Dr Qwabe is trending again | Look what he was spotted doing now

Dr Sandile Qwabe from New Castle in KwaZulu-Natal dresses differently from the societal standards of how medical doctors are supposed to present themselves and is a jolly man who has won the hearts of many South Africans with his funny Tik-Tok videos.


This made him trend on the social media but people were having some different views about his attire, some embracing him while others criticized him.

He recently took some time off on social media but now people spotted him in the wedding dancing and show that he’s too excited.

Comments :

” I’ve missed seeing Dr Qwabe in action.I’m glad after all the negative energy they tried on him, he looks happy. ”

” To have the energy of Dr Qwabe for all my life. This guy just screams, the beauty & gratitude of being alive.”

House of Zwide actors Winnie Ntshaba and Vusi Kunene on a shortleft trip.

Our colleagues are literally our lives. This is because we spend most of our time at work and we are surrounded by them since we work with them. A healthy working environment means getting along with them. It is a peaceful life knowing you get along with the people you work with.





Life doesn’t end at work and what happens at work stays there. Winnie Ntshaba is an actress and businesswoman. She has been in the industry for decades now. She is the founder of Royalty soapie awards, which have made a huge difference in the industry. She’s now currently starring on House of Zwide.

She stays alongside Vusi Kunene who plays her own screen husband. Winnie shared pictures of them together out on a shortleft. This is the kind of content we want, showing that people can work together and get along just fine. Their fans couldn’t stop complementing them.

Who said you can’t have it all?meet Muvhango’s grannies who have been doing acting and teaching jobs

Raphael Griffiths, who used to be in Muvhango, told Kiki in an interview that you can’t expect to live for 365 days if you only get paid 12 times. In other words, what he was trying to say was that people should work extra jobs when they can. In this article, we’ll talk about the Muvhango’s grannies, who have both been teaching and acting.

1. Murabeli Elsie Rasalanavho

One of the few actresses who have been on Muvhango since 1997 is Murabeli Elsie Rasalanavho. She plays Vho Mukondeleli, an old woman who loves to talk trash about other people. She is Mulalo’s aunt, and she lives with him, his wife, and his son.

She was a teacher, and at one point she did both. She said that acting and teaching were hard to do at the same time. She would sometimes ask another teacher to cover for her at school, and she would sometimes let the Muvhango people down by telling them she would not be able to make it to Joburg for shootings.

She did that because she loved both of her jobs and didn’t want to lose either of them. But she later quit teaching, and now she works full-time as an actress. In 2023, she will be 73 years old.

2. Regina Nesengani

Regina Nesengani, who is 69 years old, plays Azwinndini’s mother, Vho Masindi Mukwevho. In 1974, she found that she loved being on stage. She began teaching in 1975. When she first began acting, she did both that and taught at the same time.

She started working at Muvhango in 2008, and she will always be grateful for the job she has. She stopped being a teacher in 2014 and now does acting full-time. When asked if she had other plans besides Muvhango, she said she would die acting there.

NaakMusiQ bonds with Patrice Motsepe

NaakMusiQ expresses excitement as he bonds with billionaire Patrice Motsepe. The businessman has become a model and motivation for some entertainers in the industry and Naak appreciating meeting the idol.




The musician shared photos revealing that he bonded with Patrice and captioned with, “Our world teaches us that there is comfort in knowledge and fear in the unknown. But what if the unknown was greater than we could possibly imagine?”


Muvhango actress Hangwani ready to be a bishop!

Muvhango actress Hangwani ready to be a bishop!
ACTRESS Constance Sibiya will be consecrated as a bishop by end of this March
Constance, who plays Hangwani in Muvhango, is currently an elected bishop and her consecration ceremony will take place at the State Theatre in Tshwane.


The actress said she was honoured to be one of the women chosen because the office is dominated by men.
“When I was appointed bishop-elect two years ago, I had to go through probation for two years. Now I’ve passed it and will be consecrated to Bishop.
“Once I’m bishop, I’ll be a bishop for women and children. I’ll be the voice in the clergy for them,” she said.
She said she would use her position to be an advocate in higher places.
“There is no one who speaks for women as a pastor. There are people who speak for women as politicians or ambassadors, but there has never been a pastor. So, I will serve as that,” she said.