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handmade beaded earrings ideas style for 2017

  • handmade beaded earrings can make you stand out of the crowd and can make you look extremely fashionable and stylish. Bored of wearing common style? Why not try something that gives a classy yet cute look? You should definitely try star earring designs. They are not only cute and classy but also unique and trendy. You may alsoInstant style and shine can be added to any of your outfits with sterling silver star earrings. Stars have various meanings and symbolism associated with it. Apart from all deep meanings, they are really elegant and very beautiful. All fashionable jewellery collections need to have star design

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latest pearl dangle earrings 2016 2017

Earrings are made from different material like metal, plastic, glass, precious stone, wood and other material. The designs of these earrings range from small loops and stud to large plates. The size of earring is also changed with the changed of festival and size is vary according to culture because in some culture small or medium size of earring are wearing and some culture large length earrings are used in the ear. However, lengthy earring worn over extended periods of time may lead of stretching of the earlobe and piercing.

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