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Kairo Forbes shows off her new expensive shoes.

Having both hardworking parents is a privilege. Your future is already guaranteed without you even doing anything. It all works even better when the child is not lazy. As a parent you can only do what you think is best. How your child turns out is entirely up to them.

Kairo Forbes is one of the fortunate celebrity children in the industry. Both her parents have secured so much bag that they can decide to retire anytime and be set for life. Not only are they set for life but so is she. The collaborations she does with her mother are cementing her future and so are her paid partnerships.

She is such a fashionista, the way she rocked her collection of sunglasses was to die for. She shared cute pictures of herself exploring. One of them was a video of herself in rocking Dolce Gabbana shoes. She is definitely living a life many people wish to have. 

“Mohale Has Turned Somizi Into A Motivational speaker “

It’s hard in the world of mjolo (relationships) for a lot of people, it’s even worse when you’re in the public eyes. Sometimes we wonder why people like to keep their relationships private but that might just be the best things to do.

It’s no secret that a lot of people have always kept their eyes and ears open when it comes to the drama that happens with some of our celebritiy relationships.

Being in the public eyes can put a target on your back, this is something we have seen time and again when it comes to Somiz’s relationship with Mohale.

Their relationship has always been questioned from the beginning. A lot of things where said about Mohale and his relationship with Somizi.

At the beginning of their relationship a lot of people wondered if Mohale had pure intentions when he got into a relationship with Somizi.


There’s so many things that have been questioned about him. His age was a concern to many people who said that he was too young for Somizi, they even went as far as saying that Mohale was a Ben10.

Furthermore it was also said that Mohale might only be with Somizi because of his fame and fortune. They said that he wanted fame through Somizi.

Then they got married and for a little while they came down a bit on Mohale who was always trolled and cyber bullied. We thought all was well.

Until last year when we heard that Somizi and Mohale Motaung had been separated, a story broke with allegations that there’s trouble in paradise with the two of them.

People wouldn’t have thought there was any truth to it but recent event might prove that to be true. They haven’t been seen together in some time.


Mohale was not even at the Bathu x Somizi launch where Somizi was launching his new business venture with Bathu Footwear. Instead we have been seeing him with his bestie Vusi Nova.

For the last few months Somizi has been up and about with his bestie Vusi Nova. They have been going on vacations and spending time together.

Despite what Somizi said about their marriage when he was being interviewed by Anele Mdoda when he said that they just needed some space away from each other.

Nowadays it looks like there’s just way too much space between them. They’re both just doing their own thing.

It would seem like since his alleged separation Somizi has been posting inspirational quotes which fans think are directed at Mohale.

Black twitter has spoken out as Somizi trends. Some are even saying that Mohale has turned Somizi into a motivational speaker. This is because of all the quotes posted on his Instagram stories.

King Monada shared a picture of his mansion

King Monada posted his new house on twitter, the singer is famously known for his hits that he has produced. He used to perform for people at small events & public spaces to make a living. He got famous in 2015 when he first released his Moreki song. People started noticing and booking him for events.

Even though he is now famous, King Monada didn’t let money change him. He is still living in his hometown in Limpopo. The house he is living in now he didn’t buy it, instead it was built for the scratch. He is currently building a new home that he showed off to his supporters and followers on social media platforms.

A lot of people had been posting their houses on social media just to let people know that if they did it then anyone else can. It just needs patience and hardwork. Some Celebrities are also currently building houses for their parents just to thank them for believing in their dreams and supporting them.

King Monada did not get the result he was hoping for when posting his house that is currently under construction. People complained about the amount of pillars he used there. Some of them are taller than the others and people were making jokes about them. None of the people on the comment section actually complimented him.

People should be able to build houses of their own dreams without having to be judged for it. Not all of us are going to like the same things and therefore we should let people be. King Monada chose to have those pillars there to support his mansion and make the house look great.

Cassper Nyovest’s baby mama leaves her fans speechless with her recent picture.

There’s nothing as fulfilling like a new mother that loves her new role. We live in times where we are surrounded by many mental illnesses, one of them being Postpartum depression. Lucky are the new mothers that do not have depression and can fully embrace their new roles.

Thobeka Majozi is a mother on the block. The Influencer and businesswoman gave birth last year to a baby boy named Khotso. She shares him with rapper and businessman Cassper Nyovest. She has been giving her fans glimpse of her and her son enjoying their mother son moments. And we are envy with green.

She has been enjoying some pool time with her son of recent. Her recent picture she is dressed beautiful in an all pink outfit. Her son is in his stroller that once broke the internet as fans saw it’s price. She looks insanely beautiful “coolest mom the block”. She is looks beautiful, her son complements her.

Natasha Wants Fan To Taste Her Food, Men Shot Their Sloppy Lines For Luck

Natasha Thahane is a one of the sweetest South African Celebrities and now she has a wish that made people, especially Men go over some boundaries trying their lazy lines with her in hope of luck.

She took to Twitter to explain how she loves her space of living alone, however in that there’s something that Natasha despise the most in living alone, the fact that you have to prepare your own food, standing in the kitchen for hours only to dish out one plate, that really said.

She wrote,” I love living alone yet i despise having to cook for one of individual. I need y’all to taste my food”.

Fan were mostly down for her food tasting with most people saying they are ready, however some comments are clearly not about the food taste. Some fans ask for location, others were even asking when they can move in.

But many people didn’t doubt her cooking skills as they clearly showed that they would love to taste, i mean who wouldn’t want to spend that 5 minutes with her?

Remember this is our favourite Celebrity that we have been watching on her days on Skeem Sam as “Entle”, but now is the star we see on Blood and Water.

She is the most beautiful soul that you can count in the entertainment industry and her pretty, Beautiful face and smile is breathtaking in every way.

So, i dont blame the fans that got overly excited about her offer until they forgot that chances of them taste her are are 2 out of 100, not to mention getting a chance in her life.