Connie Ferguson’s younger sister and grandson steal hearts with their recent picture.





Parents always ask for grandchildren from their children as soon as they are old enough. Mostly it is for the grandchildren to keep them company and of course for them to spoil the children. Every parent looks forward to loving and being a safe place for their children and their cabs.

Connie Ferguson is fortunate to be a beautiful grandmother to the cutest little man. The actress and businesswoman’s first daughter, Lesedi has a boy named Ro. He is one of the children as memes.

She has a younger sister names Atosie Pilane who is a producer at Ferguson Films. She has worked on The Queen season 4, The Imposter Season 1 and many more. She shared a picture of her and her grandson, he is seen planting a kiss on her cheek. He has obviously stolen her fan’s attention. This one is going to break hearts when he grows up. So much cuteness.