“This June On #etvscandal: Omphile Will Discover What Happened To Her Father “

Omphile will discover what happened to her father

Everyone has been wondering when the truth about Lindiwe’s father will be revealed. Omphile will learn that she has a calling to be a traditional healer. Which will scare Lindiwe and Nhlamulo because they have a big secret that they don’t want anyone to know. Since they threw Mlungisi in the river his body disappeared and nobody knows of its whereabouts. Lindiwe continued to live her life with her husband as if nothing happened. She never wanted to tell anybody about this.


But Omphile’s calling will disturb their peace. As a traditional healer she will uncover the truth and eventually make them pay for what they did to her father. After knowing the truth about her father it is unknown to what she will decide to do with the truth. Either she will want them to pay for what they did to her father and report them to the police or she will just let them be. I guess we will have to find out as the drama continues.

For me what Lindiwe did to her father really shocked many of us. She left her father in the river to die and went on with her wedding like nothing happened. Yes she might be in love with her man but to protect him to this extent is really . She chose her man over his own father. What they did will only bring them bad luck in their lives. How can Lindiwe do this to the person who made her who she is today. One way or the other she will pay for what she did to her father.

Singer Nomfundo Moh receives a double platinum plaque at her graduation ceremony

Nomfundo Ngcobo, popularly known as Nomfundo Moh, graduated during the weekend. Social media has been set ablaze as she received what she termed as a double blessing on her special day. Her management team made her ceremony memorable after surprising her with a plaque that showed the success of her hit single Phakade lami.



At the graduation ceremony of the University of KwaZulu Natal class of 2022, Nomfundo got her honors. The songstress, studying for a bachelor’s in social work, was honored in her school work and music career. When her name was called to the stage, the singer was surprised that her song Soft life was being played. She danced to the stage, and a surprise awaited her there.

After just graduating, her management team presented her with a double-platinum plaque. This was for her song Phakade lami which she featured ShaSha and Ami Faku. The song has 9.8 million views on Youtube and over three million on Spotify. She has also been named Apple’s rising emerging African star. It was a surprise for Nomfundo as the song received gold status recently, and according to her, it was too soon for double platinum.

Nomfundo Moh receives her double-platinum plaque.

Nomfundo Moh graduating

The Phakade Lami hitmaker, in her speech shared on UKZN’s platform, tells black children that it can be done. Nomfundo says her degree choice was because she likes working with people and helping the community. She urges those who can not afford their fees to seek financial aid until accepted. She tells people to keep trying and never give up on their dreams.

Celebrities have shown their support for Nomfundo by saying their congratulations. DJ Zinhle shared on her Instagram stories and called the songstress an overachiever while playing Phakade lami in the background. Durban gen actress Fanele Ntuli also congratulated Nomfundo on her page.

Watch the Instagram video on the source link below.

Halala, Gontse and Sihle are finally heading to Dubai

After a long time fighting for the child Ndumiso has won Sihle. Gontse was shattered to hear the news but she knew that there was nothing she could do to change the situation so she was willing to give up her life in Dubai just to stay and bond with Sihle. Ndumiso overheard her talking on the phone saying that she is no longer going back to Dubai because she wants to be closer to Sihle.



Ndumiso gave it a thought because it touched his heart, so he sat down with Gontse and spoke with her. He told her that he will give her permission to take Sihle with him back to Dubai and Gontse was very excited. She saw that it was a big sacrifice for Ndumiso so she told him that he can come and visit Sihle anytime that he wants in Dubai so that they do not lose their bond.

Maps Maponyane wears matching outfit with his mother on their weekend away

It’s doesn’t matter how grown you are, when your mother is around you literally become a baby. What’s funny is that you don’t even notice it. Because it is something that comes natural. Which is a good a thing it makes sure you still have a bond.

Maps Maponyane is our favourite mama’s boy. The multitalented star adores his mother and is not afraid to show it. Him and his mother are very close, so much that they always go for golf dates. We don’t think there’s any make celebrity that spends time with their mother like him.

He shared pictures of himself and his mother looking adorable. He captioned them “Matching with my partner today!💙 Mother-Son weekend away at the beautiful.” They definitely nailed the blue look. Not that we are surprised, Maps’ mother barely looks her age. So the matching works pretty well for them. His fans couldn’t stop gushing over them.

Checkout pictures of Mapula Mafole from Rhythm City.

Mapula Mafole (born July 18, 1990) is a South African actress best known for her role as Mapula on Rhythm City on e. tv. Intersexions, Soul City, and Z’bondiwe are among her other credits.






The actress has managed to trick the nation, becoming a big figure in the process, courtesy to her pint-sized physique on the e.tv soapie Rhythm City, where she plays high school youngster Mapula.

She portrays a seventeen-year-old orphan girl in the film Rhythm City. Mapula is the name of the character, who tries to look after her siblings and herself. According to Mafole, the character she plays in the show is based on her own experiences. When they were little, her parents abandoned them and moved to the United Kingdom.

As a result, she developed depressed and needed to seek professional help. For Rhythm City, she received a SAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

She was born into Moses and Monica’s family. Her parents are still alive, and her mother works as a nurse. Thabiso Mafole and Kabelo Mafole are her two brothers, while Tebogo Mafole is her older sister. She and her family lived in Klerksdorp until Mafole was ten years old, when they relocated to Tshwane. Her parents had to fly to the United Kingdom for work, leaving her and her sibling in Tebogo’s care.

Her recent picture had people professing their love for her.