Somizi praises Caspar Njovest’s success at packed Mmabat stadium

Following the success of Fill Up Mmabatho 2022, Somizi Mhlongo pays tribute to his Cassper Nyovest.


The radio station, who was once one of his concert hosts, sent Mufasa’s Flora through Instagram.

Somu praised the collaborative spirit and originality of the event, calling Casper’s move “divine”.

In the video clip, he began by saying: Smell her Casper.

“Casper, through my own eyes, performed the most spectacular aspect I could ever think of. What Casper did that night was amazing in every way. This young man is talented, endowed, chosen and resourceful. And performance used to be excellent. The performance was great and the sound was the best it’s ever been. But you might want to smell and feel the diploma of togetherness that once existed. If only we could encourage everyone to help each other, as Casper did in the evening.”

Celebrities were quick to respond to the artist’s guide’s message. Nyovest responded to Som’s tribute by stating: Thank you for your continued patronage. God bless.

Check out the concert videos and snaps below.

Kwaito and Amapiano musicians are dragged for their recent joined music collaboration

Chris Excel responded to the album of Kabza De Small and Kwetsa, which is something different. A mixture of Amapiano and Kwaito Some fans have mentioned what songs they like from the project, but it was not good for the entire thing when it came to Chris Ezell. The person who is known for making controversial comments has been making a lot of people unsettled, and it involves what they have done in their lives.



Many people wanted Chris Evans banned, but it has not come to pass, and now he has reached one million followers on Twitter. Dineo Ranaka has made a promise that he will deal with Chris Excel for the comments made about her and to unmusk Chris Excel. But then, with her confident response, Chris said she was not the first person to try, and all have failed.

But when it comes to someone like Kabza De Small and Kwetsa, they are not involved in participating in social media trolls, which is something good for them. It is not that easy to defend yourself on social media against a lot of people when you are not seeing them and can’t stop them. Solphenduka have made it simple to avoid getting yourself hurt, which is not reading the comments about yourself.

Kabza De Small and Kwetsa have been good, and they have explored something unique, which is what musicians do all the time. When a musician decides to take a different direction with the music, it becomes difficult for the fans to follow because you have already sold something to them. You would be expected to go with it, but there are no limitations when it comes to music.

DJ Maphorisa has been making different music genres and is successful at them. From house music to Hop Pop, Amapiano, and many more DJ Oskido does the genre he wants to do, and it does not matter what it is. For as long as the music is good, he goes with it. He released a house song with Nkosazana’s daughter, which fans were not expecting to be a music video.

Dj Zinhle ‘s brother’ s traditional wedding pictures

Dj Zinhle’s tight relationship with her three siblings has been documented on her BET reality show, which premiered last year. A businessman and artist manager, Zenzele Jiyane is the youngest of the three. Like any good brother would, Zenzele regularly attends his sister’s concerts to show his support. This reality show’s first season revealed that Zenzele is a family man with a partner and two kids. Season 2 is back this year, as Zenzele proposed to his fiancée at the party he threw for his son’s birthday.




Both sets of parents were overjoyed, and Zenzele’s other siblings, Zinhle and the rest of her brood, have been assisting her with the wedding preparations. In one episode, we even see the family buying wedding blankets in preparation for a traditional ceremony. Once upon a week ago, Zenzele and his stunning new bride posted images of themselves to Instagram in their traditional wedding clothes.

Mzansi Hip-hop star Emtee continues to struggle, fans advises him to find a manager instead

Many talented people have lost their careers due to jealousy and the use of drugs when money starts coming in.

Today on social media many people were concerned about Emtee the hustler whose career is now finished due to how reckless he became the minute he started making money. Tweeps commented that he should find himself a manager in order for him to start earning money from music, either than that the struggle will continue they said. Which is true because the minute you start selling sell as an artist is a sign that things are not coming together.


Same applies to Emtee his career was making him money a lot of it, unfortunately life changed and he started losing everything he got because of alcohol and drugs. If only he had best friends and managers to support his career he would have been very far by now. That is why it is important to watch who you surround yourself with, failing to do so you will fail.

JACOB ZUMA : ” I surrender to God all the charges that have been brought against me”

King Mduduzi “Nyazilwezulu” Shembe, the head of the Nazarene church on the Buhleni side, visited former president Jacob Zuma at his Nkandla house on Wednesday and knee down in front of Unyazi to detail the challenges Zuma had encountered as president. 

His desire for the pending charges against him to dissipate has been made quite plain. First, he explained that it was his father who originally came up with the name KwaDakwadunuse for his community. I’m thankful that God allowed me to welcome Jesus, King of Nazareth, and his church into the home I grew up in. What you have done in my father’s house, Lord, and the Nazareth family as a whole, is truly miraculous.” Especially in the KwaNxa-Malala region, this is highly unusual and significant for the nation we have built. You see, some of us have been given the opportunity to do the work of the nation (referring to being president). 


“Things have happened to me, that much I know. Those who believe this pray for a dowry for their future king.” Many people are praying for me while I am in legal trouble.” After twenty years, no one has been found guilty; the mystery fades but never disappears, so the story goes.” No one is so loving, but his name has been tarnished by the media. He said, “I believe this prayer will accomplish much.” And he continued, “I welcome the Lord to my father’s house.” As your child, Lord, you have my undying devotion. “And the events that surrounded me will run away, they will die beyond the Ntunjambili mountain (a mountain near his house), thank you very much,” concluded Msholozi, who looked relaxed, taking pictures. 

When he was done, he knelt before Nyazi and begged for her blessing. God bless you, Nyazi was overheard saying. Due to the pleasant weather, many people from this church showed up for Sunday services. Up in the field, away from the house, was where the party was place. When Nyazi and thi-mba left for Zuma’s house, it was over. Mr. Lizwi Ncwane, the church’s spokesman, expressed the congregation’s delight with the service. The church made historic strides by paying a visit to the former president, and members said they would pray for Msholozi’s health and the resolution of his current difficulties “declared Ncwane. Attendees included Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, and KwaZulu-Natal ANC chair, Siboniso Duma.