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‘I was abused’ – Sfiso Ncwane’s baby mama Nonku Williams spills the beans

Businessman and Real Housewives of Durban’s Nonku Williams has opened up about her abusive marriage.Post main image

In a tearful and emotional four-minute video clip, titled “My Journey of Survival and Triumph”, she talks about her abusive marriage and how she survived it all.

The video clip was later shared on her Instagram account on Saturday.

In the video, she said: “Please allow me to share my journey. It’s not easy. As I speak I’m actually holding tears because the journey is hard.“I can come here looking all glammed up. Most people tell me I’m strong, but you know sometimes I hate that word because I’m not strong,” she said.

“I cry alone. I kneel down and ask God why I have so much of a burden.”

“I’ve never seen so much love. God knows me. He loves me. I went through a horrible marriage. I was abused mentally, physically and emotionally.“I was told I’d never amount to anything, but today you’re looking at a woman who’s found herself, who has found her identity. I know who I am and I know what I stand for.

“Yes, the battle is hard. Every day I have to remind myself that I’m alive and I have promise. I have three beautiful children. I’m blessed. Every day I look at myself in the mirror and remind myself that.”

She thanked her friends for being there for her.

“I appreciate all of you. I know I’m stubborn, but I also have faith. I don’t care what happens but I’ll never fall. Even if I do I shall rise again,” she said.

“Thank you so much for your support. It can look small but for me it’s big. Things have happened, and a whole lot has happened, but I have God.”

A handful of tweeps assured her that they could relate.

“You’re so authentic… love your story and I’m sure most females can relate to you,” wrote Magalelakazi.

Another Twitter user, Zama.yvonne, said: “Oh Nonku Nonku, I’m your fan and I truly admire you and your strength. Indeed it can only be God. Just like you said, God loves you so much, sisi. What I like most about you, having watched the RHOD, you are so authentic which is what makes you a true person.

“Never ever change who you are and know that you sharing your experiences in life is indeed encouraging and inspiring a lot of people, especially women out there. Thank you so much and I love you my sister. I hope to meet you in person one day.”

Sizwe Khoza commended: “My absolute favourite lady in this show. You’re so authentic, an amazing mother, sister, daughter. Keep pushing. You’re meant for greater things.”

Rapper Duncan reveals his gorgeous girlfriend

Duncan’sRAPPER Duncan’s finally revealed his real bae in public after he became a laughing stock when his proposal went wrong in 2019.

Duncan, whose real name is Siphamandla Mbambo, posted a photo of himself and his bae on Facebook on Friday, 19 February and added a caption saying she’s been his wife since 2014.

He also revealed the proposal he did to a woman on Valentine’s Day two years ago was a publicity stunt.

The unknown girl had refused to go live on DJ Tira’s Facebook page when Duncan was kneeling down and proposing.

Some Mzansi people sympathised with Duncan while others were laughing after the woman refused to marry him when he proposed in front of many people at Gateway Mall, north of Durban.

He said he was pushing his single titled Sthandwa Sam Sak’dala, featuring Thee Legacy.

“In 2019 I was seeking attention for my song that was going to be released on 14 February during Valentine’s Day,’’ he said.“I planned the whole thing with my team and that’s why we were live using DJ Tira’s phone because he has more followers on Facebook than me.”

Duncan from KwaMashu, north of Durban, said they knew they were going to trend about the publicity stunt.

“Before we did it, I went home and explained it to my parents and told them I’d do the stunt proposal. I told them to not take it seriously because I was pushing my work.

“People must stop sympathising with me because I was pushing my song,” he said.

Duncan said he last saw the woman he proposed to on that day at the mall.

He said those who don’t believe him should tag the woman to confirm they were doing a stunt.

Duncan, who didn’t want to mention the name of his “wife”, said if people are really clever they’d know he wouldn’t go to such a busy mall to propose.

Nonku Williams recounts how she survived her abusive marriage

Nonku Williams has taken to her social media to share a 4 minute video of herself sharing hoe she was abused by her ex-husband as she titled the video, “My Journey of Survival and Triumph”.

The reality star s the founder of Ashes to Beauty Winery and many were proud of her for speaking up on what has been eating her up for quite sometime now.

In the video she shared, the businesswoman started off by singing and got really emotional sharing how she survived the abusive marriage.

Williams started off: “Please allow me to share my journey. It’s not easy. As I speak I’m actually holding tears because the journey is hard.

She mentioned that although people feels she is strong due to all her beautiful dresses and her lovely makeup but deep down in her, she isn’t strong.

Shocker!! Nonku Williams Was Abused By Her Husband “I cry alone…”

Post main imageReality star and businesswoman, Nonku Williams dropped another bomb on Mzansi this weekend when she revealed in a 4 minute video titled “My Journey of Survival and Triumph” that she was abused by her ex-husband.

Williams began singing in the video, then got emotional when she opened up about how she survived the abusive marriage.She began by stating: “Please allow me to share my journey. It’s not easy. As I speak I’m actually holding tears because the journey is hard.

