Dj Cleo turned into a laughing stock after being compared to Andile Mpisane

Tlou Cleopas Monyepao, professionally known as DJ Cleo, is a South African Kwaito, House music and Hip hop producer. He was born in Gauteng.





Dj Cleo was a thing back then in the mid 2000’s and In the early 2010’s when kwAito was still making people dance. However now that the Amapiano music has taken over it left no space for the likes of Cleo who were the kings of kwaito.

But still Cleo doesn’t seem to be giving up and he even went back to school to study music as the reports says, and now he’s back in the industry doing the Amapiano music like the others but one thing he’s lacking is fans.

Yes fans, it appears that the Gcina impilo yam hit maker could be doing a different Piano because yesterday Musa Khawula posted a video of him On the decks at propaganda and no one was vibing to it but only the strippers were dancing because they are paid to.

“DJ Cleo is still making music that nobody cares about and is scheduled to perform at Mr Fentsi and Zanele’s All Black Party at Propaganda Lifestyle; Pretoria, ” says Musa khawula.

Yesterday turned into DJ Cleo’s worst nightmare as people went to troll him in the comment section as they saw that no one was even dancing to his music . Some people went to compare him to Andile Mpisane who has no fans at all.