Skeem Saam:Is Lehasa Going To Wake Up And Tell The Police The Truth?

They are a great deal of responses occurring via virtual entertainment after the occurrence that occurred on Monday, we’re Khwezi wounded her life partner in the chest and wound up battling for his life at the emergency clinic, yet the fundamental circumstance was the means by which the police responded to this issue.





Since Khwezi has outlined Pretty about this which is something that has left many individuals in tears, in light of the fact that the blameless individual is currently in jail while Khwezi is professing to be the one that has been keeping locked down in her home by Pretty on Monday.

Yet, watchers accepts that Lehasa’s uncle by the name of Phomolo is the main individual that can help Pretty to defend himself, since he realizes that Lehasa was having quality time with her that time, while Khwezi planned to visit her folks during the end of the week which is something that can chip away at the blessing of Pretty.

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Caster Semenya and his wife, Violet welcome baby number 2

Caster Semenya and her wife, Violet Raseboya, have just become parents for the second time, and they could not be happier about the new addition to their family. The celebrity spread the news about the event over her various social media platforms. Caster then proceeded to share a picture of the newborn baby’s feet with the people who had left her congratulations comments below the post.

In July of 2021, Semenya made the joyful announcement on Instagram that she and her wife, Violet, were expecting their second child together. This would be the couple’s second child. The middle-distance runner, her wife, and their eldest daughter all smiled for the camera as they displayed the pregnant runner’s growing baby bulge in the photo. Our family expands as a result of love and grace. This priceless spirit that God chose to bestow upon everyone of us as a blessing. Everyone here is so excited to finally get to know YOU! “Joy” is what Semenya captioned the photo with.

Natasha Thahane looking stunning in her vacation with Thembinkosi Lorch

Last year around this time, Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch were out on vacation in Zanzibar and that is where we all knew they are dating. They posted pictures and videos of the same location and events.






The two went as far as posting each other on Instagram on their swim suits.The two are out again this year and it seems like they are at Zanzibar again. The two posted the same video of their current location on a vacation. Thembinkosi Lorch posted it first and Natasha Thahane followed. Last year Natasha Thahane posted nice pictures of herself in two different swimsuits on her vacation with baby daddy and lover. This year she is no longer on braids but on a nice red weave. She looks very stunning and has posted one swim suit for now and below are the pictures of her current swim suit.

The two are truly happy and focusing on the peace and health of their relationship regardless of how the media may try to separate them with nonexistent rumours. We wish them luck in their love journey along their new born baby involved. They seem so suitable and compatible for each other with how goal-oriented they are and how of hard workers they are. They are focused on themselves without allowing any intervention of the media.


Watch DJ Maphorisa splashing the cash in the streets after launching UK tour

Amapiano is paying: Watch DJ Maphorisa splashing the cash in the streets after launching Kabza De Small’s UK tour.

The quantity of animals she had in her home was among the many unexpected admissions she made. Also shocking is the fact that her animals are so diversified yet do not devour one another. There are two snakes, two turtles, an owl, and several bunnies in Maweni. According to the majority of those who believe in witchcraft, animals are strongly associated with black magic.



Contrary to popular perception, Maweni was not fond of her traditional healing talent. She was failing at school and experiencing strange visions. Maweni departed the country in an attempt to conceal her abilities. Now she embraces it as if it were in her genes. Most would presume she accepted it immediately given her current disposition.

Watch DJ Maphorisa splashing the cash in the streets after launching Kabza De Small’s UK tour.DJ Maphorisa – Image Credit:
Dj Maphorisa splashes cash in the streets after UK tour heroics with Kabza De Small.

Fans surrounded the Hello hitmaker as he splattered them with cash. They sang his name like children in the hopes that Maphorisa would hand over the cash. Fortunately, the 34-year-old musician appeared evenly distributed among the crowd. Due to the risk of being dragged out and robbed, Maphorisa remained in his vehicle and handed over the money via a small crack in his window.

Watch DJ Maphorisa splashing the cash in the streets.

As soon as Twitter user Musa Khawula published the video, supporters began to express their opinions, and it did certainly divide Mzansi. Some exhibited pride and bragged about what Maphorisa was doing, while others thanked him for his charitable actions. They recommended that, if it were charity, he should visit a nursing home or hospital. The reactions were so mixed, but one thing is certain: Maphorisa is now sufficiently wealthy to dump cash about the streets.

On June 18th, DJ Maphorisa and Kabza took the stage to open Kabza’s UK tour. The duo played for approximately six hours, demonstrating what British fans may anticipate.

Take A Close Look Inside Asanda Foji’s Lobola Negotiations

In an extensive post the entertainer spouted over her better half for regarding her guarantee to wed her quite a while back. “At the point when my better half guaranteed he’d make me his significant other quite a while back in 2017 I contemplated internally “I’ve heard that line previously”. At the point when he at last requested my hand in marriage and sent his uncles to arrange Lobola in 2019 I thought “Alright this could truly end in joy”. Be that as it may, when he and his uncles returned again last week to legitimately guarantee his significant other and their makoti I thought “My ruler, my child love, my nunus, my perfect partner has truly stayed faithful to his promise and did a good job for me after each catastrophe, mishap, underhanded we have needed to battle against together,” she said.

As indicated by Asanda, her mom’s significant other died when she was excessively youthful, so she never encountered a cheerful marriage at home. Consequently she is thankful to set out on an excursion to encounter that, “Growing up I never understood what it resembled having a home with the two guardians in a cheerful marriage in light of the fact that my mom’s better half passed on when we were extremely youthful and my mom needed to bring up 5 kids on her own special doing all that could be expected with what she had; so the possibility of a blissful cherishing marriage was not something we sat on the table and talked about at home.”



She proceeded: “Yet going out this day I swear on my mom’s grave, on God, in Jesus Name that I will construct my home and convey my cross kowam umtshato and no person and no unholy tasks will turn me in reverse.”

She vowed to cherish him more: “Knowing very well that I’m wedding a person made by God to commit endless errors I actually promise to adore him notwithstanding and when I get drained and fatigued God will convey the cross with me for I’m rarely alone. I love you my better half beyond all doubt since you have cherished and safeguarded me in a manner no one else at any point had and in particular since you were explicitly picked for me by God and my predecessors.”

Asanda additionally proceeded to say thanks to God for making all that could be within reach, and appealed to God for their association.

“This date was changed so often my significant other and I were both beginning to be amdiubtful in the event that it’ll at any point occur; yet what God sets up, no man can at any point eliminate or change. What is intended to be, nobody and nothing can stop. My perfect partner and I were at long last honored with what we’ve needed the most for a really long time and it could never have been conceivable without our Lord God. Much thanks to you Father for your proceeded with Grace upon my marriage, for seeing us through what appeared to be difficult to move beyond, for battling damnation to hold us together God, for disgracing Satan and assisting us with succeeding Father,” she composed

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