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Did you know House of Zwide actors Sandile and Ona & Nkosi and Shoki are dating in real life?

Is Shoki And Nkosi Dating In Real Life? There is no concrete evidence suggesting that Shoki and Nkosi from ‘House of Zwide’ are dating in real life. House of Zwide revolves around the journey of Onalerona Molapo, a young girl from Tembisa who harbors grand aspirations of working for the renowned fashion designer, Funani Zwide. The series takes viewers on an enthralling ride as Onalerona and Funani uncover the haunting secrets that have shaped their lives.





The show premiered on 19 July 2021 in South Africa and is created by The Bomb Shelter production company. It boasts a talented team of executive producers, including Desireé Markgraaf and Anant Singh, who have brought their expertise to bring this telenovela fashion drama romance to life.

House of Zwide draws inspiration from the novel “House of Aside” written by Brenda Mukhwevo and Vusi Kunene. This captivating source material serves as the foundation for the intricate storytelling and complex character development witnessed throughout the series.

The original network broadcasting House of Zwide is, ensuring that audiences across South Africa have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the compelling narrative and stunning fashion-centric world that unfolds on their screens.

The series intertwines elements of drama, romance, and the glamorous world of fashion, creating a genre blend that keeps viewers hooked. It delves into the lives of its characters, exploring their dreams, desires, and the challenges they face along the way. From the bustling streets of Tembisa to the high-end fashion houses, House of Zwide showcases the contrasts and conflicts that arise in pursuit of one’s ambitions.

As the story progresses, Onalerona and Funani discover the hidden truths that have shaped their pasts. These revelations bring about a deeper understanding of themselves and their intertwined destinies. Audiences are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, witnessing the characters’ growth, resilience, and ultimately their ability to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their dreams.

With its captivating storyline, talented cast, and stunning fashion aesthetics, House of Zwide offers viewers an immersive experience into the world of ambition, passion, and the indomitable human spirit. Is Shoki and Nkosi Dating in Real Life?
Contrary to their onscreen romance, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Nkosi and Shoki, the characters from the television series House of Zwide, are involved in a real-life romantic relationship. After conducting thorough research, iHarare has gathered information indicating that the actors portraying these characters lead completely separate lives when they are offscreen.

Despite the convincing portrayal of their romantic connection on the show, it is important to distinguish between the fictional narrative and the actors’ personal lives. Actors often invest their skills and talents in bringing characters to life, creating believable relationships onscreen. However, their personal relationships and dynamics are distinct from the characters they play.

In the case of Nkosi and Shoki, the actors behind these roles lead separate lives beyond the House of Zwide set. They may have their own individual interests, relationships, and commitments outside of their professional endeavors. While their onscreen chemistry might have captivated audiences, it does not necessarily imply that a real-life romantic relationship exists between them.

It is crucial to approach celebrity gossip and rumors with caution, as speculation and hearsay can easily spread misinformation. It is advisable to rely on reliable sources and official statements from the individuals involved to ascertain the nature of their personal relationships. Until credible evidence or confirmation is provided, it would be premature to conclude that Nkosi and Shoki from House of Zwide are dating offscreen.

Cindy Mahlangu And Sandile Mahlangu- Are They Really Related?

Cindy Mahlangu And Sandile Mahlangu- Are They Really Related?

Since they joined eTV’s Scandal where they act as lovers, Cindy Mahlangu and Sandile Mahlangu have had viewers on the edge of their seats with their scheming ways

The two literally joined Scandal to cause havoc in Romeo Medupe’s life. However, their surname Mahlangu has had people questioning whether the two are related in real life.



Cindy Mahlangu and Sandile Mahlangu both hail from Mpumalanga. Cindy Mahlangu, full name Cindy Thando Mahlangu (born 21 November 1996, Standerton, Mpumalanga, South African), actress and model known for playing the role of Violetta Mamba in etv soapie drama Scandal!
Cindy Mahangu’s first professional acting role was in the show The Herd. Apart from that, she has also played the role of Kayise in the show Makoti.

Cindy also played the role of Siyanda in Mzansi Magic’s soapie drama The Queen. She has also managed to film the series Blood and Water, which is a Netflix original and has been featured as the December 2018 Essay magazine cover girl.

You can follow Cindy Mahangu’s facebook page here

Cindy Mahlangu is said to be romantically linked with Bafana Bafana and French side Amiens SC midfielder Bongani Zungu.

