“She was more like a sister to me” Nomcebo Zikode pays tribute to Deborah Fraser

She is heartbroken

Nomcebo Zikode has been touring all over the world and making money. Nomcebo Zikode has taken it to social media to pay tribute to Deborah Fraser after she heard that she passed away yesterday during the day. She says Deborah Fraser was like a sister to her and she looked up to her. Nomcebo used to perform on stage with Deborah Fraser and she loved her so much. Nomcebo is where she is today because of the advises she used to receive from Deborah Fraser.

She inspired her to be a better musician and how to entertain the fans when she was on stage. Nomcebo is really heartbroken about what happen, her life will not be the same without Deborah Fraser. It was reported yesterday that Deborah Fraser lost her life due to a short sickness. South African really lost a legend and it is very painful for them. Many people didn’t know that Nomcebo Zikode loved Deborah Fraser this much and how she made her feel good about being a singer.

Her fans are telling her to stay strong and keep her memories alive because they were very close and the best singers when they were together. Nomcebo is now one of the most famous singer in Europe, people love her so much overseas. They love her voice and the way she sings. The hit song she did with MasterKG opened many doors for her which is a great thing for her music career.