Tembisa Woman Really Gave To 10 Babies? See Here

As Mzansi is still reeling from the shocking news about the Tembisa woman Gosiame Thamara Sithole aged 37 who gave birth to decuplets (10 Babies) at once, many are still failing to believe it, but the international news channels have already confirmed that indeed it happened.

Although she has now beat the Guinness World record by giving birth to decuplets, her story is still unique in this Southern part of Africa.

However to other parts of the world, this is not a new phenomenon at all, as in 2009, a woman in the United States gave birth to eight babies and she was the one holding the Guinness World record, until this year.

The first woman to broke her record was a 25-year old Halima Cissé from Mali who reportedly gave birth to nine babies who are reportedly all doing well at a clinic in Morocco.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole became the latest to broke the record after beating 25 year old Halima Cissé by giving birth to 10 babies.

BBC news reported that Sithole revealed that when she heard that she was going to give birth to ten babies, she had sleepless nights and prayed for healthy delivery as her pregnancy was tough.

The South African couple also believes that this a miracle and the greatest gift from God.

The father of the ten babies also bumped into advocate Dali Mpofu on a flight after he was invited to an interview by a philanthropist Dr Iqbal Survé in Cape Town who later donated R1 million to help him with the ten babies.