Phindile Gwala taken to court over alleged electricity bill

Imbewu Actress Phindile Gwala-Ngandu is allegedly having problems paying her electricity bill, and if she doesn’t comply, she might find herself living in the dark. According to City Press, the actress and Bramley Mews Body Corporate are at odds over the actress’ failure to pay a sizable electrical bill.






The publication reports that the body corporate is requesting a court order to cut the actress’ electrical supply if she doesn’t pay the R115 641.98 electricity bill.

According to the publication, the applicant (Bramley Mews Corporate) is asking for an injunction against the respondent (Phindile Gwala) to force her to pay the applicant money for unpaid levies and power bills.

In addition, the applicant asks for a court order to prevent the respondent from cutting off the section’s electrical supply until all back taxes and electricity charges have been paid in full. This specific relief has made the filing of this court application out of the aforementioned honorable court necessary.

Additionally, the body corporate manager disclosed to the publication that the actress received a court judgment for non-payment in June 2020 already.

“A warrant of execution was issued against the respondent’s moveable property on or about March 22, 2022, and judgment was granted against the respondent for the amount of R70 809.95. To date, the respondent has been unable to pay all special levies, regular levies, garbage recoveries, and sewer/effluent levies in full. They have also alternately omitted to do so. Therefore, payments to the applicant become due and payable,” said the body corporate manager to City Press.

According to the publication, the actress’ failure to pay will result in more problems for the body corporate.

Phindile has not refuted or conceded the allegations.

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Somizi’s reaction to Cape Town man standing up for racism

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo praises a young man called Christopher Logan for standing up against racism in Cape Town.

In a video Christopher is seen confronting the owner of a Whisky bar called Hank’s Olde Irish, which made rounds on social media and caught the attention of so many including the media personality Somizi.

Somizi has since reposted the video on his Instagram account and shared his thoughts about the incident.

He captioned the post saying:

“What this young man (Christopher Logan) did should has been done decades ago. But it’s never too late. Let’s protect him. Cause there are racists out there who are mad at him for this.”

The SA Idols judge added by saying:

“For this pub I am coming for some Irish coffee.. they have blocked tags,” he said.


Many people felt inspired by Somizi’s post as they opened up about their experience with racism.

One person commented saying:

“EMthatha back in the day there was a place called Tin Pan Alley, owned by Afrikaaners. I went there with my European friends. The vibe was nice until one of them got angry saying that they’re racists. I couldn’t understand a word because they were speaking Afrikaans and some of my friends were German and Austrian so they could hear. I was the only black there so they knew that the racist comments were about me. We left immediately. Later on in the night we came across an accident. One of those racist cows was in that accident. And we were all like “Oh Karma did the things very fast and very quick.”

And another user said:

“I experienced this yesterday at silver star casino….my 8 year old daughter tried to play with some white kids and they ran from her everytime she said hi….they ran went to play somewhere else mind you it’s a play area ….she was so down she came and said they don’t wanna play with me cos I’m brown…we left at 4 …at 8 pm she came to me and said mom am I too brown I said no her lips started shaking and she cried …I didn’t know it affected her so bad …I just thought it’s another day …but she was hurt ….not all of them are bad , we still have a long way to go through if 7, 8 year olds do it too.”

Along with another user who said:

“It’s such a messed up world we live in. We just moved to a new residential complex and I’m just about ready to move because it seems like it’s all white and terribly unfriendly; my son tried greeting (so jubilantly, thinking he’s about to make a friend) a Neighbour’s kid only to be blatantly ignored, by the parents too. He was so sad, I had to compose myself and comfort my kid. Like what are they so mad at us for? They already have it all, would it kill them to just acknowledge that we’re just as human as they are.”

“Black people are still suffering in our own country.”

It has been over 25 years since South Africa was declared to be a democracy, however, many South Africans are still experiencing racism in their own country of birth.

Unathi Nkayi shows son’s face for the first time

Media personality Unathi Nkayi has finally shown her son’s face after 18 years.

Before her son’s 18th birthday, the mother of two has never shown her children’s faces on social media.

Taking to Instagram, the former Idols SA judge shared a series of photos of her son. The photos included photos of her, her son and his father, her ex-husband Thomas Msengana.





Unathi revealed that she was in labour for four days and had almost lost her son. She thanked God and her ancestors for protecting him. “Sitting here in front of me I can’t believe you’re 18. Daddy and I did it. You’re happy. Beautiful. And ours. I love you up to God Nako.
Four days of labour, we almost lost you but God namanyange said ANEVA ngesizukulo sethu (God and our ancestors said NEVER with our grandchild),” she said.

The former Kaya959 presenter stated that on turning 18 her son requested not to be protected by her anymore. “Moms I’m 18 now. You don’t have to protect me anymore. I can protect myself. You don’t have to hide my face anymore,” he said.

The 44 year old also thanked her son for being an amazing child to raise. “Enkosi Nako wam (Thank you my Nako). Thank you for making me grow up and have a purpose. Thank you for being who you are to Mboshla. Thank you for being a true testimony to Daddy’s and I’s LOVE PS,” the star added.

Thuso Mbedu named on New York Times top best actor of 2022

Thuso Mbedu named on New York Times top best actor of 2022by Johana Mukandila
Multi-award winning actress Thuso Mbedu continues to rise as she shines on New York Times list of the 10 Best Actors of the Year.

The list was compiled by Wesly Morris and A.O Scott.

The writers talked about her role, Nawi in The Woman King movie and how she aced her role alongside the Oscars award wining actress Viola Davis.



The South African born star’s acting in the aforementioned movie gained her a spot on the list.

The New York Times writer and film critic and podcaster Wesley Morris said that the South African born star “Mbedu is awesome,” he wrote in the New York Times.

The podcaster added that, The Women King star Thuso Mbedu played her role super well, the writer explained:

“The part needs stamina: There’s lots of running, jumping, ducking, impaling. But Mbedu ensures that every thwack, knock and stabbing packs an emotional wallop. She doesn’t appear to be acting the battles. She’s performing the quest Nawi has embarked on — for both belonging and independence, guidance and trust.”

Should we mix our traditional outfits?

Traditional clothes represent the identity of different tribes, each tribe has specific pieces for different events and stages of life as you grow up as a man or woman. Hence, you will find certain tribes protect their regalia because it resembles and means something to them to preserve and promote their customs.

It is a busy season ahead for traditional events and “what should I wear?” questions are about to be rolling in.

Many women struggle to find the right traditional attires. You will find people invited to a Xhosa event wearing Zulu attire thinking it passes off because it is still traditional attire.

This gets people wondering whether they should be limited to only wearing Xhosa attire if they are invited to a traditional Xhosa event. People often wonder whether they are able to wear any traditional attire from the African continent when they are invited to traditional events.

Many even go as far as mixing tribe attires like wearing a Zulu hat with Umbhaco (Xhosa traditional wear), and some people take offense and some do not understand the difference.

Mawethu Noholoza who is a traditional expert says, “many things have changed with time in how people dress in their traditional regalia because before it was about pride and representing your tribe but now you will even see women wearing beads that are meant to be worn by men and mixing tribe regalia, many years ago that would’ve been a problem and cause a lot of trouble but I guess now the society is accepting of how people wear their traditional attires.”


There has been a difference of opinion on the matter, but what stood out is how there needs to be more awareness on the matter just like the MEC of KwaZulu Natal, Mbali Frazer has said “Our culture doesn’t divide us but unites us.”

People go as far as looking down upon women wearing traditional regalia with weaves and makeup but the argument is “why should we stop there and not take it further by talking about the ethics behind traditional wear.”