Big Brother Mzansi Prize Money Revealed

The international hit show that has been making headlines is coming to South Africa for its 3rd season and the prize money is more appetizing than ever. As previously announced at the beginning of October, Multichoice has decided to renew Big Brother Mzansi due to the growing demand for something new on their screens. Entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela has revealed the price money and we have decided to share that information with you.




As stated on his tweet the price money for this season is estimated to be a staggering R2 million. This is the amount of money that will be given away to one lucky winner that will remain after everyone has been voted out of the big brother house. It has also been revealed that they show will be broadcasted across the African continent to cater for the growing audience in parts of Nigeria.

What is the show all about

The setting of the show is very simple and straightforward. Participants stay in a house that is surrounded by 360 cameras that monitor their daily routines. Each and every week there will be someone that is going to be voted out of the house due to a wide range of personal reasons. This will happen up until the house is left with only one person that will walk away with the grand prize. The applications have reached their deadline and we are awaiting information about the outcome very soon.


What people have been worried about is that the show much not be filled with celebrities. They want new faces on their screens in order to give other people a shot at not only becoming millionaires but also achieving fame. As of yet the channel is busy shortlisting people that have made the cut and we just can’t wait to see who they are. The entertainment industry is getting more fiercer each and every day and more production companies are jumping into the bandwagon, what a time to be alive.