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Former Idols winners Yanga Sobetwa and Paxton Fielies cause a frenzy with their recent post.

Idols SA has given many contestants a fair chance in life. It’s not only the winners that got to have success after the show, even the runners ups and also the contestants. They have proven that use every opportunity that is given to you and make the most of it.

Yanga Sobetwa is a former winner of Idols SA. She was the youngest on the show and managed to come out on top. She has made a name for herself in the industry. One of her songs Little girl blow up tremendously.

She has teamed up with Paxton Fielies, who is also a former winner. “Photodump of @paxtonfielies_ and I being besties for a sec♥️😊, have you heard and seen our song and music video Catch me ? Link on bio ♥️!”. We are happy to see them teaming up. The song is a banger, not disappointing at all. Be sure to support to them.

Jessica Nkosi finally speaks out about the Fergusons

This week fans payed honor for Thato who was Jerry Maake’s nephew.And Jessica had this to say about the Fergusons before that let share what Thato expected to say about the creation association. This is what he wrote in his twitter account “When I joined the sovereign in season 2 I was especially merry as it was my first gig on TV, and I won’t lie and say that I didn’t gain some uncommon experiences with the Fergusons because I did and now it is the ideal chance for me to continue to research a more prominent measure of my capacity “.he said.

Jessica Nkosi moreover didn’t allow a chance to pass to thank the Fergusons for their master strategies for doing things she said “when I went to where they shoot their action scenes and I asked concerning whether they are doing a film or it still the sovereign scene”.She said that she has never worked with people who are so master and s talented.

Jessica was examining the scene he shot with Thato and her story father Hector she said she gained some unprecedented experiences shooting this scene and like the way in which it looked so real.They are generally happy that they passed on what fans required something that is convincing to viewpoints and they are lively they did that,and she ensured that the sovereign will keep passing on this kind of scenes.

Ifani On Being Insensitive Towards AKA

When he made fun of his foe, AKA, who is going through a difficult time. Rapper and TV host Ifani clearly forgot to read the atmosphere. When it comes to his feud with the mourning rapper AKA. Ifani who is one of the few rappers of pioneer Xhosa raps, refuses to let go of the past.
The rapper decided to to mock AKA this morning, claiming he does not care for him. Many people told him to just let it go after he ridiculed AKA in such a distasteful way. Ifani tweeted regarding the on-going divorce for Black Coffee and Mbali and said he felt sorry for him. “As well as AKA” because they are celebrities and their dirty laundries are on full display to the public.

The Xhosa rapper tweeted, “I’m so glad I’m not a celebrity anymore. I feel for Nkosinathi. I feel for Kiernan. No, wait, sungxoma. I feel for Nkosinathi nqa.” Of course many people found this tweet insensitive and did not appreciate it.Many people don’t expect Ifani and AKA to be friends after their tragic ordeal, but many revealed that a little courtesy would have been appreciated by Magacy. Others went on to give an example about Cassper Nyovest who chose not to say anything regarding AKA’s recent lose of his fiance, even thought everyone knows that they don’t see eye to eye.

RIP Jack Mabaso From Generations:The Legacy

Tonight is reportedly the last episode of Jack Mabaso on Generations The Legacy. Well as we all know that our mzansi actress or actors comes and go. We have variety of celebrities who have become popular because of generations. Mzansi will have to bid farewell to generations The Legacy actor popular known as Jack Mabaso.

Jack Mabaso whose real name is Vusi Kunene is a South African actor, best known for his role as Jack Mabaso in Generations and its continuation, Generations: The Legacy.

Vusi Kunene has been in s soapie for more tgan 5 years. Its sad that we goingto witness his death. We always knew that he will be leaving the show but after coming out of prison we thought that his not going to hide anymore as he will reinstate his position. While we happy thay Jack Mabaso’s return to the Generations to boost ratings? Well it seems not all viewers are impressed by the come-back.

In todays episode we are going to see Three Russian thugs and a chainsaw make for a very bad combination. His leaving Generations becasue he wabt to persuade other ventures.

AKA has responded to the allegations of GBV via his lawyer.

There is video which of AKA in his home in Bryanston smashing things and glass broke which have rised eyebrows but his relationship with Nelli.

It seem like AKA killed his girlfriend in a domestic rage, though the NPA haven’t confirmed, the matter is still under investigation but there are lot speculations and these have got Women for Change, a Non Profit Organization to call for radios, streaming services and fans to stop supporting AKA’s music and other projects. And if this happens, it is going to be the end of AKA.

Tony Forbes AKA’s father, second from the left, has spoken out in his son’s defence

The father says he condemn all forms of gender based violence but he thinks that they should let the law takes its course instead of taking law into their hands and end up punishing an innocent person.

Though some close sources have accused AKA of abusing Nelli for such a long time.

AKA spoke through Rudolph Baloyi, he have chosen not to speak direct to the public.

“Mr Forbes takes the current events playing out since this past Sunday seriously. It is regrettable that he and his brand are now associated with GBV. However, he assures his fans and the public that he is not a perpetrator of GBV. In due time he will respond fully to all questions and queries,” Baloyi said.

Both the lawyer and his father said, AKA is destressed