Look Who Visited AKA’s Grave. See Their Beautiful Pictures

It’s been months since the passing of AKA, and his family have not healed. This is a new life and the reality that his family will have to adjust. AKA was one of the best rapper in South Africa. It’s sad and painful that his life was taken unexpected.


There are pictures of AKA’s mother, who is seen standing in a grave of her son. It was heartbreaking to see that his family have spent their first Human’s right. His mother is still grieving, she’s still seen wearing black clothing.

Kiernan Forbes’s mother Lynn Forbes have shared a photo of herself where she was standing next to her late son, rapper AKA’s tombstone. Lynn Forbes was wishing her son a beautiful South African’s a happy Human Rights Day. She has shared this picture in Instagram. Lynn Forbes is still mourning the death of her son AKA, who was a rapper and a musician.

AKA was gunned outside the Durban restaurant in February. It’s been a month now and no justice has been made. People have been writing “Hashtag Justice for AKA” on Twitter, but there is no justice. Just like DJ Sumbody. Senzo’s case is not going anywhere, too. Many families out there are still seeking justice too, but our justice system failing.