Nomcebo and Masechaba ready to reveal the truth about why they look alike

The confusion between two media personalities Masecha Khumalo and Nomcebo Zikode continues, fans have believed that the two are siblings for quite a long time now as they can see a lot of resemblance between the two. Their fans are convinced that the two are related to each other and have been asking them if they are related, some even thought that Masechaba and Nomcebo is the same person.

The two individuals have the same hairstyle, same body and even their skin tone is the same, some people even went as far as saying they are twins or sisters. The two look alike’s relationship have been questioned a lot on social media, some are even confused who Masechaba is and who Nomcebo is when they are together on the same picture.

However the truth is that the two media personalities are not related in any way its just a mare coincidence that that they rembles each other a lot and look alive, if you look more clearly on their faces you can see that that the are not similarly its just the hair cut and body that looks alike.