Natasha Wants Fan To Taste Her Food, Men Shot Their Sloppy Lines For Luck

Natasha Thahane is a one of the sweetest S

outh African Celebrities and now she has a wish that made people, especially Men go over some boundaries trying their lazy lines with her in hope of luck.

She took to Twitter to explain how she loves her space of living alone, however in that there’s something that Natasha despise the most in living alone, the fact that you have to prepare your own food, standing in the kitchen for hours only to dish out one plate, that really said.

She wrote,” I love living alone yet i despise having to cook for one of individual. I need y’all to taste my food”.

Fan were mostly down for her food tasting with most people saying they are ready, however some comments are clearly not about the food taste. Some fans ask for location, others were even asking when they can move in.

But many people didn’t doubt her cooking skills as they clearly showed that they would love to taste, i mean who wouldn’t want to spend that 5 minutes with her?

Remember this is our favourite Celebrity that we have been watching on her days on Skeem Sam as “Entle”, but now is the star we see on Blood and Water.

She is the most beautiful soul that you can count in the entertainment industry and her pretty, Beautiful face and smile is breathtaking in every way.

So, i dont blame the fans that got overly excited about her offer until they forgot that chances of them taste her are are 2 out of 100, not to mention getting a chance in her life.