Stop it man, are you mad? – Mabunda told after a tweet about Major1

Mamelodi Sundowns midfielder Tiyani Mabunda has declared his support for under fire leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader Shepherd Bushiri. Bushiri and his wife, Mary along with other accomplices are in custody following their arrests on allegations of fraud and money laundering. They are expected to find out today if they will be released on bail or not.

Mabunda, a well-known supporter of Major1 tweeted: “Tiyani [email protected]_Shuga13 – When I grow up, I wana be like my father MAJOR1 #istandwithmajor1 #The13thMan.”

As usual Mzansi was ready to respond:

Hlengani wa Nduma [email protected]Replying to @Tiyani_Shuga13and

@Luckymabunda_: “Stop it man, are you mad ?”

[email protected]_mm Replying to @Tiyani_Shuga13and @Luckymabunda_: You also want to be a con artist?”

Inkozi#[email protected]Replying to @Tiyani_Shuga13and @Luckymabunda: Your father wa 37 years? Aowa Tiyani lete teledisa ka bana mann bo papago bona bareng ka wena.

Sundowns 3-0 [email protected] Replying to @Tiyani_Shuga13 and @Luckymabunda_You hardly tweet about the man who brought you to this world.. I’m talking about your. BIOLOGICAL father.”

[email protected]: “You know, what shame!”

Mark [email protected]_boikanyo Replying to @Tiyani_Shuga13and @Luckymabunda_: Wise person will know that there is always 2 sides of a story, and a fool will believe 1 side of the story. A month ago all of u were celebrating the prophecy my brother Tiyani made through the grace and the Annointing of our Father Major 1.”