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Deborah’s Son Who Married Nomncebo Zikode Of The Jerusalem Fame.

Nomncebo Zikode, a South African songstress, risked the intensity of the limelight by standing on both legs, and as the well-known proverb states, “fortune favors the brave,” she was rewarded for her efforts with success in every aspect of her life. She established a respectable reputation for herself as perhaps the most pleasant voice in the industry.






Given that her imaginative works in a joint effort with Master KG’s reality hit tune, Jerusalem, has given her wings to fly as possibly the best craftsman on the planet, Nomncebo is so exceptional and is in her own class. This is due to the fact that her imaginative works were a part of the joint effort.

Her participation in the ability hunting competition that was organized by Ukhozi FM in 2003 was the performance in the music scene that will stick out in people’s memories the most. She needed approximately 10.5 years to get her music career off the ground.

When the news came as music in my ears that this capable 36-year-old lark is hitched to the child of notorious gospel music, Mam’ Deborah Frazer, I could hardly handle it. This news came as music in my ears.

A significant number of us had close to zero familiarity with this, which led us to conclude that she is married, but we had no clues or even the slightest idea as to who actually is her spouse.

In order to put an end to the story, Nomncebo Zikode gets married to Selwyn Frazer. Ziyanda, who was born first, and Mnotho Frazer are both healthy and beautiful additions to the family they have created together.

It is generally accepted that in addition to being Nomncebo’s spouse, Selwyn Frazer also serves in the capacity of her manager. She is one of the luckiest women in the world to have the most ideal companion watching over her.

Funeral Service Of Deborah Fraser, See What People Noticed At The Service? Mzansi Is Saddened

There is a heartbreaking video going around the internet right now. It shows flowers next to Deborah Fraser’s coffin, which has made a lot of people cry. Deborah Fraser, an important gospel singer, has died after a short illness.

Fraser died at age 56, with her family and friends by her side. A lot of people are crying because the flowers that were put next to her coffin are something they never expected to see.

Fraser’s family said in a statement that she had died yesterday afternoon. Out of all the years we’ve lived through, 2022 has become the worst.

“It makes me very sad to tell you that our beloved mother, sister, aunt, friend, and Gospel musician Deborah Fraser died after a short illness. She died today, Sunday, after noon, with her family and friends by her side.

The family also asked for time alone to deal with their loss.

“As Deborah Fraser’s family, we need time to think about and deal with this terrible situation. The public will be kept up to date on any new information.”

A few weeks ago, the Abanye Bayombona singer asked people to pray for her because health problems had put her in a wheelchair.

People think that she was in the hospital last year from February to March because she was sick.

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She told TshisaLIVE in an interview that she couldn’t walk, and she asked for love and help.

“I can’t walk yet. I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s because I was in bed for a long time. It’s hard to get used to a different way of life. I’m asking for love, I’m asking for prayers.”

On social media, people were worried about her health, especially her fans, because she was still determined to do what she loved, which was music.



Fraser did a lot more than just sing gospel. She also helped people in need when she could.

Fraser started out in music as a backup singer. In 2000, she released an album called Abanye Bayombona.

The singer has been in the business for a long time and has won many awards for her work. Her gospel songs have touched many people in South Africa.

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Faith Nketsi Getting A Divorce Already?

Faith Nketsi is a South African influencer, and reality star. She is known to have what most people refer to as a perfect body. Nketsi has allowed people into her space, through her reality show ‘Have Faith’. She is also popularly known as queen Twerk.



She had now changed her surname to Njilo, as she just got married not so long ago. It hasn’t even been a month already, but it seems as though trouble is following her and her husband. Faith has been married for less than 3 month, but she has now removed her husband’s surname from her Instagram. There are still people who believe that Faith Married her husband for money.

About a month ago, Faith Nketsi’s Husband,Nzuzo Njilo was reported to be allegedly facing criminal arrest. This was after he was reported for fraud charges worth close to R1m. Do you think she removed the surname because there is trouble in paradise.

Zahara Calls Out Dj Sbu And TK Nciza For Exploitation

Zahara came into the entertainment industry by a storm after her debut album titled Loliwe dominated the radio waves. She quickly became a household name from 2011 leading up to now. Things haven’t been looking good for the artist especially after the controversial stories about how she was ripped of her royalties for the album by Dj Sbu who owns TS Records. Join us as we unpack more of the story below.


Entertainment Commentator Musa Khawula has shared a video snippet that was screen grabbed from Zahara’s Instagram live. She is seen spilling the beans about what happened between him and Dj Sbu. If you’d recall properly, Zahara was under TS Records. That’s where her album Loliwe was released before the drama emerged. Just like most artists, she failed to read the contractual agreement between her and the record label.

Watch the video:

In the past few days she made headlines after it was revealed that she stands to lose her house due to failure to keep up with payments. According to TimesLive, the installment for the house is R17 665 (it actually amounts to R1.9 million). She was given a 6 day grace period by Nedbank to make payments, failure to do so it might be put on auction.

Reaction on social media

It’s actually not the first time that the artist has called out Dj Sbu for exploitation. The album and all the songs that were released under TS Records were removed from digital streaming services and moved to the new record label she’s under. All the royalties have been shared amongst the parties stipulated in the contract but Dj Sbu was entitled to a bigger piece of the pie.

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Deborah Fraser Died Broke Because Of This Man?

Fraser passed on this past Sunday, 15 May 2022. The family released a statement that said that she passed on after a short illness. During her memorial service, it was revealed that she died poor.

People are now failing to understand how Deborah Fraser died poor after making so a number of hits. Some are even blaming other celebrities for not looking out for each other. They believe something should have been done to assist her, by those who are in the same industry with her.

Word has it that she would maybe have not passed on as a poor person, had she has not married a scammer. It is said that, a few years ago, she got married to a non-South African man who had disguised himself as a pastor, and was later discovered to be a scammer. When they divorced, she realized an album, but did not get as much recognition as the previous albums. So that is where people believe all her money went.

Another issue that people raised is that, in the music industry or entertainment industry as a whole, you get paid only when you so the work. The fact that they do not have a stable income, means they should always invest, or have a business that they will fall back on should something go wrong.