House of Zwide, Faith finally tells the truth.

We have a lot of great telenovela’s that Olay every week and we always make sure that we watch them all the time as they are the ones that are keeping up entertained.


House of Zwide is definitely one of those soapies and it is currently on the second second season and it is bringing nothing but a lot of suspense and drama as well.

People have been waiting for so long for Funane to finally find the truth about his long lost daughter and towards the end of season one that is when the whole truth was aired.

Now Faith is facing charges and she is also being hunted by Funane’s late wife even in day light and we are happy to see that finally the whole truth will be said.

Funani’s late wife is hunting and making sure that Faith tells the truth to the whole family.

On this week’s episode Faith will tell the truth because she is so desperate to make Funane’s late wife’s ghost to stop hunting her.

Connie Ferguson gifts her little sister with Le Creuset casseroles and plates.

Connie Ferguson gifts her little sister with Le Creuset casseroles and plates.

As a big sister it is your job to be there for your siblings. To protect them and support them throughout their dreams. They see you as a deputy parent which means they look up to and see as your their role model. It is a big role but it is worth it.





Connie Ferguson is a mother, sister, boss, grandmother and many more. Many people in the industry look up to them. She’s been in the industry for many years and has inspired many people for her acting skills and being humble. The way she’s influential, she has influenced many people when it comes to acting.

Her sister celebrated her birthday days back and her big sister bought her plates and all. Her little sister Astosia loves cooking so much that she even cooks for her. She shared her present gushing over her. This is a beautiful gift and very expensive.

Unathi Left Mzansi Talking After She Shows Off Her Gorgeous Body. See Before & After Weight Loss

The South African media personality Unathi Nkayi left everyone talking in after she posted her gorgeous amd stunning body. Mzansi has been sending their love after seeing her beautiful body. She have worked very hard to get to where she is.

The Idols SA Unathi recently took it to her social media page where she posted her beautiful pictures. The television presenter I happy with her body body. She left her fans and followe6kniw that it’s possible to loss weight where there is no hope.

Unathi has told hr fans how she was Criticized and mocked erase she was having a stretch marks in her waist and other part of her body. She has always wished to have beautiful and gorgeous body goal that can allow her to wear bikini anyone she want.

Unathi was once fat and chubby like many celebrities but she choose to join gym to loss weight. She revealed that it’s was not easy road as some people keep on dragging her name in social media. Unathi has explained how she couldn’t lift or rest her arm in bed because she was used. She said since she join @africology_sa she has managed to stay healthy as she keeps moving and setting her goal.

Unathi is proud today as she keeps looking at herself. Her confidence is now insane as she continues to glow. She is happy that her stretch marks, weight and cellulite is now gone.

take a look at some of her pictures and how she once looked like before she loss weight. What do you think of her recent pictures. Please share your thoughts and views. Don’t forget to like and follow our page for more latest news.

Get To Know Pearl Modiadie And See Her

Pearl Modiadie and her past sweetheart Nathaniel Oppenheimer commended their child’s most important birthday party in style, uncovering his appearance unusually.

Pearl, who is known for her mysterious, took to online media all through the week’s finish to share different photographs and records from kid Olivier Lewatle’s most essential birthday good times.

All during that time’s end, Pearl and Nathaniel, who split up last year, rejoined as one huge exuberant family for two birthday celebrations.











The couple praised the birthday adolescent’s most vital birthday merriment with a singular blue and white themed festivity with their close by family.

“It really takes a town to raise a young, and today my little town came through for me in a basic manner,” she posted on Instagram.

“My sisters Dambuza and Tebo did the style and diversion, my uncle did the butchering, my dad watched out for the precursors, my companion Nombuso went about as picture taker and gatekeeper, cousins and aunties managed the cooking and umqombothi, a family companion warmed the birthday cake, and my kin brought the children out to see Lewatle with kid daddy and I…it was simply perfect…”

Denise Zimba and Lorna Maseko were among the prodigies who went to the subsequent festival, which had a safari subject.

“My brief was to make a ‘boho great safari experience…’

Much appreciation to you for being a piece of my child’s most important birthday merriment party and for making it so huge. He is a tremendous creature dear and appreciates inflatables, so this was an ensured joy for him!” “, Pearl wrote in the etching of one of her Instagram photos.

“@pearlmodiadie,” Zimba perceived Pearl. You’ve done it! Great on appearing at one of life’s different basic achievements with your beguiling child kid. You are a puzzling mother, with a wonderful soul and an awe inspiring heart.”

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Makhadzi Shared Her Favourite Breakfast Meal And It’s Not What People Expected

One of the most famous individuals in the world shared a picture of the meal she had just cooked for herself on social media, and the comments area quickly became a heated debate.




Aside from being a platinum-selling artist, Makhadzi is also a young, successful, and black businesswoman. She has millions of Rands in the bank, but as she recently proved on Twitter, it doesn’t mean she’s going to change her splurging ways. She published a snapshot of a breakfast she made herself on Twitter, which consisted solely of hard porridge and scrambled eggs, but people believed that because she is Makhadzi and is now in the UK, she would be eating an exquisite breakfast from a five-star hotel.

This is done so that people’s food intake is not based on their financial circumstances. Still, they eat because they like doing so. Those who, say, enjoy kota will keep doing so even if they go on to earn a million dollars at work or university.

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