Touching: Cause Of Dr Deborah Fraser’s Death will leave you in tears

Deborah Fraser is a revered figure in the South African gospel music scene. She has spent many years working in the music industry, and as a result, she is famous all over the world. Ujehova Akanqotshwa, which was published in 2019, was her most recent studio album; however, she has not been able to play live since then because to the widespread Covid-19 outbreak. Because of the pandemic, none of her live performances were able to go on as planned.






She was thankful to still be relevant in the music industry despite her admission that it has undergone significant changes from the days of cassette tapes and CDs, and is now in the digital world of downloads.

A number of years ago, she was given a diagnosis of diabetes, and she has had a number of health concerns. At the tail end of the previous year, she was quoted as saying that she is in good health by the publication Drum magazine.

There was a clip of her performance from April that went viral on social media, and a lot of people saw it. While she was performing, she was spotted sitting in a wheelchair, and many people were curious as to whether or not she is disabled and requires the use of a wheelchair. Others thought that it was just part of the act.

It has recently been public knowledge that the gospel singer has passed away. It is believed that she had a relatively brief sickness before she passed away. She had 56 years under her belt. I pray that God may grant her soul peace.