Zahara’s recent pictures that got people talking on social media.

Bulelwa Mkutukana, popularly known by her stage name Zahara, is a very talented singer and songwriter. She started singing in her school’s choir when she was six years old, and at the age of nine she was told to join the senior choir because of her strong voice. The singer has inspired a lot of people with her music and great talent.

Zahara is one the musician who got mistreated by recording labels because of contracts that binds their relationships as a musician and producer. She faced many hardships in her life that even led to her depression and abuse of alcohol which destroyed her reputation.

Hardship is known as a condition that causes difficulty or suffering, for example, being without a job or enough money: financial/economic hardship The price of cooking gas increased five-fold, worsening the economic hardship.

Now Zahara has recovered fully from depression and she is no longer an alcoholic. She decided to take her life back and rebuild her career and herself again and she has successfully done that without any hustles. Now she is happy, things seem to be going well for her and she’s just glowing as well.

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