Viewers react to Marvin saying he will always make Yaya happy

You haven’t seen that your smile break the ice. You complete each other I remember when you arrive she kept on telling you that you are her man and big brother saw that too.


Marvin is a gentle soul with a good heart nd he takes his time before jumping into conclusion. l really felt emotional for them the day Yaya was leaving Nigeria, when the security allowed Marvin to escort her to the boarding gate. He leaps for joy and says “Praise the Lord it was teary nd so emotional.

Thank you Marvin for making this woman of great character very happy, she deserves every bit of happiness because of her best character.

Thank you for the pledged to her, she’s worth every bit of that promised to her. Marvin you are a good guy with a big heart. Wish Maya the best in your future endevious.

May God Bless your union God continue blessing them they are so happy together perfect match.

This Big brother bring south Africa and Nigeria together so beautiful. Thank you Lord Jesus christ. I respect the power of the public strong enough to break the tall wall that stood in between avoiding the same public. A chance to witness such heart melting reunion of two adorable souls.