The Republic Has Been Renewed For Season 2 – Here’s What To Expect

Multichoice has been sharing some of the shows which viewers might expect starting from next year and part of those announcements included the revelation that The Republic has been renewed for its second season. The show gained a lot of traction and audience during the first season and we just can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this time around. We have put together an article to share some thins that you might expect from the second season.




The show is based on a fictitious story line that takes place in South Africa. We follow the life of a president that his office has been riddled by corruption and greed which ended up causing the community to send their grievances using protests. The story is action packed and resonates with what we have experienced as the people of South Africa. This is just a summary of what happened during the first season of the show, you can always binge watch it before the next season resumes.

What to expect from season 2

As mentioned by Entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela, the show will take center stage starting from next year. It will be led by the same production company which is Tshedza pictures. Here’s some of the giveaways:

— There will be a new president under the name of Mulaudzi.The official date on when season 2 will premier has been withheld by the production. But you can definitely expect it on your screens next year.


According to my own experience watching the show and how social media has reacted during the first season, it’s one of the greatest shows to hit our screens. We are currently faced with similar issues when it comes to how state funds and mismanaged and how corruption is causing so much pain in people’s lives. I just hope that the story line will not remain stagnant and they will offer something new that will capture the hearts of the people.