Is Thembi Seete copying Somizi Mhlongo ‘s style?

2022 came with modifications as South African idols made alterations to the show. Randall Abrahams and Unathi Nkayi, the previous judges, were replaced with rapper JR and Thembi Seete. The judges, notably Somizi, a veteran of prior seasons, are enjoying themselves immensely throughout each week’s broadcast on Mzansi Magic. The fashion statements they’ve been making haven’t gone unnoticed either. Dress-wise, Thembi seete is more like Somizi Mhlongo.







The people of Somizi are famous for their elaborate costumes and brightly colored weaves and garments. Thembi wore an outfit last Sunday that resembled Somizi’s typical Sunday attire. She had a pink weave to match her pink clothing. A bronze outfit and head piece were recently seen on her, and they resembled those worn by Somizi and Mohale Motaung at their white wedding.

Leeto Fancies Eunice While She Fixes His Tap

Eunice is Leeto’s target. Leeto can be a lot of different things, and drama just loves him.Joy, Leeto’s current partner, is extremely rigid and takes everything very seriously.Leeto requires a person who can make him laugh and appreciate life.

Eunice, on the other hand, is a woman who is willing to do anything that Leeto asks of her. Joy always wants Leeto to be serious and do everything according to the rules.When Eunice went to Leeto’s new apartment, they clicked immediately.Leeto ignored Joy’s call simply because he was with Eunice, and they looked great together.

Eunice will be hard pressed not to fall in love with Leeto, but this could be one of the show’s best relationships.Leeto felt something for Eunice that he had never anticipated.I hope they’ll think about dating and getting married.Leeto should pick Eunice over Delight.

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Lizzy And Mapitsi Will Investigate Prof Kganyago Asap

Ntate Kganyako has been a clamoring man as of late directly following mentioning that Jacobeth marry him today when he shock her with a fair sincere dinner, that has gone out considering how he has been endeavoring to cover her personality.




Jacobeth has no idea what will happen to her life once she gets married to this risky man, who will take all of her money and leave her with nothing. Elizabeth has also found incriminating information about them that could put Jacobeth in jail.

Before anyone finds out about Mr. Kganyakgo’s little trick to this innocent woman who is unaware of the bedlam, Mr. Kganyakgo needs to wed her lady.

Because they have been hearing the encouraging news about Mr. Kganyakgo that has actually appeared around here, the Turf community will be shocked if they learn of him.


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Heres What Nomvelo Had To Say About Her Life Experience On Scandal

the fact that she was being truthful about her time on etvScandal, she did not intend to say all of the things she said in a video.EtvScandal has been supporting her expenses, education, and current way of life.

After revealing that Scandal was toxic, Nomvelo Makhanya, who is well-known for her role as Lindiwe Ngema in the television series Scandal, went viral.The actress was disclosing the truth about her departure from etvScandal.

She has been getting questions about why she quit her job.Nomvelo stated in a video that she was written off because it was not her choice.The last time Nomvelo made an appearance was on November 10, 2022.According to other sources, she left etvScandal in order to concentrate on her relationship.

Nomvelo has disclosed the truth and his departure motive.The actress has responded to the rumors about her in a video.According to Nomvelo, she has been the one spotting all of the smoke.She claimed that she wanted to leave Scandal and had been praying.She claimed that the work environment at etvScandal was extremely toxic to her.

OPINION Numerous individuals are in a toxic environment but are unable to leave due to a number of factors.It happens, and not everyone can quit their job today and find a better one the next day.Nomvelo could have stayed home and avoided that harmful workplace.She now gives off the impression that she was the troublemaker and toxic person.

Actor Kgomotso Cristopher celebrates 18 years anniversary with her husband

There have been 18 years of marriage for “Kgomotso Christopher” and her spouse Calvin. The actress “Khomotso Cristopher” took to social media and celebrated 18 years with her lawfull husband.

The couple commemorated the event by going back to the location where they had their wedding photos taken to recreate the scene and have their daughter, who is 18 years old, take pictures. 








“After celebrating for 18 years, we came back to the same trees to stand in their shade. 27/11/04 – 27/11/22. Hello, “Babatjie”, and happy anniversary to us.” 

Since they were kids, “Kgomotso” and her husband have been in love. When Calvin got a job in Dubai, the couple had to live apart but managed to stay married. 

Calvin’s romantic gestures over the years kept the couple’s love alive. “Kgomotso’s” husband is classified as a romantic man and “Kgomotso” indicated he is the one who always keeps the spark going between them.

“Kgomotso’s” childhood fantasy of owning a “piano” was realized in 2018 thanks to him. It is said he motivated “Kgomotso” to get into paionist.

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