzi have no conscious whatsoever and they’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want from men even if using dark magic.

This will teach Mlungisi that he is not smarter than he thinks he is, and that there’s always consequences for your actions and unfortunately for him, not only will he lose his wife and kids but he will also lose his house and the money he got from his previous job.

Viewers hope that men are watching this storyline and actually learning a thing or two about how dangerous most women are out there and that they will stop at nothing to get what they want from you.

Reasons Why We Should Look Up To Women Like Ayanda Ncwane. Women’s Month Exclusive. Opinion.

We all know Ayanda Ncwane as the wife of the late Mr. Ncwane, and some of us came to know a little bit more about her from The Real Housewives of Durban reality show that aired on



our screens not so long ago.

However, this woman is a lot more than a wife, she is an actress, singer, businesswoman, and a model. And I personally belief that we can learn a lot from her.

To take you a little bit back. Ayanda was born and raised in the rural region of Ndwedwe by her grandmother, and due to the fact that both of her parents were always busy she did everything for Ayanda. From an early age Ayanda loved and did drama, sang opera, did a lot of farming, and also was a girl scout. Then she proceeded to do her matric at Nombika High School, Endwedwe.

Success is not built over-night, we all start somewhere and so did Mrs. Ncwane. She then decided to pursue her interest in modelling. She entered competitions such as Miss Teen Durban, until finally she won the tittle Miss Teen South Africa. However, since she had moved to the city of Johannesburg, her life was not going according to plan. She had to makes means of putting food on the table and did so by working part-time as waitress while doing auditions whenever she had an opportunity.

Doing auditions paid off because at some point she was an extra on Generations, Isidingo, and Mzanzi. Following these exciting times in her life, she met Mr. Ncwane, and also birthed Ncwane Women’s Carnival that provides avenue for businesswomen around Durban.

Fast forward, now Ayanda was married to the late Mr. Ncwane who unfortunately passed due to kidney problems. He left Ayanda with two children, Ngcwedi and Mawenza.

To this day Ayanda has not completely moved on, she also published a book called “For The Love Of Sfiso Ncwane”. But in the mist of it all she has done a great job for herself and her children. She lost her mother, and still rose again. She got her family, friends, and fans to keep it moving.

If there is one thing we should learn from this beautiful woman is to belief in ourselves and our dreams. Create goals and smash them. Above all else, trust in God and what he has in store for us.

‘This Is What Is Going To Happen To Mamba & Gorbachev On Scandal

With the recent events where Mamba has Gorbachev tied up to a chair in his laundry room, blood soaked and bruised while Mamba is threatening to kill and hurt Gorbachev for deceiving him all these years the viewers are in for a surprise with much uncertainty about how things are going to turn out in the following days.

Many have seen the highlights of what will happen and this did not give them enough details about who is going to die in the coming episodes, the viewers are glued to their screen with anticipation for more dropping like saliva at the end of each episode – leaving them wanting more than what can be brought to the screens in a mere 30-minute episode.

Pearl Modiadie rocks for gym rocking the latest Nike sneaker fashion leaving fans astounded.

Later in 2015, she joined 9 other big name candidates chasing for the top spot in the series ‘Stringently Come Moving’. She ultimately went into an association with proficient artists among them Award Esterhuizen.


Ms Modiadie acted in Embarrassment as Kefilwe Malope, and one thing I love about Pearl is her design taste, which mixes impeccably with her field of work.

She is an excellent lady who has propelled such countless youngsters . She is additionally accessible via online media stages like Instagram and on her most recent post she imparted to fans some astonishing photos of her wearing the most recent Gym style rocking the latest Nike sneaker which left numerous astounded in Mzansi .

We would all be able to take in something from her and I trust you appreciated finding out about her if it’s not too much trouble, as , share and generously leave remarks .

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