Kabelo Mabalane has bigger plans for all South Africans

Many people know him from the group TKZee but Kabelo Mabalane is a true example of how people should overcome all the challenges, that they are facing in their lives where he has been fighting to be a better person which he is this day because of the lessons that he has learned on his life.




Mabalane is also a former drug addict where he was involved in drugs during his time when he was in the music industry, but now he has conquered all the odds where he has become a motivational speaker to many young people who are seeking advice on their lives and their relationships.

No excuse is a campaign that he has started with his wife in partnership with Carling Black Label, to help people who have problems in their relationship and come with other plans to help others who are going through that challenge where they play a huge role in the community.

It’s clear that couples are going through a lot where they are facing many challenges that can lead them to violence, and some are getting worse where they are killing each other and their children thinking that it is only the solution that can solve the problem that they are facing.

With a lot of South Africans being unemployed the violence in the households has increased a lot, we’re people are fighting each other because of money that is not coming into the house because they have lost their jobs due to the current Covid19 pandemic that has caused problems.

This initiative will help this couple to deal with these challenges so that they can find a solution to solve this violence that has affected their relationships, and the experience that Kabelo brings will help many people to stop this issue because it can lead them to jail.