Skeem Saam actress’s husband complains about the rain wetting him only in recent post.

There’s just something about mother nature and how unpredictable she is. One minute it is cold and the other it worse. She changes however she pleases. But she knows which whether is perfect a specific moment. Some days you literally feel grateful for her when she brings the perfect whether.

Amanda Dupont is an actress, television presenter and businesswoman. She is known for starring on Skeem Saam, Shadows and Isono. She is currently selling skincare product called Lelive Africa, which is already sold out. She is married to Shawn Rodrigues who is a businessman. The couple has two dogs, one they recently got after losing one.

The actress shared a picture of them together wearing raincoats in a safari car. She captioned it “my sunshine” which her husband had something to say about it. He complained that he is the only one who got wet from the rain. These two look very good together. Amanda is lucky she didn’t get wet.