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Best New wedding rings 2017

The earliest wedding bands were placed not on the fingers, but on the extremities. Since life expectancy was low and the ones to reach old age were few, people believed that one’s soul may leave the body at any moment, causing instant death. They have often tried out interesting superstitious ideas in order to keep the soul inside the body. For example, the husband wrapped the arms and legs of his new wife with grass, believing that this will prolong her life

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cushion engagement rings designs 2017

Engagement rings have been a definitive image of adoration for a great many years. In antiquated Egypt, they wore rings on the third finger of the left hand to stamp where the “vein of love” went straightforwardly to the heart, beginning a custom that proceeds with today. While promising your adoration with a one of a kind cushion engagement rings, you are beginning your own particular family convention.

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