After Leaving Her Man’s Home, Londie London Was Out In Public Doing This

Singer, Londie London seems to have made a decision on what she needs to do to move on, especially after what recently happened between her and her fiancé.

The singer obviously could not do anything about people’s reactions regarding her leaving the home she shared with her baby daddy.

Everything seemed to be going just fine and it is clear that Londie was never going to put up with the stress of a relationship while she is in the state that she is in.

By now, a lot of people know that Londie is expecting a child and some people commended her for moving away from her fiancé, who is accused of cheating on her.

It is not clear if the engagement has been broken off, what we know is that Londie is already out and about, living her life as she should.

But, some people are not convinced that she is being genuine, they suspect that she is acting as if she has healed from what has happened, so that she can release content on her social media platforms.

And if that is the case, then this sounds like someone who is not willing to let the whole drama pull her down.

In actual fact, she is helping herself and because she has continued releasing content, it does not mean that she is over everything that happened in her relationship.

These things take time, but as some people mentioned, life moves on, so it is up to her, whether she gets back to her normal way of doing things or not.

As expected, the reactions kept coming and there were some people who mentioned that she should not have left the father of her unborn child.

Basically, people downplayed the alleged g and claimed it was not a big deal, but some were totally against these sentiments, saying that women need to learn not to tolerate cheating men, vice versa.

And as one goes through the reactions, there are a few people who mentioned that they noticed something different about Londie ever since she left her fiancé’s home.


They claim that they noticed that there has been some sort of a downgrade when it comes to her lifestyle. One person mentioned that Londie no longer wears Gucci clothes as she used to before, but it could be that she just chose not to.

It is as simple as that and besides, she makes her own money, so one would assume that she has enough money to sustain herself.

Again, it would not make sense for the expecting father to stop financially supporting the woman who is carrying his child because something happened between them.