Sebenzile from Imbewu is a Joyous Celebration Singer

Mabusi Shezi is a South African personality who dominates the country’s entertainment scene. Most people may know her as an actress, thanks to her amazing acting skills. But, what most people might not know is that she is also a singer.







Mabusi Shezi is a fan favourite for various reasons. She is one of the most talented singers and actresses in Mzansi. Secondly, she is one of the most exquisite dressers in the country, and she has stunned multitudes at events with her chic fashion sense.As soon as she starts gracing our screens, the actress attracts a huge following. It will therefore come as a surprise to her fans to know that Mabusi Shezi is actually a gospel singer in real life. His celestial voice continues to make the masses’ spiritual journey a smooth sail.

The joyous celebration singer dropped a couple of songs and made notable features in the year 2018 through 2019

Her singing career is really at the top of the roof, and she makes some money from her social media. Shezi also has earnings coming in from Amazon and Apple Music that cannot be overlooked. Her newly found niche seems to be paying off, as Imbewu fans have been nothing but receptive. With all this going on, she is worth $150,000, and that’s just the beginning.She has already made her mark in the music panorama and here she is again to make a statement in the acting game. Her celestial voice touches many souls. The Joyous Celebration singer is also trying her magic in the acting panorama.

The songstress accurately portrays the saying, ‘black women do not crack.’ She has been serving face goals for ages, which has made most people curious about her age. Although the songstress looks like she is in her twenties, she is surprisingly 38 years old! She was born on 1 September 1985.

Fans have been drooling whenever Shezi uploads a picture on her Instagram or attends an event due to her curvy figure. The one thing evident from all her pictures is that she is ageing backwards!

Question and Answers with Gaisang Noge

Question and Answers with Gaisang Noge

What do you think your superpower is?
I can make people happy. I know how to make people smile and feel warm inside. I bring peace to people — I’m actually a light to many.What makes you a legend of tomorrow?
I own my craft and put my heart on my sleeve whenever I am on screen. I believe that will be admired and applauded in the near future.





What makes you a cultural disruptor in your industry?
I’m enchanting and resilient.What three things have you learnt about yourself thus far in the acting industry?
That I’m a fighter, even in my silence. I’m a good discerner of people’s energies, and can look at the positives despite the chaos that might be happening.How have you reacted to the backlash about being cast as Naledi in The Wife?
I won’t lie, the comments are quite hurtful. People can’t look past the character that they expected me to be or look like in terms of my body. Growing up, I went through a difficult journey — I was the chubby girl who was just cute.

Take us through that journey?
In tertiary, I lost all the weight, but people who knew me would always throw “skinny” comments at me. Now I’m on TV playing a role people don’t think I fit into because I’m not fat enough. It makes me quite sad, because no matter what you do, you can never satisfy people in how you look.What’s that one thing we don’t know about you?
My father is Dosto Noge. He’s best known for being a television presenter on SABC1’s Selimathunzi. He’s such a warm dad and a huge motivation, seeing that I’ve also embarked on an entertainment career, just like him.

Lamiez Holworthy accused of be ating husband Khuli Chana.

Lamiez Holworthy allegedly assaults her husband Khuli Chana.The South African DJ and radio presenter turned 32 years old on Wednesday; she was celebrated by her husband, fans, colleagues, and supporters.



Lamiez made headlines on her birthday as she celebrated a major milestone.However, the controversial gossiper, Musa Khawula wrote a taunting caption to celebrate DJ Lamiez’s birthday.

“Lamiez Holworthy who beats the crap out of her husband Khuli Chana celebrates her 32nd birthday,” he wrote.The tweet garnered lots of reactions as many people believed that the couple are one of South Africa’s power couple who live by example.

Social media reacts to Musa Musa Khawula’s post
“I feel sorry for Chana, he will man up,” a tweep reacted to the revelation.

“Do you have evidence of Lamiez moering Khuli Chana, phela that’s a whole GBV case. Gents stop dating above your height or else you’ll become a victims of GBV,” another user wrote.