Sandile Mahlangu, full name Sandile Vincent Mahlangu (born 06 September 1993, Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South African), actor and television personality known for playing the role of Simo Shabangu in etv soapie drama Scandal!

Sandile Mahlangu has been featured as the character Cash in the soapie Rhythm City in July 2016 and has featured in commercials for KFC, Debonairs Pizza, Halls, Sunbet International, Cell C and Stimorol.

In 2018, he appeared in the film Shaft 6, a mystery set in a small mining town.

Sandile played the role of Cheezeboi in Isithembiso and his starring role as Siyanda in the second season of the SABC 1 sitcom Single Guyz.

There has been no direct link to prove they are related in any way although Cindy Mahlangu and Sandile Mahlangu share the same surname and hail from Mpumalanga.

Sad scenes : Ex-Orlando Pirates star Papi Khomane laid to rest

The former Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates player was buried on Saturday, 2 December.

The soccer legend Papi Khomane (48) tragically died in a car crash last Saturday.Papi was fondly remembered by his family and those close to him as humble and a straight talker.“When he didn’t like something, he would tell you straight but in a calm manner,” said his brother Mokete Khomane.


“He was a caring person and used to show this to all of us.”Papi was buried alongside his mother, Rita Nomasonto Khomane, and uncle, Moffat Norman Nkosi.

The funeral service was conducted at Soweto’s University of Joburg.

Papi and his mom were members of the Uniting Reformed Church of Southern Africa.

Papi was roped under the Christian Men’s Ministry.The three were buried at the Nasrec Memorial Park.

The three died on the way to the funeral in Newcastle in KZN.

Papi was not driving at the time, and the driver is believed to have lost control after a tyre failure.

The driver and another passenger survived, but Papi, his mother and uncle died.

Tributes for the former Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates player had been pouring in since the tragic news surfaced.

Hundreds of friends, soccer lovers, family members and his church gathered at the hall at the University of Joburg’s Soweto campus.

The mourners were singing songs of praise, celebrating his life.

Amadodana were leading hymns, and in a joyous mood, mourners joined and sang.

His distraught wife couldn’t utter anything, and the sadness in her face said it all.

Makhadzi owns SARS over R6 million

Makhadzi is reportedly owing the South African Revenue Services (SARS) over R6 million. The star owns numerous assets, which include houses and cars. According to Zimoja, a source revealed that the singer’s former manager and record label, Open Mic Productions is to be blamed for the debt. “She worked with two managers. Both these management companies failed to assist her with filing her taxes. This has caused a heavy backlog for the singer,” the insider says.“When she joined Open Mic, she was already owing, and the debt accumulated. bShe cannot afford to have those taken away from her. So, she will fix it. Makhadzi’s manager Lucky Tshilimandila confirmed that the singer is in debt. Yes, we acknowledge the debt. It goes back to 2016. Makhadzi currently has an arrangement with SARS.“With that, we want to make sure that we do everything according to the book. We went out and got new accountants to deal directly with the issue. The same way we got a legal team to take care of all paperwork and legalities. Makhadzi is learning. We can put the blame on her when she doesn’t give a great performance on stage but we can’t blame her for accounting issues and tax matters.” Lucky says.





Mihlali Ndamase’s beautiful Goddess look wows Mzansi

Popular Mzansi influencer Mihlali Ndamase set social media abuzz after she dropped her picture-perfect photos on Instagram. She is undoubtedly pretty as a picture and is not shy to show it.





The bubbly reality star is topping trends after her banging photos made rounds on social media.The now-viral photos have gained thousands of comments and reactions since they were dropped on the internet. Taking to Instagram, Ndamase shared a series of photos wearing a golden top and complimented her look with jewelry.

The photos left many drooling. Her followers were more than convinced that she looked like a princess. However, Mzansi was quick to implicate her age into the mix. How old is Mihlali Ndamase?

@thuliphongolo commented: “Oh my! .”

@boity posted: “”

@tanya_the_therapist commented: “Are you even real.”

The bubbly influencer recently celebrated her birthday in style. Her fans were more than puzzled that she was 27 years old. Ndamase was born on 29 November 1996 in Kokstad, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.She once rubbished claims that she is dating Leeroy Sidambe for money. The two have often wowed Mzansi with their couple’s goals, from lush anniversaries to random surprises.

A few months ago, she was topping trends after showing her new body. Mzansi was more than convinced that she went under the knife for her new hourglass body.