Ntokozo Mbambo has enjoyed a year to remember, and she won’t let anyone, not even Kelly Khumalo

Well-known Mzansi Gospel star, Ntokozo Mbambo has enjoyed a year to remember, and she won’t let anyone, not even Kelly Khumalo, get in the way of that.




Ntokozo Mbambo made history on the SAMA 29 stage this past November when she walked away with three trophies. She won Best Contemporary Faith Music Album, Best Album and the highly coveted Best Female Artist Album. It made her the first contemporary gospel artist to win three awards on the same night at the South African Music Awards.Although one of the awards stung a certain Kelly Khumalo (More on that in a moment), Ntokozo Mbambo has been focused on celebrating a never-before-seen achievement after her clean sweep. We spoke to the singer to discover what this incredible achievement meant to her and how she dealt with unwanted noise.

It was a night of celebration for Ntokozo Mbambo as her 2023 album, Lavish Worship, won Best Album and Best Contemporary Faith Music Album. Speaking to The South African, she revealed how it felt to walk away with three trophies on the night, including Best Female Artist. We’d call it a hat trick in football, but we asked what that would be in music terms.She replied, “In music terms that would be a triad chord [laughs]. I am honestly grateful to God for allowing my music to be able to have an impact on so many people’s lives. When talking about the streams, my fans are just incredible and they make all of this possible by supporting me in every way. We don’t do this for the awards, we do it because we love what we do, but it is always great to be recognized for what we bring”.

There was one particular moment we discussed where, just after winning one award, she discovered (while backstage!) that she had won another immediately afterwards! “That was just so funny, we were backstage and the person accompanying me was just asking me to wait, probably just protocol. And then next thing it turns out I’ve won again! It was totally unexpected!”The Sound of Revival star’s night was pitch-perfect. However, the aftermath threatened to ruin it all when her fellow Best Artist nominee, Kelly Khumalo, went onto social media to complain after losing out to Ntokozo Mbambo. Without dwelling on the matter too much, we asked Ntokozo how she dealt with that moment as the topic trended for days on social media.

In her opinion, it was best to ignore it all. She said, “In these moments I always look to God and ask God to work through me. So I was not compelled to do or say anything, as a team we also decided not to respond. Instead, we wanted to focus on what mattered most – winning three awards at the SAMAs and making ourselves, our fans and families proud”.

Now, the victory lap for Lavish Worship continues. When asked what fans can look forward to next she revealed “We shot a lot of visual performances of the songs on Lavish Worship. Now feels like a great time to work on releasing those in the next few months and fans can look out for more live videos like our 2023 Sound of Revival performance”.

Umkhokha: The Curse’ character Ndoda Gumede who recently joined Mzansi Magic’s drama has reportedly died

The TVSA Umkhokha: The Curse December teasers confirm that Difa (Sibonile Ngubane) and Mamzobe’s (Deli Malinga) son, Ndoda may have committed suicide.

While viewers of the faith-based telenovela predicted that Gabisile or Nobuntu died on Friday’s episode, the teasers reveal that the sisters are still alive.



The Thursday 28 December teaser reads: “MaMzobe feels left out when Difa, Gabisile and Nobuntu leave for the pilgrimage without her”.

The teaser proves that fan-favourite characters Gabisile and Nobuntu are still alive, and their brother may have died as he’s not mentioned.

Fans believed Gabisile committed suicide as she attempted to end her life by drowning and hasn’t been coping with her mother’s secrets.

Viewers also predicted Nobuntu was the one who shot herself on Friday’s episode as actress, Kwezi Ndlovu who plays the role of Nobuntu is pregnant in real life.The Umkhokha: The Curse teasers also state that Difa will lash Ndoda’s body after Mamzobe failed to lash Mlungisi and Xolile’s bodies.

Monday, 4 December: “Difa tries to calm down his family before he has to do the worst he has ever had to do – lash his child’s lifeless body”.

Mamzobe will also reveal she never lashed Xolile’s body, which will lead Difa into digging up her body and lashing her corpse.

Wednesday, 6 December: “MaMzobe struggles with the guilt of having not lashed Xolile’s body while Difa makes plans to exhume Mlungisi’s body and lash it.”

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift at the Renaissance film premiere in London

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift crossed the pond for the premiere of the Renaissance tour film in London last night, and the looks were giving major party season inspirationEveryone adjust your posture and don your best silver looks — Beyoncé is in town.


The singer touched down in London earlier this week for the premiere of her Renaissance tour film on Thursday in Leicester Square, just five days on from the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

The LA showing brought with it some big names, with guests including Kelly Rowland, Lizzo, Janelle Monáe and Kris Jenner — and London wasn’t any different.Attendees included Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Michelle Williams, Will.i.am and Jay Z (likely place for him to be). Swift’s attendance was a pleasant surprise, though a fitting one considering that Beyoncé attended the premiere of her Eras tour film back in October.

Bey worked the red carpet with Blue Ivy in tow. The mother-daughter duo shared a cute moment when Beyoncé realised Blue was cold during the photo call, requesting that she be given a coat by an aide.
Queen Bee on the other hand, was not in need of a cover-up, as she was all wrapped up in a black sequin bodysuit by Thom Browne, save for a gold peek-a-boo moment at the crotch in the form of a gold lotus-like emblem.

The 29-time Grammy winner was also rocking the platinum blonde, poker straight hair she first debuted at the Los Angeles film premiere on 25 November. She wore her dramatic bodysuit with black leather gloves and some towering heels, also by Thom Browne.Jay Z, for his part, wore a black velvet dinner jacket, black tuxedo trousers, a white dress shirt and an oversized velvet bow tie, with a black single-breasted coat and – of course – blacked out sunnies, to avoid the glare of the paps.

The Queen actor SK Khoza was spotted in Seoding village

In a captivating turn of events, renowned South African actor SK Khoza has become the talk of Seoding Village, as social media erupted with excitement following a post by resident Bungi Maitsy Kgocnyane.
The post, expressing disbelief at having “The Queen” actor as a neighbor, quickly gained traction, sparking curiosity and amusement across online platforms.



Bungi Maitsy Kgocnyane’s exclamation, “Wow, guess who is my neighbor. I was stunned! IYOH! Well, I was like dreaming Shaka, an actor of ‘The Queen’ in Seoding,” set off a wave of speculation and intrigue.

A subsequent photo surfaced, featuring SK Khoza alongside three containers, suggesting an unexpected stay in Seoding after allegedly heading to Kuruman for a gig. Despite the social media buzz, the actor’s visit to the village appears more playful rumor than a serious relocation.

While the purpose of SK Khoza’s presence in Seoding remains unclear, fans have embraced the excitement of seeing the actor enjoying life.

As the online chatter continues, fans anticipate more details about SK Khoza’s adventures in Seoding. The prevailing hope is that the positive vibes surrounding his visit will lead to a comeback on the small screen, where his acting prowess has left an indelible mark on South African entertainment.

In a separate development, traditional healer and spiritual leader Gogo Maweni face public scrutiny for her actions towards SK, a young man seeking her assistance.

SK alleges that Gogo Maweni performed a ritual that left him feeling drained and disoriented, leading to a call for her to undo the purported harm.

The incident has triggered a broader discourse on the role of traditional healers and spiritual leaders in society.

While some argue for their responsibility to use their powers for good, assisting those in need, others contend that they should have the autonomy to wield their abilities as they see fit.
As the controversy unfolds, many await Gogo Maweni’s response to the calls for rectification. The incident prompts a critical examination of the responsibilities of spiritual leaders and the ethical use of their powers, stirring a collective conversation about the impact of their actions on individuals and society at large.

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