“Ey, her hubby is a wimp. When a woman hits you, you hit back 10 times as hard. She’ll think twice before attempting to disrespect you next time,” reads a comment.Despite all the accusations South African rapper Khuli Chana recently showered his wife Lamiez Holworthy with love on her birthday.The star shared a heartfelt post on Instagram wishing his wifey the happiest 32nd birthday.

He wrote:
Happy birthday to my Vogueing Queen, my Wife, MmaBanake, my best friend and my biggest BLESSING.Thank you for shining your light in my life @lamiez_holworthy. I love you Wamzie

Shortly after Khuli Chana shared the heartfelt post on social media, many netizens flooded his comment section to wish his wife a happy birthday.

Azwi Rambuda Litelu embraces her journey into motherhood

Muvhango actress Azwi Rambuda Litelu embraces parenthood with joy.
The lead actress in Muvhango made her pregnancy formally known about two months ago. She went to a game reserve and posed next to an elephant for her reveal.Azwi, who looked great in a white summer dress, touched her stomach to reveal the bump. Her husband took part in the photo shoot as well. The actress, model, and businesswoman made the official pregnancy announcement in her post, even though it was obvious that she was expecting.




Her bundle of joy is here, and the family is more than excited. On her first post about the baby, Azwi revealed that it was a boy. This is their second son, as Azwi and her husband already have a boy. She also thanked God for the precious gift. On some posts, it is evident that daddy is hands on and considerate, as he sometimes takes the baby, so that mommy can rest. Most importantly she is a breastfeeding mom, as proven by her recent post. We can’t wait for mommy to show off the face as well as share the name of her adorable prince.

Pregnancy and motherhood are experiences that often redefine a woman’s life in countless ways.There’s an intense magic in the act of nursing a child—a moment where the world seems to slow down and the bond between mother and baby deepens.For Azwi Rambuda Litelu, known for her role on Muvhango, her experience has become a cornerstone of her journey into motherhood.In the chaos of sleepless nights and endless baby bottles, Azwi finds herself immersed in a world where each moment is inspired with profound meaning and joy.Taking to Instagram, she shared numerous pictures and videos of herself and her son.It seems like the cast of Muvhango had babies this year, as Inno Manchidi and her husband, Mpho, also gave birth to a baby girl in April.

In January, Botswana-born actress Angela Atlang, known for her role as Itseng Motsamai in the SABC2 Muvhango soap opera, announced her pregnancy.

Skeem Saam actress Gontse Ntshegang on her career.

Gontse Ntshegang has come a long way since she used to feel awkward on stage.The 41-year-old actress from Phalane, Ramokokastad in the North West, told the Daily Sun that the performing arts have taught her to be clear, vulnerable, and to deal with personal issues.“I nearly gave up on my studies but my teacher at the National School of the Arts stopped me.“I recited a poem about death and applied all the emotions to my dead father Daniel Ntshegang.I told my teacher I loved my father very much and cared about him. She told me to focus on those feelings,” she said.



Gontse then studied drama at Wits University, where she met Xoli Norman, Kgafela oa Magogudi, and Tsepo wa Mamatu. “They sharpened my skills and took my acting to another level. They taught me to respect human beings while acting space at the same time.”

Gontse played various roles at Wits and then went to the Market Theatre, where she acted with James Ngcobo and had her first starring role.“I was in The Lion and the Jewel where I played five characters and worked with artists such as Sello Maake Ka-Ncube, Fezile Mpela and Nthati Moshesh.” she said

The play opened doors for her TV roles in Scandal, Rhythm City and Muvhango.Currently she ortraying Rathebe on Skeem Saam and viewers are loving her acting skills.

Gontse has just finished a Dutch series based on Nigerian politics and is also is a part-time acting teacher. She is also a voice-over artist.She’s proud to have worked with international stars like William Hurt.She said people should follow the message from their souls.