Get to know Inno Morolong’s new Zimbabwean prophet boyfriend Tapiwa Munyuki

A few days ago, Inno Morolong hogged the headlines when she was involved in a car accident in which she escaped death by a whisker. However, the bubbly actress has since been discharged and living large with her boyfriend. It is undoubtedly a shocker to many that she is in a relationship, given her social media scandals.

The bubbly club host was once rumored to be in a relationship with Femi Large, who happens to be Nigerian, but alas, she has since moved on. Morolong was spotted with his Zimbabwean entrepreneur and man of the oath, Tapiwa Munyuki.

Club Hostess Inno Morolong

The Zimbabwean man of oath who doubles as a businessman mogul. Munyuki happens to be a celebrated CEO in his own right. He also doubles as the President and founder of Eagles Champions Centre based in Limpopo.



Get to know Inno Morolong’s new Zimbabwean prophet boyfriend Tapiwa Munyuki

He is a celebrated author who has written several books, including The Storm Is Over. As a man of an oath, he has managed to keep his private life under wraps. However, the rumor mill has it that he has fat pockets, and that’s why he has been dating some IT girls of late who settle for the soft life.

Musa Khawula revealed the news of Inno dating Munyuki after the Khawula shared a series of pictures getting cozy whilst on vacation. Inno topped the trends not so long ago after sharing a series of pictures and videos of gifts she had received from his boyfriend.

Whilst in the midst of fixing the puzzle Musa Khawula did justice. Taking it to Twitter, Musa Khawula tweeted:

Have you met Inno Morolong’s boyfriend, Tapiwa Munyuki, whom she’s currently on vacation with?

However, one daring Twitter user dropped a bombshell when he revealed that Munyuki was allegedly seeing another man despite being with Inno. The tweet opened a can of worms that need the two to address.

Is Durban Gen actress Nondumiso Jozana’s Nurse Shweni’s husband Siqu Zungu a criminal?

Nurse Shweni has been serving us serious goals when it comes to fashion since she debuted her role in Durban Gen. However, after her business empire and luxurious lifestyle were revealed, it turned out that in real life. This was all thanks to her husband, who spoils her rotten, and the actress did not reveal who he was; most people knew she was Mrs. Zungu, but his first name was kept a secret.




Today entertainment blogger Musa Khawula took to his Twitter page to share the identity of Nondumiso Jozana’s husband. According to him, the husband’s name is Siqu Zungu, a well-known rich man in Durban primarily for his businesses and wealth. The two have been married for several years now and live in a mansion with an expensive fleet of cars.

Siqu Zungu doing charity

Siqu Zungu is always in the news as he is always making headlines whenever he gives to the poor. Since 2014 he has been well known for giving back to his community and other areas around South Africa. He is a well-known tenderpreneur who has been granted many tenders by the government. With the tenders, he built a vast business empire to create employment and make more money.

Is Nondumiso Jozana’s husband Siqu Zungu a criminal?

Nondumiso Jozana

The word on the street is that Mr. Zungu is a criminal. He is said to apply for tenders and use the funds in the wrong way. It is not clear if this businessman is dodgy as he has not been arrested for any illegal business dealings in the past. However, this has not stopped Tweeps from running their mouths and claiming that his business is shady and dodgy.

Some tweeps have claimed that the Durban Gen actress has taken notes from Buhle Samuels, who is rumored to have married a gangster. However, others say Nondumiso was married years before the other actress was, and her husband is not flashy on social media.

AKA ‘s ex Bonang Matheba stole the show dressed in an enchantingly elegant outfit in a recent post

There is no doubt in my mind that Bonang Matheba is the best female televison personality of all time in the South African media and entertainment industry.

Bonang is a vivacious and bubbly media personality who has an impeccable style in televison presenting and this has contributed to her getting casted to host some of the biggest and most stupendous shows on South African televison such as award shows.

She is also the voice of many brands and she is gifted with a powerful commanding voice suitable in her line of work .

She has also graced the airwaves once upon a time on the biggest commercial radio station by the SABC , Metro FM where she had a very huge listenership.

Bonang is a major player in the media and entertainment landscape of South Africa and she has worked her way up to the top through constistency , passion , drive , determination and creativity.

She is a decorated media personality who is constantly challenging herself to be the best in a what is essentially a highly competitive industry.

She is the pioneer woman in media and she gets better each and every time for she is a go getter , trend setter and a force that knows no boundaries.

She is also a master at the art of multi tasking , she is extremely versatile , creative and this has contributed to much needed success to her media career.

Bonang is an award winning televison host who has hosted the Metro awards , MTV awards (African ) and so much more.

She is also a stylist , fashion designer and a decorated fashionista who has a sophisticated taste in fashion with an impressively impeccable sense of style.

She is also a brand ambassador , social media influencer , voice over artist , occasional actress and simply an international super star who is making Mzansi very proud with her remarkable elegance.

In a recent lnstagram post dressed in a gleaming red carpet light pink outfit , Bonang stole the show in the impeccably enchanting outfit.

Here were the comments for the post.

What led to Zahara ‘s financial loss

The headlines l read recently appauled me to a point of misery , l could not comprehend how one of the most successful Afro pop singers of our time in South Africa is bankrupt to a point where the bank wants to take her house.






I am referring to Zahara , who is a platinum record selling artist who has sold records and tickets at an astronomical level and she had a huge endorsement deal with an international brand through her pronouncing influence and fame gained from her mesmerizing singing.

Zahara ‘s journey is a touching and motivational story , she came from nothing and fought her way up through her talent of singing and she became one of the best singing sensations this country has ever seen.

Zahara was once one of the most played artists on the airwaves and she she has released some classics that still linger in our hearts such as ‘Loliwe’ and so many more.

Now it doesn’t make sense at all for her to file for bankruptcy after all the success she has had over the years in her singing career.

In my view l think Zahara was reckless with her income , she didn’t not make any investment and she simply partied her money away for she is also known to have had a drinking problem so perhaps that led to her downfall and it’s a shame.

Artists should be given a mandatory class on how to manage their finances and how to also spend their money wisely so that they don’t end up in the tabloids filing for bankruptcy like in Zahara ‘s case.

I hope she will be able to bounce back from this and that she has confronted her demons to a point where they will not bring her down ever again.

What’s your take on Zahara ‘s story ? Please share your thoughts, views and comments. Also like and share page, thanks for reading.

Fans cannot stop talking about Gogo Skhothenis recent post of her daughter Liyana Shange.

The following short article that you are about to read is about the amazing incredible South African cute little princess called Liyana Shange, Gogo Skhothenis daughter, you can go ahead and share your own opinion in the comment section below, share this short article with others as well, like it also and please do not forget to follow me for more upcoming daily short articles like this one.

Gogo Skhotheni recently posted a picture of her cute daughter Liyana and Mzansi people cannot stop talking about it, this was her post below :



As you saw from the pictures above, she is is cute and Mzansi people just like how happy she always is on her pictures, people cannot stop talking about how cute she is, they said a lot of adorable comments about her, these were the comments below:

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