Ali Ferguson Wears A Dress For The First Time In 11 Years! She had the best Matric farewell celebration

Connie Ferguson was a proud mother yesterday as her second daughter Alicia Ferguson as her daughter said goodbye to high school by attending her matric dance. Ever the doting mother Connie made sure to make the day a memorable on. She took to her Instagram to show and see her off.

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From the ride, the face beat and the outfit the mom wanted to capture everything. The Queen’s lead actress reveals that she is the one responsible for the beat.

Ali opted to wear a tuxedo dress for her matric dance. The tuxedo dress was a meeting of what Ali would want to wear- a tuxedo. And the teenager’s compromise to make everyone happy, with her wearing a dress as it is common practice for matric dance. The cute tuxedo-dress meant that it was the first time in 11 years that Ali wore a dress.

“I’m feeling an overwhelming sense of pride! My last born is bidding high school goodbye and I can only marvel at how she and her mates stayed committed in a climate filled with uncertainty. A rare breed they are! Forced to adapt to survive! Today they deserve to celebrate themselves, as they get ready for whatever lies ahead in their future! I am so proud of you my angel Ali, you look absolutely beautiful and radiate joy! Blessed beyond measure and truly grateful!” Connie captioned the official feed post

Psyfo Surprises Wife On Her Birthday Can we give him the husband-of-the-year title already.

Sidwell “Psyfo” Ngwenya is clearly not about letting up with touching surprises, which some are a surprise to his followers. And it seem s that some are even directed to his newly revealed wife, Aamirah Mirah.

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While social media users are still reeling from the former YoTv personality and rapper is officially off the market with his recent reveal that her Aamirah have officially tied the knot earlier this week. It seems that Psyfo has the ability to multi-task from Aamirah’s latest post on Instagram.

Aamirah revealed that her husband had planned an entire surprise party for her. In series of pictures she posted on her Instagram, Aamirah showcases her first reaction to finding out that her husband surprised her with the intimate festivities. She used her caption to explain the series of images of her being surprised by the festivities by writing:

“Guys, my husband and my best friends surprised me. I was so annoyed. I love each and every one of you.”From the stories shared of the festivities it seemed like it was an intimate birthday celebration that unlike many we have come to see, was COVID-19 protocols adherent. While in the Instagram post, Aamirah was wearing her “work” uniform, the beauty changed into a dress that was appropriate for the festivities. Aamirah might have not been happy about the state of her wig during the party, but she still looked beautiful.

Psyfo despite his illustrious career from child star to still recognizable celebrity, has consciously made moves to step away from the spotlight. So much so that the former “Generations” actor did not even writing a touching post on social media shouting out his wife on her birthday as most would do. Psyfo was clearly still not happy with South Ahh following the slight drag he received for how dirty he did Hulisani Ravele.

But his wife is a sharer, and we cannot get over it. When Psyfo was turning 38 years old earlier this week, the good sis took to Instagram and shared how she, like every one of us, cannot believe that he is going for the big 4-0 soon.

Zonke Puts Promoter On Blast He failed to deliver proper sound for the show

Local singer Zonke Dikana was meant to perform at GOG Park in Soweto at 7PM yesterday. But her excitement was marred by sound issues which saw herself and her band having to wait for over an hour to perform. She documented the whole experience thoroughly on her social media accounts to make sure her fans knew that she was not responsible for the blunder.

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First Zonke posted a video of herself travelling to the venue, she appeared to be in high spirits and really looked forward to her performance. “Almost at GOG Park. I’m so excited, it’s been a while as you all know. So I cannot contain my excitement,” said Zonke.mmediately after her arrival Zonke posted a picture of the venue to prove that she had arrived but she mentioned she was still waiting to be called on stage because the sound wasn’t ready. She tweeted, “Sitting backstage at GOG park waiting to be called on stage, apparently their sound is not yet ready hopefully all will be well soon” After waiting for more than an hour to perform Zonke decided to take the matter into her own hands and went onto the stage to address the issue. She then posted a video of herself apologising to her fans before she broke into an impromtu performance of her hit song Jikizinto making it very clear that she was more than ready to blow them away.

