AKA’s brother finally speaks out about AKA’s friends, look what he said which caused a stir

Several hypotheses have been put forth as to who actually gave the order to kill AKA. The family of Anele Tembe was suspected by many of having collaborated with the rapper’s inner circle. Anwar “Dogg” Khan, the late rapper’s former bodyguard, said that the rapper’s security was compromised during a visit to Wish Restaurant.




Dogg’s criticisms of the story led some on Twitter to wonder if Nota Baloyi was justified in suspecting AKA’s road manager in the rapper’s murder. Sunday World reports that Dogg elaborated by saying he would have acted otherwise if he were present.

Fans, reeling from Khan’s stunning revelation, have put AKA’s friends center stage. Some of his friends are suspected of being in contact with the hitmen and knowing about it. According to ZAlebs, Steffan Forbes, the brother of the late rapper, gave fans more questions than answers when he seemed to hint that a snake is in their circle through his Instagram stories.

Shortly, it was reported that Tony Forbes had sent Nadia Nakai a heartfelt letter. The late rapper AKA’s father is Tony. Supa Mega was in a relationship with Nadia Nakai at the time of his death. On Instagram, the father of the late hip-hop singer expressed his gratitude to the stunning woman who had loved his son. Tony added that when AKA spotted Nadia Nakai, he immediately broke out in a big grin.

AKA’s longtime bodyguard recently exposed a security failure in response to questions raised on Twitter regarding the rapper’s whereabouts the night he was murdered.

On “My Guest, Tonight,” Khan, the singer’s longtime security man, said what everyone was thinking. Dogg further mentioned that the rapper’s security was compromised during the trip to Wish Restaurant.

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