Skeem Saam: Mr Kgomo was not happy when he found out that Melita has a new man in her life

Melita went to eat at Capsys and she charmed some guy in the restaurant. The man that was charmed by Melita is Mr Langa. They exchanged numbers so that they would be able to contact each other.


Melita deiced to call Mr Kgomo. When Mr Kgomo answered his phone, he told Melita that he was busy. Melita told him that they will not talk for a long time.

Melita asked for money from Mr Kgomo but he refused. Melita told him that she will not beg him for money because there are other men out there who would not mind giving her money without hesitation. Mr Kgomo asked Melita if she is seeing other men but she did not answer him. The following day at work, Mr Langa went to give Melita flowers, Mr Kgomo saw them and he was not happy.