Happy 12th wedding anniversary to Salamina and Tshepo ‘Howza’ Mosese.

Salamina and Tshepo “Howza” Mosese are one of Mzansi’s most loved couples and their love story is one that has inspired many. The couple will be celebrating 12 years of marriage and have two children are never shy to share about certain details about their union but have managed to keep the ins and outs of their marriage out of the public eye.ربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏‏٢‏ شخصان‏ 

Ahead of the birth of their second child, the couple had an interview with Bona magazine, and they shared more on the conversation they had on the type of marriage they both wanted.

I had been playing what I thought was a traditional role of a wife and I was miserable. Talking about this was very important because we created a marriage that made sense to us.


In a past interview with I Do magazine, Salamina shared that she and her husband have grown to learn how to treat each other whenever they face finance issues within their marriage.

“Money has been a difficult issue in our marriage in the past. There have been times when we were both out of work, or when one of us didn’t have money. It is the nature of our industry. We had to learn to be gentle with each other and to keep reminding ourselves that we didn’t get married because of money but to make a life together.

“It is important to me as Tshepo’s wife, to make him comfortable during periods when he isn’t working, and to be mature enough to manage my expectations of him,” said Salamina

Salamina and Howza will be the first guests on the second season of “Celebrated Love”, which will be broadcast on SABC3.

The love and relationship show will feature various Mzansi couples such as Clint and Steffi Brink Siba and Brian Mtongana and Emo Adams and wife Michelle Gildenhuys-Adams.

Howza and Salamina practically grew up in front of Mzansi audiences, with Howza falling in love with his leading lady even before they met in person.

The actors meet when they met when they both were cast on e.tv’s Backstage and sparks flew and 12 years later they are still going strong.

Salamina shared a clip of their upcoming episode on Celebrated love and invited her fans and followers to tune in and take a walk down memory lane with her and husband.

“Wow!! Can’t believe it has been 12 years already. And with our anniversary coming up in a couple of days, we are inviting you to take a walk down memory lane with us,” wrote Salamina.

Cassper Nyovest gets real: ‘Growing up comes with a different kind of patience’

Cassper Nyovest opens up about patience.Cassper Nyovest opens up about patience.
Image: Via Instagram/Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest took to Twitter this week to drop pearls of wisdom about growing up, saying there is a certain kind of patience that he has nurtured over the past few years.

When our boy Cass isn’t boxing his way through the TL, he is imparting his years of wisdom to young and aspiring fans.

The Any Minute Now star took to Twitter, as usual, to drop some food for thought for his followers.

Cassper said that with age comes the patience to apologise, sometimes even if you know you are right.

“Growing up comes with a different kind of patience. The kind of patience that allows you to apologise even when you know that you’re 100% right, because you value your peace, your time and your words,” he tweeted.The star has often dropped philosophies on relationships.

Last year in a series of tweets, he let fans know why he keeps his personal life private.

“A private life is the best life. You don’t have to put your business out there. (Go) nuts and live your best life in private and let them think you’re struggling kante that time! Sereng!” said Cassper.

Halala, Cassper! We stan a wise king!

New mom Pearl Modiadie thanks SA for outpouring of love

Media personality Pearl Modiadie is thankful for all the support she has received.Media personality Pearl Modiadie is thankful for all the support she has received.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Modiadie
New mommy Pearl Modiadie has thanked friends and fans for the overwhelming amount of love and support she received after the birth of her baby.

Spring is the season of allergies and star babies. And with all the new moms excited to start their journeys of motherhood, we can’t help but send them our best wishes.

Presenter Pearl took to Twitter this week, grateful for the well-wishers who have sent her all the best to embark on her new journey.

“I’m deeply appreciative of every single one of your messages of support and well wishes. My heart is bursting with gratitude for my new chapter and I’m happy to have shared the news with you,” tweeted Pearl.The star has shared some moments of her pregnancy with us, and has often reminded us of the beauty of motherhood.

A few months ago, she announced her pregnancy and the response was all love from the Twitterverse.

She described being with child as her “biggest blessing” and opened up about how she has to stay strong for her baby.

