DJ Black Coffee’s former wife gets dragged on social network

DJ Blackcoffee was trending a tweet coming from him about being happy with the amount of plays he got from Spotify for his music. Those numbers are great, and any musician would love to have them and be able to see that people are happy with the music you have made. Then the trending comes after Chris Excel was defending DJ Blackcoffee for being dragged.




Some people still find it hard to believe that Nkosinathi and Mbali Enhle have broken up. The matter was that how could the musician get a divorce from Enhle it then? People do break up marriages if they no longer work for them. Something that people respect and understand that they are no longer a couple and have moved on.

It was the matter of Enhle’s transformation, and Chris Excel said she transformed after being with the DJ, and it is well known the man has a huge pocket. He was blamed for letting her go. Their situation is exactly like what happens with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. If one trends for something, the other will be mentioned in it.

What is happening all the time is that when someone gets money, they will transform, and this does not come as a surprise. Even when you meet and are with someone who is wealthy, you will transform because you will then be living at a higher standard of living. You have been elevated, and it could be from not having a vehicle to getting one.

At the moment, there are rumours that Enhle has a new partner, but it has not been confirmed yet, just like with DJ Blackcoffee. But MacG has claimed that they are back together, which is something without proof since he mentions it on the podcast. It will be seen as time goes on if they have gotten back together and if they’ve been private for how long.