” I’m at GOG Park apologizing for the promoters non existent sound. My band & I have been waiting for over an hour. I did this to show people I AM HERE. This I had to do because artists are attacked & blamed. I am professional & I respect my audience. But this is out of my hands ,” Zonke captioned the postEarly this year Zonke made the headlines for all the right reasons after she helped a needy student settle her University fees. Responding to the popular “O Jewa keng?” tweet a distraught Bubu Sithole wrote, “I’m currently packing my bags and going back home because I have outstanding fees and can’t register. I owe R29k &they want 17k for me to register provisionally. I was rejected by nsfas twice in a row even after I sent thrumy mom’s death certificate and my dad’s disability papers”

Zonke spotted the tweet and responded with an offer to help Bubu stay in school.

Murdah Bongz Dance To DJ Zinhle’s Set Clearly, Murdah Bongz is DJ Zinhle’s biggest cheerleader

DJ Zinhle has in the past spoken about how when she falls in love she falls in love head first. In the past, it seemed that this was not a good idea considering who she was with at the time. However, considering that her new relationship is with Murdah Bongz we are inclined to let the DJ be the gone-girl she is.

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Recently, a video was obtained featuring the one-half of popular afro-house group, Black Motion’s Murdah Bongz, or as DJ Zinhle would like to refer “MB,” using his dance moves to support his girlfriend. Murdah Bongz as part of Black Motion has become synonymous with the dancing. But like the house and dance legend, his dance moves are unique to his brand.

It seems that recently, the two were at an event that enlisted the talents of DJ Zinhle to play a set. And while she played her set, she was supported by Murdah Bongz. We could have questioned the status of the couple’s relationship, but the two were dressed in matching outfit, with the only difference being the matter of Bongz’ love for hats.In looking at Murdah Bongz’ posts it is clear that if there is one thing about him, is that he is going to dance his away. In the latest video he posted on Instagram, Murdah Bongz showcases himself partner in crime, Thabo “playing pool” and dancing. While the matter of the pool game is question, one thing that it did confirm is that Murdah Bongz sees every opportunity as a chance to break down and dance his life away.

But DJ Zinhle seems to like her man being a “Chris Brown” who can dominate a dance floor. In the aforementioned post, the “Indlovu,” featuring Loyiso hit maker poked fun at him. DJ Zinhle took to the comments section of the post and dragged her man by questioned the validity of whether Murdah and Thabo played pool at all, or did Murdah just use the pool stick as prop for the full effect of his dance routine.The interaction between the two in the comments section brought laughter and comments from their followers that knew about them as a couple. The two, despite having not confirmed-confirmed their relationship. The two have let us know that their relationship is a situation of love-live-here. And considering the previous relationship she was in, it is beautiful to see DJ ZInhle being supported.

Gail Mabalane Shows Off Her Hairline After Alopecia Diagnosis It’s finally growing back!

Last year Gail Mabalane opened up about her alopecia diagnosis. The Blood and Water actress, who is married to Kwaito singer Kabelo Mabalane, revealed the news on Instagram after she had posted pictures of herself sporting her bold new look with her head completely bald.  She then decided to tell her fans that she was diagnosed with central centrifungal cicatrical alopecia which causes hairloss in black women.

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Fast forward to 2020 and Gail is looking beautiful as ever as she shared pictures of herself sporting her natural hair saying she is grateful for the regrowth of her hairline.This prompted other women to also share their struggles with their hairline including K Naomi who said harilines take so long to grow as she is also waiting for hers to grow back. Coincidentally K Naomi also shared a boomerang of herself with a fresh brush cut a couple of days ago.When Gail first shared her hairloss story she disclosed that at first she tried to remedy the situation at home but eventually consulted a dermatologist because nothing was working.

Gail wrote, “So…Why did I cut my hair? ?? A few months ago I went to the salon for a routine hair wash. To my shock, after my wash, a big chunk of my hair was GONE!!! ?? After a few weeks of “self medicating”, I decided to consult a dermatologist. CCCA – Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia was the diagnosis. Simply put … a very common cause of Alopecia or hair loss in black women. I’m happy to say that the treatment is definitely working and my hair is growing back…so thank goodness…I’ll survive winter. ????”

Gail took the opportunity to empower other women who may be going through the same thing. “So why am I sharing this? Apart from the fact that wearing a wig can get tiring ?? … I wanted to use this opportunity to say to women: if you have any form of hair loss (hairline included), please consult a professional. Had I not gotten the necessary treatment, this could have resulted in permanent hair loss. Sometimes, it’s not hair activator that’s AuthenticConnectionsneeded…but treatment. ?? #OwnYourNarrative #AuthenticConnections

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