TREVOR: I saw myself on the national TV SABC news for the first time in my life

Trevor Sigodi was amazed and happy to see himself on national television for what he had done in Limpopo. He had made a park, which people had been to and were having a great time in. There are some children who were thrilled when celebrating their birthday while enjoying a cake. Many people have been there to enjoy themselves, and it looks like a quiet place for a beautiful moment.

Many influential people have been tweeting about the park, and he was happy to mention them for the appreciation of something great he has done. When the South African national broadcasting corporation shared his wonderful work, it was a huge moment that anyone would love. The moment you see your work on national TV, you are great.

MacG was happy when he started the new year with great news and was mentioned on the news. It was not about him being successful but having to employ more people, as he has said many times; there are 30 people who got jobs because of the podcast. Trevor Sigodi has been influential, and that is how your work should inspire someone to do something.

His work has been documented on various media platforms to inform people about his story, and for him to have that much recognition has been fascinating and rewarding. When you are doing something, you are hoping to get recognized for it even though you are not famous to the entire country.