Actors that are leaving Generations: the legacy.

Generations has been on our screens for quite a long time now and has become one of the most popular and most watched soapie in South Africa. Although the show has been on our screens for a while now it has taken a little break and came back as “Generation the legacy” with a whole new cast, but it’s rumored that some of the actors will be leaving The soapie for new opportunities in other South African soapies.

5. Zoe Mthiyani (zitha)

1. Vusi kunene (Jack Mabaso)

Jack is one of the actors that’s suspected to be leaving the soapie and its been said that he got a full time role on Gomora. The actor started playing his character as the mighty Jack mabaso in the year 2016 when Generations returned. There’s no information yet on how he’s going to leave the soapie but keep an eye out.

2. Rapulana Seiphemo (Tau Mogale)

We’ve gotten so used to Tau Mogale that it’s hard to see him leave the soapie. Rapulana was offered a role on the Mzansi magic soapie “The Queen”.

After almost 2 decades of Tau Mogale on generation has come to end but Rapulana says that the character of Tau Mogale will always be a part of him but it’s time for him to seize other opportunities.

3. Junior singo (Mpho)

When he announced that he will be leaving Generations:the legacy on Twitter many of his fans tweeted and wished him all the best for his career but some were broken hearted to see that he will be leaving soon.

4. Vuyo Dabula (Kumkani Phakade)

Vuyo shocked many when he announced that he will be leaving generations the legacy and for good. He said that he thinks that he has reached his limit with the soapie and wants to see himself perusing other roles.


Well Zoe was fired from the show by the producers when she harassed Rapulana’s girlfriend at the studio, she said Zitha won’t be part of the upcoming season of generations the legacy.