“When there’s so much happening around you, but you’ve got to remain positive and calm because you have another life whose wellbeing you’re responsible for,” she tweeted.

Three times Mzansi left celebs to defend themselves against American Twitter

Lasizwe was left for dead and at the mercy of American Twitter.Lasizwe was left for dead and at the mercy of American Twitter.
Image: Via Lasizwe’s Instagram
If we thought Mzansi Twitter is brutal, American Twitter will come at you with guns blazing and soaring eagles. One mildly problematic statement about their beloved celebrities and your Twitter career is #Over.

Though we respect each other’s lanes, sometimes there is a pile up in the intersection. When both sides of the world collide in an all-out Twitter war, SA often abandons our rich and famous.

Here are three times Mzansi left our celebrities high and dry, at the mercy of “Murican” Twitter!

When Anele Mdoda came for Kelly Rowland

Who would come for a member of Destiny’s Child? Radio host Anele, of course!

The star landed in hot water after saying that Kelly Rowland doesn’t look good without make-up.

After media personality Sizwe Dhlomo tweeted “Kelly Rowland could low-key be the best looking one in DC (Destiny Child)”, Anele responded in a now-deleted tweet attacking Kelly’s looks.

She said Kelly only “looks amazing with make-up”, adding that she had “receipts”.

Not too long after Mzansi called out the star, the Americans got hold of her comments. Needless to say, things got ugly and Anele was out there by herself.Though Lasizwe has sometimes been called the “Jay Versace” of SA, the two have butted heads before. The two kings of skit comedy had a full-on war on Twitter, and it was just scenes.

In 2018, Lasizwe posted a video of himself captioned “that one friend who doesn’t answer”, and Jay Versace of Vine fame accused the star of copying his content.

The back and forth between the two started an all-out war.

However, Mzansi lifted the white flag: either they were defeated or just not willing to defend Lasizwe against a country with the world’s third-largest army.

Living La Vida NOTa

Music boss Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi recently got dragged by American Twitter after he aired his views on American artists Jay-Z and Kanye West’s work relationship.

Nota claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Jay-Z sold Kanye West’s masters for his first six albums.

American Twitter came for the musician, saying that he misunderstood Kany

Check out photos from Pearl Thusi’s daughter 13th birthday celebration

The actress welcomed her daughter into teenage-hood with a celebration and has taken to Instagram this weekend to scoop photos from the event.
Pearl Thusi is officially a mother of a teenager as her eldest daughter, Thando Mokoena enters into her first year as a teen with a slumber party inspired birthday celebration curated by Mama Last Saturday, Pearl Thusi hosted a birthday party for her daughter, Thandolwethu Mokoena. Thando had celebrated her13th birthday on Monday, 14 September 2020. Pearl had celebrated the milestone with a touching post on social media refOne of the most touching sentiment s she shared on appreciation post was her writing that, “I have so much to say about how proud I am of you, your loving nature, your big heart, you’re the better version of me.”

But the birthday celebration was a celebrity soiree that was hosted at a rented mansion. Included on the guest list was a best friend, DJ Zinhle, who brought her own daughter with rapper, AKA; Kairo Forbes. Melanie and Zwai Bala’s two children were also part of the festivitilecting on how it has meant to have a daughter like Thando.

she proved the haters wrong. Despite the celebrations being bespoke, Pearl ensured that everything from the décor, to the food and branded slippers and gowns that were provided for the guests, were all from a black-owned business. The theme was inspired by Thando’s favourite colour of blue, which was incorporated into every detail of the birthday party.

But it was not just Pearl that shared her most memorable moments from the birthday party, but Thando also took to Instagram to share some of her own personal favourite moments from the birthday party.
The birthday’s dress-code was pyjamas.

Black Coffee surprised Thando with a gift.

“Thando’s party last week was a huge success, apart from a rain storm, lol, which we decided was a sign of blessings, everything was perfect,” Pearl captioned post.

Check out photos below:he actress welcomed her daughter into teenage-hood with a celebration and has taken to Instagram this weekend to scoop photos from the event.