I come here looking all glammed up. Most people tell me I’m strong, but you know sometimes I hate that word because I’m not strong.

I cry alone. I kneel down and ask God why I have so much burden.

I’ve never seen so much love. God knows me. He loves me. I went through a horrible marriage. I was abused mentally, physical and emotionally.

I was told, I’d never amount to anything, but today you’re looking as a woman who’s found herself, who has found her identity. I know who I am and I know what I stand for.
I appreciate all of you. I know I’m stubborn, but I also have faith. I don’t care what happens but I’ll never fall. Even if I do, I shall rise again.

Thank you so much for your support. It can look small but for me, its big. Things have happened, and a whole lot has happened.”
previously revealed that Williams dropped a bombshell on Ayanda Ncwane on the reality show, The Real Housewives of Durban when she informed her that she has a daughter with her late husband, Sfiso Ncwane who was a gospel star.

Williams who is the founder of Ashes to Beauty Winery received public backlash for revealing the big news on the show. They also applauded Ayanda for taking the news like a lady and not causing drama.

Williams who isn’t a fan-favourite at the moment has detested Ayanda since the beginning.She began: “I know about you, but you don’t know about me,” then announced that one of her children is fathered by the late Sfiso Ncwane.

Sfiso’s family also confirmed Williams theory that they know about Sfiso’s daughter with her and would like to see as she’s a spitting image of her late father.

Watch more drama between Williams and Ncwane on The Real Housewives of Durban on Showmax!

Babes Wodumo’s Drastic Weight Loss Is she ok?

Post main image

 Babes Wodumo is currently focussed on maintaining love-and-money-lives-here with her fiancé, stable mate, collaborator, etc., Mampintsha Shimora. The celebrity couple that is en route to finally saying I do, have for the past couple of years kept the tumultuousness of their relationship away from the scrutiny of the media. A skill that has been honed following the two discovering how detrimental it can be for a relationship to continue growing when placed under the scrutiny of the media. However, recently the “Indando Kazi” musician faced some scrutiny on Twitter when the matter of her weight was rehashed. This is not the first that the matter has been brought up. The first was during her and Mapintsha’s “Bonnie & Clyde” era. An image of the musician surfaced which suggested that she had a lost a drastic amount of weight. Due to the context of the time the image went viral, suggestions were that Babes Wodumo leaned on substance abuse to deal with the abuse that she faced at the hands of her now fiancé.

But then she returned with new music and supporting visuals and the conversation of her weight was forgotten. Moreover, there were even suggestions that she was pregnant that were later dismissed. Therefore, when a recent image of the star surfaced and due to the awkward pose she was standing in, she was suggested to have continued on the trajectory of losing more weight. However, due to the current status of her relationship, the blame has not fallen on Mampintsa. But the weight loss has been attributed to the allegations that Babes Wodumo is a substance abuse addict.

Isibaya’s Lillian; Linda Sebezo is excited to be joining a new show in April

The veteran actress from the now defunct; Isibaya joins The State in April. Linda Sebezo who played Lillian; in Isibaya is happy to have found a new home in a brand new show.

The State; will air on SABC3 from April. Fans of the veteran actress will be happy to see Sebezo playing a different role of a politician; called Goniwe.

The role is of a politician who was exiled in the 80s and has now returned to South Africa after it gained it’s democracy. Her new role has an interest in helping people of Mzansi; as she wants to build schools and clinics for the community.

The award winning actress says Goniwe is different from Lillian who was sweet; bubbly and loved relationships. Goniwe is an activist and an exile returnee; who wants South Africans to prosper.

Though she is starting a new chapter in her illustrious career; after transitioning from Isibaya; she is mindful of her former Isibaya cast members; as they also begin their own new chapters in the acting field.

Sebezo wished her former Isibaya cast members success and urged them to persevere as there are many opportunities available this year; compared to last year; when the pandemic began.

Happy Birthday to Rihanna, 33 years looks Beautiful

appy 33rd birthday to one of the most successful and influential icons of our time. Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian singer, actress, and business woman. Born in Saint Michael and raised in Bridgetown Barbados, Rihanna was discovered by American record producer Evans Roger who invited her to the United States to record demo tapes. Yet that was just the beginning.

Today her sales are over 250 million records worldwide, Rihanna became one of the best selling music artist of all time. She later earned 14 number ones and 31 top-ten singles in the U.S and 30 top-ten entries in the UK. Her accolades includes nine Grammy Awards, 13 American music awards, 12 Billboard music awards and six Guinness world record. Forbes ranked her among the top ten highest paid celebrity in the 2012 and 2014 ; as of 2019 she became the wealthiest female musician, with an estimated net worth of $600 million.

Aside from music, Rihanna is known for her involvement in the humanitarian causes, entrepreneurial ventures and the fashion industry. She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization Clara Lionel Foundation, and cosmetic brands Fenty Beauty.

