Former Scandal star reveals why she left the loved soapie

The South African entertainment industry has literally catched smoke after one of the most-loved actress decided to spill the beans about how she was treated by a famous production. When Mvelo Makhanya left soapie Scandal, it came as a shock to her fans and the viewers of the show as they’ve been accustomed to her character Lindiwe Ngema and acting skills. She portrayed the character of Lindiwe for almost a decade which then made it difficult for the viewers to let her go and make peace with that she won’t be part of the show again.

Little did they know that she didn’t want to be part of the soapie anymore in a way that she almost killed herself. This comes after a video that she shared online whereby she reveals the main reason behind her shocking departure at Scandal, as the producers and writers wrote her character off from the show. Which then was the best thing that could have ever happened to her as she wanted to leave the alleged ‘toxic environment’ since it wasn’t good for her mental health. She decided to go live on her Instagram account and didn’t want the people to have a one-sided narrative about her exit in Scandal.



The award-winning actress is currently not attached to any productions, hence some individuals felt that she’s burning her bridges by speaking about her previous employers. As that will make it difficult for her to get employment in the entertainment industry, even worse she’s spotted with weed in the video. “I’ve been praying … I’ve been wanting to leave that place … For me it was something I had really been praying about so when it finally happened it really felt like God was removing me from the toxic environment. I probably would have killed myself. There was a 90% chance. That’s how toxic that place was,” said Makhanya speaking in the Instagram Live video.