Remember Zoe Mthiyane (Zitha Langa) From Generations? Look At Her Now

Zoe Mthiyane is a South African actress and singer. She is well known for her position in Generations as Zitha Langa in Generations. She performed Katherine withinside the 2017 movie, She is King. Zoe became also the outlet vocalist of the Legend of Tarzan the 2016 movie. What took place to Zoe Mthiyane after Generations?




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Zoe was fired from Generations after she collapsed at work. She was rumored to have been abusing alcohol after her messy break-up with co-star, Rapulana Seiphemo. According to different sources, but it’s far rumored that her ex cheated on her with a team member on-set. Zoe became said to have suffered emotional abuse from the alleged girlfriend and her friends. Before Rapulana, Zoe had an unpleasant split with Robert Marawa. They had a completely public criminal conflict over disagreements on child support. Zoe desired it reviewed upwards. In 2016 she broke up with Lebo M after being engaged for a year. They broke up due to the fact they couldn’t attain a settlement on their pre-nuptial contract. Zoe unfolded about being depressed after her split with Rapulana.

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After her go out from Generations Zoe has infrequently been withinside the spotlight. She hasn’t landed any roles on tv and we surprise if it’s far through choice. Fans hold up together along with her on her social media money owed though. Zoe posts very stunning pix of herself and her family. She appears to be doing exquisite and dwelling a quiet life. She has been captured with a few celebrities too. Her Instagram account is embellished with pix of her and her son and daughter.

Source: Twitter

On a current submit on her Instagram, a fan commented that ‘Miss you on screen, madam’ to which Zoe responded ‘I may be performed with my hiatus soon. Promise’. We can simplest take this as a signal that the actress is operating on something and may be returned on our shows soon. We cannot wait.

What do you think of abusive relationships and how they affect people?

Trouble in paradise between Idols judge Unathi and Somizi: “We’re not friends”

Celebrities have always been intriguing to people, to say the least, hence they always get attention from the public every time they do, post, or say something online or in person. Unfortunately, there are always highs and lows that come with being a celebrity. It’s a phase that you have to walk through, embrace, and make sure you treat it as a lesson. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings, which means we’re not perfect and we have to accept that and move on. On top of that, there’s no problem with setting boundaries in your life and checking your inner circle at all times.




Now, it has been reported that the Idols judge Unathi Nkayi has cut off one of her friends, following unfollowing him on social media. The person in question is Somizi Mhlongo who happens to be her former colleague on the singing competition Idols SA. This follows after Unathi shared a post about the American singer and songwriter R. Kelly who was found guilty of numerous charges during his s*x-trafficking trial. This led to Unathi warning her friends that have similar allegations attached to their names. Also, just letting his friends know that stop playing R. Kelly’s music when she’s around. “To ALL my friends who think you’re going to CONTINUE playing R Kelly in my presence. TODAY IT STOPS. No more philosophical B*LL SH*T about you separating the genius from the MONSTER. It STOPS TODAY HMKAY… unless you LOVE being a trigger,” wrote Nolali hitmaker on her Instagram post.

That’s when many people within the comment section questioned her about alleged double standards. As they’ve stated that she’s friends with the likes of Somizi and DJ Fresh who have been alleged to be involved in similar cases as the American singer. That’s when Unathi clapped back at the comments stating that she’s not friends with Somgaga anymore, as she recently unfollowed him on Instagram.

Zinhle Wants Her Baby Daddies To Get Along :This is Interesting – Let’s Find out Why

Regardless of what many may think, DJ Zinhle’s unscripted TV drama The Unexpected consistently has individuals talking. The DJ has permitted her fans free access to her private life and is gradually learning the genuine Zinhle. In the most recent scene, the hovering mother of two uncovered that she needs to get both the dad of her kids, AKA and Murdah Bongz, to get along.

DJ Zinhle has two girls, 6-year-old Kairo Forbes, which she had with rapper Kiernan Forbes and Asante who is half a month old. She is her present sweetheart’s little girl and we are yet to know whose last name she has taken.

In past scenes, Zinhle and Murdah examined the last name issue where they actually expected to counsel each other’s families concerning which family name is Asante going to take. Notwithstanding, Zinhle recognized that Kairo is a Forbes, so for what reason would Asante be a Jiyane, her last name.

In a new scene, however, Zinhle and Bongani were talking about the issue of marriage, and in spite of the fact that Zinhle said she would not like to get hitched, it’s not a direct result of Bongani, yet her very own inclination.

Their mixed family however will possibly work if Kiernan and Kairo, get along very well with Asante and Bongani’s initially conceived kid. Addressing the camera in one of her journal meetings, Zinhle says the main way that will work is in case everybody is ready and content with it.

“So that is the hardest question…So how could I be going to carry Bongani and his child with me? So there’s Kiernan and Kairo on this side and Bongani and his youngster on the opposite side. I need to figure out how to cause Bongani and Kiernan to get along. That is the main way this will work,” said Zinhle.

This is extremely fascinating as a portion of her fans doesn’t see the need to have the two-child daddies associated with one another.

Transferring their perspectives about the show, fans think it is extremely dull and exhausting on the grounds that all Zinhle has done up to this point is break the information on her pregnancy to each one near her.

In one of the past scenes, Zinhle, at last, opens up with regards to her relationship with AKA. Addressing her dearest companion and Aunty to her two little girls, Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabhena, she shed a tear when web-based media clients made Anele’s passing with regards to her rather than the late young lady.

“This is something that is occurring in Kiernan’s life but since Kiernan and I have a kid together, it winds up influencing me. Kiernan has lost somebody he loves and presently individuals are making it about me,” said Zinhle.

“Kiernan can’t do anything without you being involved,” said Nomuzi.

“In my view this moment, there are individuals that are going through more terrible with the circumstance… however it’s simply likewise somewhat intense when the remarks are so merciless,” she told Moozlie.

Addressing the camera, Zinhle said, “The thing about my life is a lot of things occur via online media and they have nothing to do with me more often than not.”

“They simply wind up influencing me here and there, and I’ve learned not to think often about it but rather this is additionally an enthusiastic time in my life as I am pregnant,” she proceeded

Check out what MICASA’s J’something had to say about his wife.

Better known as J’something. His real name is Joao da Fonseca. He is originally from Portugal. He came to South Africa in the early two thousands (2007) when he was only seven years old. The specific place he moved into was the Eastern Cape province. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Stellenbotch (CapeTown).



Fonseca is a guitarist, vocalist and part of the famous South African trio, MICASA. Alongside with Mo- T and Dr. Duda.

J’ something and his wife, Cordelia “Coco” Godi are celebrating a full ten years (10) into their marriage union. And, he shared the most heartlfelt message to his beautiful wife.

They are probably one of the most private married celebrity couples on the internet, only their love echoes through with so much light and greatness. J’something honors his wife and believes that she is a reflection of God’s love.

Nonka from Uzalo left Mzansi appalled by her recent post looking

Thuthuka Mthembu is a famously known South African actress who walked into the spotlight for her role as Nonka on Uzalo SABC1 drama series weekdays. She is talented and ambitious woman full of energy, courage and confidence. She has won the hearts of many viewers in the entertainment scene through her good acting skills and she is doing excellent work.



She has already made a name for herself in the industry and she is making waves. She is beautiful and brilliant and she has a sense of humour and personality. She was born 28 October 1996 and she celebrates her birthday annually in October.

She is educated and inspires youth out there to work hard to achieve their dreams. She is intelligent and independent woman who knows what she wants in her life. On her recent post on social media account she left Mzansi appalled by her recent post looking awesome. Please comment, like, click and share.