Advocate Teffo Malesela To Provide Witness To Testify That Kelly Khumalo Allegedly Shot Senzo

Advocate Teffo Malesela who is representing 4 of the 5 accused suspects in the Senzo Meyiwa case has stated that a witness is due to testify that Kelly Khumalo pulled the trigger, resulting in the death of Senzo Meyiwa.


Kelly Khumalo, who was dating Senzo Meyiwa at the time, was present when Senzo Meyiwa was killed, together with 6 other people in the house the murder occured in.

Advocate Teffo Malesela has stated on multiple occasions that one of the 7 people who were in the home know what happened to Senzo Meyiwa and who killed him.

As a result he will be bring in a witness to prove that indeed Kelly Khumalo pulled the trigger.

Kelly Khumalo has however stated previously that she is innocent and that there was no reason why she would kill the father of her child.

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Nomcebo Zikode left Mzansi astonished with her recent post

Nomcebo Nothule Zikode is a well known South African singer and songwriter . She is talented and embracing person who is hardworking and dedicated to her work and she is family oriented . She is intelligent and independent woman who values her life and she is successful and gifted .


She was a backing singer for several years, she collaborated with DJ Ganyani for their hit single Emazulweni . She has managed to win the hearts of many people through her unique voice . She has also collaborated with Master KG for their hit song Jerusalema .

She has been in the entertainment industry since 2005 . She was born and bred in Hammersdale in KwaZulu-Natal Province . She is currently residing at Johannesburg in Gauteng Province . She is also known for her hit songs like Xola Moya Wam . On her recent post on social media account she left Mzansi astonished with her recent post .

Julius Malema is blessed with a beautiful wife, take a look at some of her beautiful pictures.

Julius Malema is a well-known South African politician and activist who is a member of parliament as well as the President and Commander in Chief of Economic Freedom Fighter, a political party he founded in July 2013. He is well-known for his oratory abilities and pleasant demeanor. He was considered blameless on March 3, 1981, in Seshego, outside Polokwane, Limpopo Province.















He is blessed with a lovely wife; he married her on December 27, 2014. Their marriage has produced three children. Mantwa Matlala-Malema, her fantastic wife, is a wonderful woman who supports her husband in his career. Mantwa began dating her partner while she was still in high school, and the couple’s love and respect for each other increased through time, finally leading to


Mantwa studied accounting and works as an accountant in a Johannesburg-based firm. Malema cherished her queen life, and she is the reason for her husband’s weight loss quest. She is undoubtedly a mysterious woman, but Malema is never shy about flaunting her, and I appreciate how he refers to her as the EFF Leader’s “Management.”

They’ve been together for a long time, and his wife and children are his first and most important priorities in life. Despite the fact that they are a perfect match and are one of the most inspiring and adorable couples in Mzanzi. They are really stylish since they always wear exquisite attire.

Mantwa is a nice person who frequently shakes stunning garments that create substantial brain fulfillment. Her fashion and style sense is feminine and refined. Her intellect and wonderfulness are unrivaled, and her devotees consistently extol her. She is a quiet and humble person who is also adorable and brave enough to face life on her own.

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Skeem Saam Kwaito is still with the same woman he dated when things were tough

Their ‘before and after’ picture was shared on Fb by Mzansi Social social networking. They praised the wife for being with him when he previously absolutely nothing. Clement Maosa formerly revealed which this individual had a bad upbringing. Some women find it hard to stick to a broke men. When a lady stay by your side if you have nothing special to provide, just know it keeps true love.

Followers were impressed with what they noticed, and they could only say it can true love. General public figures are more like role models to their followers. Sticking to your woman even with fame it’s self-discipline, surely fans learn a lot from Skeem Saam’s Kwaito (Clement Maosa).



Aneke Mdoda left Mzansi drooling with her breathtaking pictures

Everybody prioritizes looking good and being gorgeous because it makes them feel more confident and pleasant in their own skin. I think happines is a choice, if you feel yourself being happy and can settle in the life choices you make, then it’s really great. That’s why they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some people have a fetish for certain things while others find them gross, we learn as we live.

Anele Mdodais famously recognized renowned South African Disk Jockey and a Host. She is is fine respected for the love she has for the dresses as she always rock beautiful dresses like no body’s business. She is ambitious and very determined and keeps on beibg confident with the way she looks.





The Radio and Television Personality ia known for hosting a display which airs on sabc 3, The Real Talk display. She is just a role model to all youngsters in mzanzi who wish to pursue their desires and be objective. She is intelligent and considerable female who is determined and has brilliant destiny. Her presenting skills and beauty has made her earn considerable number of admirers. She is one of the most favoured celebrities in Mzanzi and she is appreciatingindividual who is adorable.

Her outfit is what got people talking, she looked dapper in her beautiful white dress showing off her thigh. She left mzanzi triggered with her beautiful pictures on social media. Kindly leave your view by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to click share button.

People were talking about her appearance since she looked so spiffy in her gorgeous white dress that showed off her thigh. She triggered mzanzi with her stunning social media photos. Please share your thoughts by writing a comment below and remember to click the share button.