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People were left in Surprise after seeing Grand P with this billionaire

Grand P is a popular Guinean singer, actor, social media personality, and politician. He is one of the most celebrated music icons in Guinea due to his ability to create a mark in the Guinean entertainment industry despair having a major genetic problem. Grand P was born with a rare genetic disease called progeria.


Grand P is known for dating thick women, a lot of people were left in shock when they first saw his girlfriend. As they started accusing his girlfriend saying his dating him for money she doesn’t love him. One thing about people on social media is they are judgemental, they judge a book by its cover people judged Grand P and the lady he is dating. Little do they know that there is a lot they don’t know about him.

People were left in after seeing a picture of Grand P and Patrice Motsepe the South African richest man who topped the Sunday Times’ annual Rich List with an estimated fortune of R20.07 billion ($1 billion), left people in shock as they couldn’t believe that Grand P associate himself with people like Patrice Motsepe. As they started asking if his that rich. Like I said people judged Grand P.

And to people asking if Grand P is that rich, yes he is Grand P in 2020 was worth 10 million Meaning now it could be more. And sometimes it is not about how rich you are, it doesn’t mean because Patrice Motsepe is a billionaire he can’t be seen by other people.

The sooner people accept Grand P for who he is and not how he looks or how much he is worth the better. People should stop being judgemental. They first judged his relationship now they want to know how much his worth is only because he was seen with Patrice Motsepe, while you are busy judging him his busy making money.

” Musa Mthombeni’s Back is Surfering ” Post Causes A Stir On Social Media

On the below post there is a photo of Dr Musa Mthombeni a south African former successful actor , and his lovely wife ” Laurie Leslie ” .

Dr Mthombeni can be seen carrying his wife on his back and a little girl on her back , which makes people on his back.

One fan took to the comments section to stating that, ” Musa’s back is suffering .

” Lesllaurie ” felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media on the 16th of April 2022.

And captioned it ” All I can say is , find yourself a strong husband ” , grabbing the attention of the masses at once.

An so far managed to obtain a like from DJ Zinhle and 15,885 others , as well as good as remarks from her followers.

Qwabe Twins set the Botswana stage alight and as the crowd go insane

Former Idols contestants Viggy and Virginia Qwabe was known by their stage name the Qwabe Twins, received love from Botswana during their recent show. Our twins flew to Botswana to perform among local musicians and were wowed when the crowd sang along to their songs with ease and fluency.



Although SeTswana is an official language in South Africa, not everyone can speak it. Among Tswana speakers, many people can’t speak IsiZulu. Music, however, has a way of uniting people despite the language they speak. Even if one can’t understand the lyrics, they still sing along as the sound speaks to the soul.

Mzansi stars who received the love in Botswana

Recently the African Queen Makhadzi came back from a solo performance in the country. Upon her arrival, she was given an incredible welcome. She received gifts and praise from the royal family. Her fans on that side gave her a lot of praise and adulation.

Twin glow up

When the two were still contending to win Idols, they got trolled by Mzansi. People teased their looks and called them ugly. They received so much social media bullying. After DJ Tira signed them and started releasing hits of their own, they grew up. Today they are glowing, and their sense of style has improved. Money has a habit of cleaning a person. Money can take a person from rough diamond to jewelry status.

Qwabe Twins

Dating rumors

Mzansi created the rumor that the twins are actually in a romantic relationship. Rumors sparked as they are always together and do everything together. Even their car is owned by them both.

Mzansi alleged the twins are both dating Dj Tira on the side at some point. All rumors were rubbished as lies by both Tira and the twins. Under Tira’s label, they have hits like Hamba, Ziyakhala, and Ngilimele.

Get To Know Kwaito From Skeem Saam And See His Handsome Pictures

Performer and monetary expert Clement Maosa accepts the piece of Zamokuhle “Kwaito” Seakamela on Skeem Saam. Beside his Skeem Saam onscreen Kwaito character, Clement is an ensured lawyer by calling. Raised in the dry and dusty town of Ga-Rammutla in Polokwane, Limpopo, all Kwaito should have been was an official. He went totally gaga for acting and innovative articulations during auxiliary school before enrolling at the University of Limpopo to peruse up for a Law degree.







Focusing on guideline degree wasn’t his plan

Exactly when I was in estimation, I let my people in on that I should have been a performer; I expected to choose at Wits or UCT to focus on Film and Production. They denied and said, you will be a Lawyer or Doctor; differently, we won’t pay for your school costs, so I enrolled to focus on Law at the University of Limpopo. My guideline degree organizes arrangements and help others; I really want to open a firm to help experts in getting contracts.

After a short time when I get my affirmation as an Advocate, I really want to concentrate on entertainment guideline and address skilled workers and their opportunities, particularly specialists. Entertainers expect to be a fundamental part in our overall population anyway they are much of the time overlooked, exploited and not regarded

Forebearing participated in a stretch with neighborhood in Limpopo before pressing the Skeem Saam work. He uncovered that he passed the tryout resulting to seeing an advert on Facebook.

‘I saw a call for tryouts advert on Mzansi Fo Sho Facebook account, I gained money to go from Limpopo for tryouts, and fortunately, I passed.”

Brought into the world on the 10th of May 1988, Maosa is a father to youngster Bokang Maosa and lives with the horrendousness of losing his people Tlou and Mosima Maosa, to dark enchantment at an energetic age. Excusing was abandoned at an energetic age and was raised by his grandmother, whom he by and large commended the astounding piece of handicraft of raising such a fine adolescent.

Kwaito became astounding at becoming lemons into lemonade; since the time his TV jump forward, Clement Maosa will not at any point recall. What’s reputation without money to display? Forebearing succeeded at moving away from destitution through money related opportunity and overflow creation. From the unobtrusive towns of Limpopo, he is as of now an ability to manage associations in Johannesburg and Agriculture interests back home.

Good news| Gospel star Sbu Noah honored with plaques after his 3 songs reached platinum

Sbu Noah is a famous gospel from KwaZulu-Natal and now he is residing in Joburg due tohis career and studies, where he has been in the industry for a while now after releasing a hit Getsemane together with his group Joyous Celebration, that has unleashed the talent that we see today.





Noah has been with this group for a long time and he is one of the loyal members of the group who has never left the group, because of his popularity to focus on his brand as other artists do, but the guy has been everywhere in the country were Joyous Celebration perform.

On Friday he was honored by plaques live on the stage during a church event by one of the pastors where the group was going to perform during the weekend, this has been a huge achievement for Noah because he posted an emotional message on his Facebook page to thank his fans.

Reaching platinum on 3 songs at the same time is the greatest achievement that every artist is dreaming about, in this country because they had to work extra hard to make sure that they are reaching out to the people every day so that they can buy their music and download on the internet.

But Joyous Celebration played a huge role in finding this talent, and introducing it to the world, because the country didn’t know him and now his song has been played everywhere in the country mostly in churches and taverns.