Winnie Mashaba explains why she doesn’t post her husband on social media

Winnie Mashaba is a South African gospel artist. She has been Maki music for a while now. Mashaba doesn’t share much of her personal life on social media. People often wonder if she is married, or has kids. She is very private when it comes to that part of her life. She posted pictures of her husband’s 4th birthday celebration today. In the post she still hid her husband’s face.

She explained that her husband doesn’t like the lime light, and has always spoken against it. She also mentioned that they have been together 17 years, and that he is her biggest support structure. There have been rumors regarding Winnie Mashaba’s marriage and relationships, however, it seems like she has proven most rumors to be wrong.

Winnie Mashaba is happily married to her husband, and she threw him a beautiful birthday celebration. It seems like it was a celebration with only close friends and family members.