Tributes pour in for Bucie. “We will always remember you with your lovely songs”.

An award winning musician Bucie was remembered to day for her good music she’d been blessing us with.

It all started from a tweet which said ” Bucie once said and people flooded the comment section with their favorite verses feom any Bucie’s songs. There are some of the quoted verses from the songs. It’s good to remember someone for their good work while they are still alive.

“This is who I am, this is how I am and this is how I will forever be, Get over it, You think you can change me, Get over” then the beat

“Going through my phone you’re going through my mails what is there to gain because I know I’m innocent…. you gonna lose me”

“Did you like it when, you heard my voice saying ngiyakuthanda, ngiyakudinga

“I cannot pretend, to be at peace

So baby please, love me for me

Put my heart at ease, don’t watch me bleed

There’s more of me, so just believe!”

Thandolwethu is amazing Sometime I dnt deserve,

Noma Bathi thina solahleka love is navigating and we almost home