Yoliswa revealed to her family that she sells her body to make money

Her family was heartbroken

Yoliswa came home from Joburg and she looked all different. Her brother thought Joburg loves her and she is living a good life over there , but it was not the way things looked like. Her family loves her and they want all the best for her.


Yoliswa revealed to her family that she is selling her body to make a living in Joburg. Her family was shocked to hear the news because they thought she is doing something else. They never thought that she would do something like this.

Now the question is. Will they ever look at her the same way not? Personally, I don’t blame Yoliswa for this because there are no jobs in South Africa, and everyone has to make money one way or the other in order to live normally. Yoliswa is a beautiful woman and I know that her life would have turned out differently.