Seems there is no stop her as she continues to grow. We wish her a happy birthday.

Pic!! Unathi’s Reveals Secrets To Her Weight Loss “It’s taken me more than 10 years…”

Post main image
Mkayi who has always been public and frank about her weight-loss journey posted an old image of herself where she was overweight and a new image of herself in a bikini with a long heart felt message which reads:

“Once in a while I post before and after pics as you request. It’s taken me ten years to be sort of stable in this new and permanent ME.

BUT I have had to work for it. Everyday I have had to choose my dreams and that comes with work. Wanting to be happy has meant I have had to wake up and WORK on my happiness.

What cripples us at times is the fact that we want to be happy BUT we put others before us. YOU CANNOT give what you do not have. So fill yourself up first before you give to others.

And to my friends who have my number, the ONLY number I have ever had…….I’m a phone call away. YOU know who you are with your ‘Unsta I need your help to get my body back!’ And you know I always say ‘Just call me and let’s get you on an eating plan. I’ll never make you go hungry and I’ll never make you eat tasteless food.’ Some people will psyche you out. CHOOSE YOU and KNOW that you are worth it.“
Mkayi also recently opened up about some of her failures and lessons that she’s learned throughout her life in a video where she was inspiring matriculants who failed their 2020. She encouraged them to not give up on themselves and not think of harming themselves.

The businesswoman posted several videos on her Instagram where she revealed that she too failed a few grades in her life and that she was a slow learner and it took her a while to learn things.

She stated on her videos that she woke up this morning with a dying need to record the video and encouraged her followers to share it…

She mentions how she failed grade 8 and her first year at varsity and how humiliated and shattered she was.

She further stated that she didn’t want to go back to the same school where she failed grade 8, but her father insisted that she goes back and face her fears. He taught her that she must learn to face her problems head on while she was still young, to avoid running from them when she’s older…

Is This Sarah Langa’s New Bae? They look cozy

Post main imageLove is alsways a cause for celebration but in ZAlebville, but many celebs try to keep their relationships on the down low. That is not always easy with fans investigating and analysing every move they make.

While Sarah has been lying low since she announced her divorce, it seems the divorcee hasd already found a shoulder to cry on.

The influencer has been enjoying a bit of down time in Bali has social media dectectives going into overdrive.

It looks like Congolese heartthrob Danny Kals is also in Bali and happens to be taking pictures in the exact spots Sarah is, which has prompted fans to ask if the two are there together.

Popular IG page the popcornroom has all the tea, check it out below.

Sarah did say she found him hot, in 2014!

Just a few months ago she was linked to Black Coffee. According to the rumor mill the two started dating after the star studded Black Coffee Luncheon held at his house earlier this year. The two have allegedly kept everything under wraps as both are going through divorces.
Well Sarah was not about to stand around and have people speculating on her love life and shut down the baseless rumors.

“This is news to me. Our relationship is something I cannot explain. We work in the same industry. Obviously I know him, but not like that,” she told the Sunday World.
A few months ago he was said to be dating a reality show star. The rumours all started when former “Love Island” contestant Alexandra Cane tagged the DJ in a tweet. Tweeps can’t help but think Black Coffee is dating her.

The starlet who split from her ex boyfriend Adam Theobald in December last year and hasn’t been linked to anyone until Black Coffee.

She tweeted full length picture of her and her curves and captioned it: Ready for a caffeine overdose @RealBlackCoffee to which the DJ replied with “Let’s go”.

Boity Puts A Ring On It She also got candid about love.

Post main imageRapper and businesswoman, Boity Thulo has fueled rumours of her being engaged to her long-term bestie, Maps Maponyane by getting an engagement ring. She posted an image of her hand with an exquisite and expensive looking engagement ring on it on her Instagram account with the caption: “Testing the waters at the @delairegraff jewelry shop.”
also reported a few days ago that the #BoityEngagedByMaps rumours might soon become a real thing as the actress jokingly stated that she’s looking for a wedding venue.

Rumours of the two dating have been doing the rounds for years and got more hectic after Boity broke up with her boyfried and Maps broke up with Nomzamo Mbatha.

The two have attended each others birthdays in the past, exchanged expensive gifts and even have their mother’s approval if they indeed took their friendship to the next level.

Though the reality star bought herself the ring, “just to test the waters”, her followers wouldn’t be shocked if she and Maps actually tied the knot already as a lot of celebrities have shockingly announced their marriages on social media.

These celebrities include:

·Dineo Ranaka whose double barrelled surname appeared at the end of the closing credit of her Mzansi Magic show.·Amanda Du-Pont who announced her marriage after her grandmother past away.

·Phelo Bala and Moshe Sadiki who announced their one year wedding anniversary after their public fight and breakup.

·Pebetsi Matlaila who announced she was already married straight after doing an interview where she said she’s scared of marriage.

Thulo who is a big fan of all things love, also took to her Instagram account a few days ago to discuss the dos and don’ts about love.