Zakes Bantwini: It took me 17 years to find my path.

“Took me 17 years to find my path”, this was posted by the famous musician Zakes Bantwini on his Twitter account. This comes after winning a Grammy Award.

I think that so many of us struggle to find our calling, path and it take so many years before we do but God’s time is the best.





Who is Zakes Bantwini?

According to Wikipedia, Zakhele Madida was born in May on the 26th of 1980 and he is professionally known as Zakes Bantwini, is a South African singer, record producer and businessman. He was born and raised in KwaMashu F-section, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He has worked with fellow musician Black Coffee, with whom he collaborated on the song “Juju”.

The song named Bayethe by Nomcebo Zikode, Wouter Kellerman, and Zakes Bantwini recently won them an award at the Gramnys in the United States of America.

We celebrate with them this great success and hope to see more great things in the

Lehasa Wants To Name Her Daughter Zandile-Will Khwezi Approve It ?

Francois inquired about Lehasa’s desire to preserve his late wife’s legacy, and Lehasa responded that he had not considered a name for their child. He quickly recalled that they could name her Zandile—Zandile was Lehasa’s late wife, who had died of cancer and was a really good woman to him. He knew they could call her that.

Francois was the only person Lehasa told about the name, and he hasn’t told Khwezi yet. Lehasa will not get Khwezi’s approval to name their daughter after his deceased wife. Lehasa will love her daughter Zandile as much as he loved his late wife. Zandile is a lovely name.


Because Khwezi is aware that she has just won the lottery by having a child with Lehasa, she might come up with something entirely different. Lehasa wanted a boy to carry on his legacy, so Khwezi didn’t tell him they were expecting a girl.


There is nothing wrong with naming a child after another loved one ,however lehasa must just agree with khwezi about this before he can even decide on the name yet.

Jessica Nkosi Left Her Fans Stunned After She Shows Off Her Beautiful Brand New Car

Born in 1990, Jessica Nkosi is a South African actress, media personality, TV and radio presenter. Jessica Nkosi is an Award-Winning actress, best known for playing the leading character of Thando in The Queen. The actress rose to fame after playing the leading roles in Isibaya, The Queen, Ayeye and Lavish.




The South African media personality and actress Jessica Nkosi has left her fans stunned after she shows off her brand-new car. The actress have recently taken to her Instagram page, where she left her fans and followers knew that she recently bought a brand-new car XC60 Plug-i Hybrid.

With caption: “I’m still really enjoying my XC60 Plug-i Hybrid. I mean just look at her, the sexiest car ever. And the benefits of being an electric and petrol, I literally don’t remember the last time I was at a patrol station. Also go to the last slide for the rest of the caption” say Jessica Nkosi.

Mzansi were left happy for actress for purchasing a new car XC60 Plug-i Hybrid. She is one of the celebrity who recently rose to fame. A lot of her followers has been wishing her a beautiful life. Over the past months, the actress has built a brand for her name, after she appears on one of the best and most watched mzansi magic show The Queen.

The actress Jessica Nkosi is known to be married to Uzalo actor Ntokozo Dlamini, who i best known for playing the leading role of Mastermind. The actor Ntokozo Dlamini and actress Jessica Nkosi are one of the power couple in Mzansi, and the couple have been blessed with a one beautiful daughter.

Take a look at Jessica Nkosi’s brand-new car. Show her some love before leaving this page

Skeem Saam Sonti Has Entered Miss South Africa Competition

Because of this, the idea of Mrs. South Africa was received with open arms because it would allow people to fulfill their childhood fantasies and enter a realm that they would not have been able to enter as singles or when they were younger. As one of the finalists for Mrs. South Africa, Pearl, an ex-actress from Skeem Saam, is one of those people who finally gets to fulfill the aspirations she had as a child.




The good news was shared by Pearl on her Instagram page, where she also asked people to follow her new page, “Pearl Nikolic-Semi-Finalist 2023.”

God did it! Permit me to reintroduce myself, kindly. Semi-Finalist for Your Mrs. South Africa in 2023! “For all my #selfdiscoveryjourney with Mrs. South Africa #everywoman #MrsSouthAfrica, please follow my new Facebook page, Pearl Nikolic-Semi-Finalist 2023,” Pearl wrote.

Pearl is already a winner because she beat out so many other hopefuls for the title of beauty queen in the pageant. Because, despite having two children, people have long maintained that Pearl has the body of a beauty queen, her post made a lot of sense.

“Yes!,” tweeted @poppydextras in response to Pearl’s post. From the queen to the crown, we are behind you. Christ, who gives us strength, can help us accomplish anything. “Do your magic queen, @mirriam15.”

A young woman shared in the joy of motherhood for the first time as she welcomed five babies at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital

A young woman shared in the joy of motherhood for the first time as she welcomed five babies at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital

The hospital’s medical superintendent, Aisha Maina,

Motherhood is a blessing to every woman, rejoicing in the fruit of one’s womb as society would expect.

It is a moment of jubilation for a young woman who embraced her journey of motherhood and parenting uniquely.

First-time mum’s blessings The 25-year-old lady became a first-time mother on January 31, as she welcomed the first fruits of her womb.

The young lady gave birth to five newborns on Tuesday evening at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital, as reported by Citizen Kenya.

Nakuru Level 5 hospital medical superintendent Aisha Maina disclosed the first-time mum and her bundles of joy are still in the medical facility. Nakuru mum, kids are stable The new mother was rushed to the theatre on the day she delivered after doctors discovered she was expecting quintuplets. Aisha, who took over the leadership of the largest referral facility in the South Rif in 2021, disclosed the mum gave birth to four girls and a boy

Kisii man wanted to be priest Earlier, a Kisii man whose wife gave birth to five babies at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital said he wanted to become a priest. Douglas Nyaoko said his dream never became a reality after he met and fell in love with Sellah Nyanchera, his wife.