Congratulations pour in for Uzalo actress on her second tittle deed.

Public figures are constantly proving that it is possible for your dreams to come true. We are used to most black people not investing because it is the language we are not used to. But the recent generation is proving otherwise. They are investing in property.

Noxolo Mathula is an actress, businesswoman and brand ambassador. She is known for her role on Uzalo where she played Lilly. She previously starred on Ifalake where she played the role of Phikiwe. She has a business of selling hotdogs. She’s also an ambassador of Notty Dolls. She bought property last year and it seems she is not planning on stopping.

She has just bought another property. She had a celebration with her friends and family. Some of her colleagues were there to congratulate her on being a role model to them. Congratulations to her on being a tittle deed owner. Indeed it is possible for a black child.