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Fabulous Ghana Weaving Styles 2020

Ghana weaving is a very popular way to style your hair that has now spread way beyond its original location and is loved by ladies all around Africa. Nigerian Ghana weaving styles, also known as banana braids or cornrows, are rocked both by fashionistas and celebrities all around the world. If you’ve always wanted to try this style, here is a complete guide to Ghana weaving 2019.As it’s clear from the name of this hairstyle, ghana weaving hairstyle 2017 originated in Ghana. This type of braids has a very specific method that requires hair to be braided super closely to the scalp using a special upward motion to form rows and changing the shape and thickness of each row by increasing or decreasing the amount of hair being used. Although Ghana weaving hairstyles are often referred to as cornrows, there is a very important difference, as Ghana braids are worn exclusively by women, while cornrows can be often seen on men as well.

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beautiful pictures of olive hair 2019

Brown hair color shades which complement your skin tone

Brown or brunette hair is a general hair color which work on women with cool and warm undertones. Those with neutral skin colors will also look well with brown hair. If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair in this color, then here are the different brown hair color shades which can complement your skin and eye color.This hair shade has green or blue undertones, though these undertones are not that apparent. This color is best for women who want to have brunette hair minus the common red undertones. Women with cool undertones will look dazzling in this hair tone. Any contrasting hair color will work great as highlights for ash brown hair. If you want to make a statement, try putting red highlights on your ash brown hair!
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Top hairstyles for braids African hair 2020

Before knowing hairstyles for braids, you should know what braid is. We also call braid as plait. Braid is a complex pattern or structure which is created by interlacing 3 or more strands of hair. It is considered as the trendiest and easiest hairstyle. Braided hair looks very attractive and fashionable. During summer month braids can be your rescuer. If you are looking for how to style braids then click here and get to know about it.

You can style your hair by using different kinds of braids hairstyle. In African American community, braided hairstyles are a foundation stone. These types of hairstyles were preferred by different types of people. There are various charming hairstyles which can be done with braids. Braids hairstyles are one of the oldest hairstyles and always in fashion. Here is a list of best and attractive braided hairstyles.

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Outstanding Havana Twist for African woman 2019

Havana twist is trending African American hairstyle that is recently featured by some very popular celebrities on the screen. Some popular media faces like Beyoncé Cole and many others have done this hairstyle. You can have this look from the combination of different twist and turns of hair design. By the sound, the name seems very romantic and if you have heard about this for the first time then you may have wondered. Don’t think it’s some kind of peculiar design, under the Google search engine you can find many Havana twist design, you may find it different because you are not yet part of this design. You can make the twist for both thick and thin hair, regardless of its size the design is more flexible for long hair and in short hair too. The Havana twist braids are trending in Pinterest and Instagram these days if you make closer look the curly hair are more popular in the web.


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Natural Hair And Braiding In Africa 2019

known for their flexibility and functionality. On the other hand, they last quite long. Although you will need to go for regular re-twist each month. But this is something that you can learn to do on your awn, thus avoid spending extra money on this to know some nice looks for wearing short unruly coils. Before going drastically short, I would advice you get ready.For what? For all the attention you are going to get with your hair short and jazzy! This is basically very attractive style that will allow you make a statement and show off your individuality

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